Hotswapping during abduction lulz


Hot swapping in the middle of being abducted by the wraith causes some interesting behavior. If the bot is abducted at the same time that you swap into the bot, your old character (the new bot) ends up abducted. Vice versa, if you abduct a player and he hotswaps into a bot, the new character ends up abducted.

In other words, abduction targets the player, not the character.

This is pretty funny when you separate the two across the map, or hotswap into someone who’s on the ground.

A little curious about how hotswapping is implemented at all, actually, @MacMan. It seems to respawn?

ETA: We’re also testing some other things. Arc mines are completely useless against a wraith 90% of the time. Griffin’s harpoon has some weird properties regarding movement restriction, aka it’s half-assed. Still haven’t pinpointed what causes Griffin to get spun around 180 degrees with a snapped harpoon.

ETA2: Tagging @Andrew on his request.


I pointed this bug out! just sayin. :stuck_out_tongue:
managed to get some okay footage of it too.


I need to see some video of this.


Hey @MrStrategio, just wanted to tag you in this one. sorry my twitch video has expired, but it’s really easy to replicate. would be happy to make another if you’d like. :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot about it for a long time, but I just remembered randomly.


Thanks dude, I’ll get this logged in. If I need more I’ll let you know.


Bots should be anyways removed due to huge abuse wich some people do.
U cannot fight the relay cuz people kite -> Take a break
Geting abducted? -> Take a break
Wanna have free speedhack and catch up with the group in a 2-2 splitt where your side is out of position? -> take a break.

the entire bot system is that way broken that it just should be deleted anyways.

it pretty much works on every skill anyways - like hotswapping between bots and players while a rockthrow is incoming will reduce the damage to exactly 0 zero nada.


Did you guys do something with this btw? It seems swapping is different than it was… but it more just seems like you restricted when people are allowed to swap.

It’s actually been a little frustrating because when there are a couple bots and you really need those rolls filled, or you’re being pounced, etc. it seems that you’re not allowed to swap for some reason.

If it is to prevent this and similar things, are you looking into changing anything with it in the future or are you guys happy with the current fix?


I believe we fixed the original issue by preventing the hot swapping during those cases. I don’t believe there was any plan to change it. While I understand the frustration, it is still more functional and less abusive to have it work this way.


Please consider preventing trapper players loading in if you’ve hotswapped into their role and have the dome out. A couple of times I’ve been filling in as trapper, and just before I can throw a crucial early game dome, someone loads in to trapper and while they’re IDLE the monster escapes. It can really hurt your game if you miss your first dome, especially if the monster has just managed to reach stage 2 as a new trapper loads in.