Hotfix Build 2.01.1 is LIVE! - Lobby Full+Matchmaking fixes

That is the server that tracks stats and not host itself.

Unless you believe your keys, wins/losts, etc… are in heaven.

Dedicated server notifies the progression server. You’re just being obstinate now.

So in other words what you’re saying then is that this game is P2P and if I am losing I can force someone to DC by null-routing their IP at my desktop?

No, Hunt/Ranked games are hosted on dedicated servers.


After the update, my game is now totally black when the game loads in the dropship.

Thank you for confirming @Kobi_Blade good enough for you?

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Ever since the hotfix went live, I’ve been having the issue of not being able to launch the game. I press Play on Steam, the “Preparing to launch Evolve” window comes up, and next to Evolve in my library, it says Running. However, after a few seconds, nothing loads, and then it just stops as if I closed the game. Anyone else having this problem?

Sweet baby Daisy thank you, TRS!

I’ve been partying up with a clanmate quite often since Stage 2, and we were getting the “Lobby is Full” quite often. He’ll be glad to hear it’s fixed :smiley:

@MrStrategio, assistance requested.

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Hunt/Ranked games, good enough for you?

Please first follow tech support steps described here:

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So basically everything outside of customs and solo play has a dedicated server.

Nice job! You guys are on top of it!

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For us it works perfectly. Finally we can play Hunt in a party without everyone disconnecting all the time.

Thank you good sir!

You wouldn’t happen to know if our connections to each other are encrypted or not though right? I don’t want to have worry about our IPs being publicly displayed like most Ubisoft games do with voice-chat.

Trying to find an answer for you, but I don’t have one yet.


So here’s the low down on our P2P. We use P2P connections for our lobbies and VOIP chat but not the game servers. The game servers are all dedicated. If you’re playing with other people you’re playing on one of our servers.

For PC, because this is different for consoles, we’re using Steam’s own sessionless P2P socket system. What that means is Evolve sends packets through Steam to SteamIDs not IP addresses and that’s the data that is passed around in our client. Our code does not interact with IP addresses for players. The connections are encrypted as well.

That said, how Steam decides to connect to that player is entirely up to Valve. It’s my understanding, I don’t want to speak directly for Valve on this, there is two options. It attempts to run a NAT punch through, if required, and initiate a direct connection to the other player. If you were to run a packet sniffer you would likely see the traffic moving directly to the other player’s IP address. The other option is if the direct connection fails for any reason, Steam will bounce the connection off of one of their servers and relay for you.

The fact that Steam has a relay server in place means that the question of “…if I am losing I can force someone to DC by null-routing their IP at my desktop?” No steam will then relay the packets and the connection will persist. As for the question of someone else deriving your IP address, in the case of what’s usually called “Strict NAT” the answer is no. It would be using the relay. With other NAT connection configurations the answer is maybe. It depends on how Steam was able to connect you.

That also means if you’re knowledgeable in IP routing and NAT punch through you could configure your router/PC to fail all direct connections and always use the Steam relay servers.


Didn’t actually fix the lobby full bug, still get it frequently. :frowning: Hopefully they fix it soon.

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still getting kicked out of lobby if i join matchmaking with friends :confused:

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