Hostile Wildlife


I wish they would reduce the amount of wildlife that can hurt / kill you no one ever has fun being killed or damaged by a megamouth or a random plant or an annoying mammoth bird…i mean didn’t they reduce the amount of deployables so the monster could focus more on the hunters and less on there gadgets? Do the same for the hunters and hostile wildlife…anyone agree? It would reduce the amount of toxicity in the game too which is there current goal.


Part of the game for hunters is being aware of the wildlife. Monsters use dangerous wildlife to their advantage in fight locations, it’s part of the overall strategy of the game.

As a hunter you will, I find (and personally it still happens to me!), only get caught out by things like megamouths if you have tunnel vision and your team are too split up. Stick together and keep scouting the area and you should never fall foul of wildlife.

And if you’re heading to an area with a nomad and a dune beetle and it seems like the Monster hasn’t moved from there, well…


I exclusively play pubs like most of the evolve pop and i cannot control what they do…they just go off alone get killed by a random creature and leave the game


I pretty much only play pubs too, though maybe the times I play and my location means people aren’t too dumb. I find getting on voice comms and being the “authority” when no-one else is communicating can be helpful. And also sometimes just recognise that you’re the sensible one, take up the roll of keeping an eye out for that wildlife too.

It’s a shame, silly people will be silly, but it’s a shame, a rare shame I feel, if you regularly have players you’re with fall foul of wildlife. It happened much more when people had less than 50-100 hours gameplay with Evolve, but after a while you generally learn your way out of making those mistakes. I’m sure the pubs you play with will too with guidance :wink:


Oh no, damm nomads! They’re party poopers >_>

But yeah, if your team stays together, then wildlife shouldn’t be a problem because they will be there to help you kill wildlife or free you from a trap.

Nevertheless, like Niaccurshi said, as a trapper, you need to check the area and see if there’s any dangereous wildlife first before throwing the dome or you will end getting kicked in the face by a nomad @__@


I barely have 24 hours on the game tbh lol but im a fast learner and already i would consider myself above average in pubs (most of the time im the best performer of my team ect) i never communicate on mic due to my shyness and my difficulty talking to people so there isn’t a lot i can do to warn them…they also ignore my pings


The ping system is a lot better than it was, but unless you hit a creature with it directly it won’t necessarily give the context to them that they need to be careful!

I think that since you’re new to the game you’ll generally get paired up with other fairly new people, both in ranked and in quickplay I believe the game does try to keep you around the same level that it knows about you with other players.

Keep at it, people will learn, and it’ll definitely get better soon for you as people start to learn!


P.S You can totally free yourself from Tyrants and Megamouths.


The only wildlife that I think should be changed is Mammoth Birds. They are supposed to be mostly docile, but they probably end games more than the actual players.


I wish they would reduce the radius of the mammoth birds shock. annoying to be no where near them and still get shocked. the rest of the wildlife are fine


Still want a system that increases the difficulty of wildlife vs advanced players.
Mammoth birds running like chickens vs new players, creating there evil plans of world-domination vs veterans.
Quiet obvious Megamouths vs beginners, the best assassins vs pro-players.


If you die to wildlife, you deserve to die.


Only wildlife I would see removed is those damn plants. Monster can’t eat them and are an additional nuisance to Hunters. Getting caught while in an arena fight allowing the monster to finish you off without much effort. Not cool. Perhaps it would be better if they do damage and then spit the Hunter out. Still annoying, but less.


I would not mind this. It just frustrates new players and doesn’t really add anything “fun” to the game at all.
I mean it isn’t bad once you learn but it’s just another thing for new people to learn. I feel like Nomads should have a decreased agro range and maybe less damage or frequency of attacks. Megamouths and Tyrants are fine with me. Mammoth birds could use some damage nerfs too, but atleast they’re easy to kill.

stares at nomads


They already significantly nerfed the wildlife. It used to be ‘a third side’ that both groups had to beware, but they cut back on it because they felt it detracted from the actual hunt. As it is, just be careful around wildlife and don’t put yourself between a dangerous animal and a monster with knockback abilities.


Idk i feel like they put a lot of stuff in the game that has no purpose other than to piss everyone off


I think the only thing on wild life that should be nerfed on wildlife is the amount of damage that the largest monsters put out and their ability to stack damage on you so fast when you get mobbed by multiple wildlife at once. There is nothing worse then getting grabbed by a damn rock toad and then going down cause a nomad roams over.


I think trapjaws should be removed. You kill a bunch of stuff get ready to eat and bam they spawn and attack you like what purpose does that serve other than to piss off the monster


The purpose of Trapjaws is to prevent the monster from camping a spot for too long. I think they serve that purpose well, If you want that food just kill them. Then you have a feast… Problem solved.


Isn’t that what the support assault and trapper classes are for? i wouldn’t mind if they were already on the map but they just appear when your about to get rewarded for your work…thats toxic and annoying. (and no smart player would bother killing a trapjaw pack)