Hotfix 2.001 build is live - Character Select Issue FIXED!


Hey everyone!

The Character select bug where you’d select a Monster or Hunter and it would switch over to a Free Rotation Hunter or Monster once you load into a game is now fixed. This will require a client update, so you will need to log out of Evolve: Stage 2 to download the update, the size is about ~151mb!

Go forth and update!

Usual bugs
Monster selection bug [fixed]
Sometimes you will load into a match with the free character of the week without selecting them


It’s out!


Yay thank you :slight_smile:


I am currently downloading the main patch. Will this new one just be integrated as it downloads or do I have to restart steam after it downloads to get it to download the new one?



I just gonna report this ,now it does not have to

Thank you


Haleleuhah (purposely misspelled)
Now when I picked Torvald I won’t be Hyde.


Very nice! Knocking those bugs down one by one.


Get those bugs TRS!


I’m still having an issue where I cannot select Goliath… any other monster, but OG is grayed out…


I’m assuming you played tutorial. Not sure what would be the problem.


You have to play the tutorial to unlock OG?


And Markov.


Problem soon to be solved. Thanks!


I’m glad on the fast action on this :slight_smile:


Quick fix, excellent! Thanks for staying at work late on a Friday.


Wow! That was fast!


God damn you guys weren’t joking when you said you’d be taking advantage of PC’s fast patching.


@ActionBastrd461 did you have this patch installed?


You need to play the Goliath tutorial to unlock Goliath.