Host remake thread. Post your ideas


@macman Potential retools for the Host to be found here. Let’s see what comes up.


Melee: Weakest of all monsters.

TRAVERSAL: Vomits out a massive sluice of undetermined material that stays for the rest of the round, Host moving on it will cause them to speed up. Hunters moving on it will slip around as if it were ice.

ABILITY ONE: Deploys some form of organic turret that will attack any nearby hunters or wildlife. Retracts to look like a tinted green pile of gore when inactive.

ABILITY TWO: Infects wildlife with a organism that rapidly takes over the body. When the hunters come nearby, the wildlife will explode violently. Doing this, however, denies both you and the hunters a buff and potential food down the road. Can be triggered without a corpse if none is available.

ABILITY THREE: Spews a viscous substance that will slow anything it hits. Alternatively places a form of detector akin to griffin’s spikes, but with lower radius.

ABILITY FOUR: Emits a 360 radial burst that does little damage, but thrusts anything hit by it away from the host a massive degree.

The host primarily has to rely on it’s turrets (ala bucket), Mines (ala markov), knockback and slows to chip its targets away, Overzealous hunters will quickly find themselves wondering why they’re downed as they are thrust into a pile of mines.

Craftyness and clever placement is the name of the game when it comes to the Host,


I remember @MacMan asking why people liked the Host and said that they could make the bugs move like kraken’s mines etc. I could be wrong though.