Horror Movie Characters joins the WWE ( WWE 2K16 )


1 of the greatest and craziest Horror Movie Character is now on the WWE
1of my fav. Horror Character im so happy i fnally finished him ^^

i hv need 5 hours to create him damn im crazy O.O
Next i will try Freddie Krueger xD

I think some Horror Movie fans will love this :stuck_out_tongue:

would love to try some Evolve Hunters but i need good face photos


wtf is this…


Wow pretty nice but 5 hours!


yeah it need a lot time to make it realistic because of face morph , u must find good photos of the Mask and anything ^^ im already working on Freddie and i hv need 2 hours just for the face xD


I’ve seen some pretty good stuff done wit hthe CaW features in WWE games, this is one of those.

Not bad, nt bad at all.


thx^^ yeah the caw mode is why i love to play wwe games u can create so many things ( on wwe13 - wwe 2k14 it was much better ) my freddie looks really good so far xD

some Evolve Hunters would be awesome but i didnt find good face photo for them sadly


i finally finished my Freddy damn he looks realistic O.O


Do you have something sexier? Leather face is just ew. :tongue:


Is it possible to make Jason V.?


yeah his mask is in the game a lot of ppl on youtube has make him ^^


Awesome :smiley:


That is an astoundingly accurate representation of Freddy, good job.


thx^^ yeah he looks very original xD


Please make our master Alien. He demands it.