Host disconnecting so they dont lose, still a thing?


Been in several matches where I was about to win and got sent back to the lobby saying “You’ve been signed out”

If a hunter is the host and disconnects by yanking the cord/shutting down the game should I not get an automatic win?

Maybe it did count as a win? I was expecting the “monster wins” screen though.

So if they quit I win, if they disconnect what happens? Do I lose my win streak? Do they?



Had this happen to me tonight too. I was recording the match and will be submitting it since I am pretty sure at least one hunter was using short range teleport hacks as Lazarus a couple of times before I got a big advantage by killing the Assault and eating the body, then poof! Got kicked out of the game and I believe it counted as a loss for me!

@Phillyblunzz No player is acting as the host, the server is the host. If a hunter kills their connection they simply get dc’ed which counts as a loss for them and shouldn’t affect any other players connection. The server can crash and boot everyone, or your connection can fail for some reason, but it is also possible that there is a hack that can dc another player in some way.


umm, not saying anything about overall DC issues but this one looks like the server shutdown. Not really a problem with 'leavers"


That is a possibility, but this was very suspicious timing and it was not like any previous server crash where you get a connectivity warning or everyone starts running in place. Also when I have had server crashes in the past it has not counted as a win or loss, but when I got this lost connection error it does appear that I got a loss for that match. I am just going to submit the video which includes the Laz player moving inside an obstacle and emerging on top while I am focusing him.


Yeah I dont buy that it was a TRS issue, it happens all the time, but only when you are winning.

Like you say when the server actually disconnects the game freezes for a minute but you can still run around, etc.

I get it buddy was upset his team left so i dont blame him for leaving, I just think it should have counted as win.

Oh well its not like they had high win streaks or anything so what ever.

I was just more curious if this is common with other people too, as it happens once in awhile to me, but like I said only when I am winning.