Horrible resets again


Twice now… what a waste of money. We better see some free dlc instead of the news feed trying to make us pay for it for all this bs. The game just came out and there is dlc??? Holy shit guys! I’d like a response better than “we need more info” or “we are working on it” in my email. If I don’t see a code in my email to compensate for this bs ill be sure to call ms and get a refund just like I did with mcc and delete the game and skip future 2k/trs games.


Even tho i bought PCMR that includes like 2-3 DLC i still have nothing in my account?What do you mean game just came out and there is DLC?
Pretty sure the first DLC will come in a couple of months.
As for the lost progression thing i feel you.Both in Alpha and Beta i lost 3 times my progress while i was 25 level.
Nothing to say to you just hang tight


Hey there, this is a known issue that’s being worked on. Totally understand your frustration, but this is a 2k issue feel free to contact their support and provide any information you can.

I’ll try to find the email/contact info for you.

Edit: here you go http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Actually it’s around $47 and it’s all cosmetic.


Check his previous posts guys he’s a fake


I tried 2k. Both trs and 2k just have a copy paste script with no real resolution. Alpha and a beta and this game is riddled with bugs! I give both trs and 2k all they ask for and I just get the pasted script they were handed out… ill just delete the damn game until they fix it… just like every other company. Ship a half assed game and fix it later… and force dlc down everyone’s throats.

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? Fake because this happened twice? Ok…


The game is fine, servers are the issue here. I completely understand your frustration, I really do. A fix is being worked on.


Dude can you call a mod and get this guy banned. Does he sound like he actually bought it or is he trying to fill the forum with complaints and anti dlc hate


If you want to call a mod then flag the post and let them know.


Feel you on the reset thing. The Dlc whining not so much though. Your upset that you don’t get odd colored monsters and Shiney weapons?


Or be smart and check my gt . Pat McScrotes and see that I played. I already gave them my gt. I didn’t think trolls lived in the bugs area but haha was I wrong.


Anyway we feel ya about the resets but not for DLC’s.No1 asked you to buy them nor your experience with evolve will change if you don’t.You will still be able to play against/together with the DLC monsters or hunters or even fill a bot role with those DLC’s hunters.As for the skins who gives a shit.Its just skins.
So yeah if you want and can return the game just go ahead or just give it some time for 2K people to adress the issues.That’s all anyone can say


See the point is “here’s a broke game for $60+. We will fix it slowly over time. Heres some dlc though even though the game just came out” but no. I don’t buy dlc. I just find humor in broke games pushing day 1 dlc


He probably assumed you were trolling due to your recently created account and complaining about cosmetic dlc


The developers and 2K are working on fixing these issues right now, but you have to be patient. They can’t respond to everyone one at a time because that takes away from their working on the problems and issues at hand. No, they did not intentionally ship a broken game. While the alpha and beta tested for issues the shear number of people playing now is enormous compared to those limited tests…there’s bound to be hiccups that will get patched. Also, you’re not entitled to free dlc because there’s a problem with the game. You are entitled to a fix, yes, but DLC no.


I don’t see any Day 1 DLC in my game even tho i bought the 100$ edition…hmm…


Before I leave let me explain again… I don’t buy dlc ever. I find humor in pushing dlc on day 1 let alone when the game is broke. Not once did I say I wanted dlc but only the fact that its out. Mods close this and email when you figure this out


Games not broke on the ps4 just the xboxone.


This is incorrect, all systems are experiencing issues.