Hotfix Build 2.01.1 is LIVE! - Lobby Full+Matchmaking fixes

Nice, good to know. Thank you for your answer

Looking forward to trying this.

still got the bug, just right now seems to be alot less frequent tho

Mmm, dat patch


Nice update…expect for me because now the game dropped from like 50 FPS to 8/10 FPS without even changing the graphics.

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Still no fix so you dont get choosen as a monster when playing in a group? Ay lmao.

Ayyy not a bug because people asked for that

Thanks guys!

This will increase the games per hour for sure. It was definitely frustrating.

Is there an ETA for when the networking issues will be fixed where all(or some) of the players will get disconnected from host?

That’s not network issues, games are hosted by players, the moment the host player leaves you all get d/c.

That simple.

I’ve only been disconnected after 4 people have disconnected and unless somethings changed evolve is on dedicated servers.

Awesome stuff! :3 Thank you!

Yeah, I’m not sure that that’s, uh, correct.

Ah, is that true that people requested it so that players can play monster - even if they’re in a party? I didn’t realize that. In the long run, I imagine that might be a good idea. Last night I was playing with a few people, and one set monster as #1 preference, and got monster in the next round. I was surprised that it worked that way, but it makes some sense.

Yeah it was one of the things that was requested people wanted to play with their friends and be able to play as monster without having to have 4 friends on at once before that you had to have a 5 stack in customs or play with a bot or two. I don’t remember when they changed it but after they did some people complained about being forced to be monster. Can’t really please both sides sadly.

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Yeah - makes sense. I think the pros of allowing it may outweigh some of the cons, since you can be assured to get the team you want in Ranked, at least, rather than Hunt. Having Hunt be a bit more free-wheeling and less restricted makes some sense. It benefits people in parties who want a monster from their group, and also benefits the others outside the party that enter the lobby, who won’t get a higher probability of getting monster by default, just because they were matched to a party group and are the “odd man out.”


@IWannaBeATiger I’m not here to debate with people that don’t know how it works, you’re free to ask a developer and confirm what I said.

Haha, that’s pretty rude. But still, I think you’re wrong:

Q: Will there be dedicated servers?
Yes, Evolve uses dedicated servers.

Taken from 2K (Evolve’s publisher) FAQ:

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September 10, 2015 17:30, meaning Legacy Evolve.

I’ll ignore further inquiries due to OFF-Topic, like I said before.

You’re free to contact the developers to confirm what I said, it’s extremely easy to notice players are the host, but I don’t expect people who don’t work at IT nor Networks to understand that.

Is this good enough?

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