Hotfix 2.07.1 discussion


Continuing the discussion from Hotfix 2.07.1 Patch Notes:

this is NOT fixed.

Strider movement speed?

I confirm I played Hunt and I could catch anything as Kraken. :frowning:


Nothing is fixed…


Everything is broken.


CoOp is not fun and relax game anymore. I’m just seeing A.I monsters running like idiot till times run out and not even all hunters able to catch that SOB

It’s broken as f**k


Even before the fix, I actually enjoyed the quick monster. We had a Wraith, and boy was she BEATING FEET when she ran.

She even made it to Stage 2. We had to utilize some actual tactics to get her in a dome, instead of just blindly following it like normal AI :stuck_out_tongue:

Mixed things up, as far as AI goes.


Explain why we needed to have a completely separate discussion for what amounts to two fixes. This is more of a topic for the general 2.07 discussion thread.


are you serious? this is an issue which is relevant to the hotfix.


Tagging @happybirthdaymary, @m3teeh & @snowkissed for confirmation whether the issue is still present even after latest hotfix.


This is a discussion that fits more with the original post than an entirely new discussion.


That would be news to me - it’s possible that at the time of the post, they didn’t have the patch?


if you say so…

i played the whole day. beside speeding hunters, lobby disbandment and new hackers, i encountered wildlife that is faster than any monster. let me check for videos.


@Ryaneko, @Riez, @Azmi_Anuar

Did you guys restart the game to see if it is the same thing with wildlife moving too fast?


i can play online without the newest patch??? restart when, i didn´t play 20 hours straight. i logged in 12 hours ago first time today, morning in europe.


Well you said you played all day. Did you ever close and restart your game since the 9 hours that you created this topic?


Hey, after This new Hotfix my Account was completly reseted. All of my progression and my perks were deleted.
Any idea how to fix this?


yes, out of frustration several times.


@DJJamaica, since you have a seperate issue, I suggest to create a seperate thread or perhaps contact 2K support: as they might be able to help you out.

@Ryaneko, if you can post a link to your video that would be great


I’ve been playing… shutting down PC and replay again for like 5 or 6 times today and even try to see if the hotfix did any change and the issue is still present. Even the wildlife still have the red trail on them and move fast… so still no fix


maybe i am seeing things with all the other bugs going round… how fast is a mammoth bird supposed to be.
i dont have a video.