Horrible night of gaming (Multiple crashes, X1)

I personally crashed 3 times, two games resulting in a penalty and having to wait to play again. Also, the loss of 10 points which I worked hard for. Every game I’ve played in tonight someone has crashed out resulting in an unfair advantage for the monster. Everything is normal with my connection. I’m playing on xoboxone.



also, that sounds like a personal problem to me.

It’s never happened before. I’ve crashed yes, as have most of us, but not every other game. Xoboxone is new, come on man!

Just got 3 straight wins and accumulated only 3 points. All different ranks and beaten at different stages. Yet, I lose 10 points off of crashing out of my control. Great “algorithm” :wink:

Hi @twistmattiK!

Unfortunately just saying you crashed doesn’t give us a lot to go on to try to reproduce the issue on our side so that we can fix it.

Could you let me know the following? :

  • How long had you been playing before you crashed?
  • Do you remember what map and mode you were in?
  • Had you had your game suspended at all before starting to play, or was this off a fresh boot?