Hotswapping to bot breaks the reload slot indicator when a player joins the slot you swapped


When you have a bot on your team and you switch to it by pressing any 5 through 8, at some point when you switch back to your normal class, the reload indicator on your gun will break, getting stuck at full or empty, but not showing you the remaining clip/battery left. I don’t have the exact reproduction steps, but I’ve noticed this almost every time I hot swapped to a bot then came back.

edit: might have to do with another player joining and kicking you out of a hot swap class mid reload


I think I’ve had this bug. You’re still able to shoot and reload, but you don’t know how much ammo you have?


yea thats what i mean. Specifically, it might happen more often when you get kicked out of the hotswap class because another player joined.


Bumping this with reproduction steps

  1. Hotswap to a bot
  2. Use weapon / reload on your new swapped class
  3. Get kicked out/swapped back by someone else connecting into your swapped slot
  4. Most of the time after you get swapped back (Happened to me at least 4 out of 5 times), you can no longer distinguish how much energy / ammo you have left on any of your guns, or the recharge time for your cooldowns. Each item slot is either solid blue or empty.

I’m not sure of the exact timing since this is hard to test, but it definitely has to do with getting kicked out of the class you swapped to while in the process of firing / reloading.

@MrStrategio This isn’t really a game breaking bug or anything, just annoying. There’s a lot more important stuff to fix, just want to make sure its logged since I’ve more or less figured out when it happens.