Horrible matchmaking


On PC, why are all other things being patched exept for the most vital part of the game which is matchmaking. Players frequently drop out of lobbies, i can not get in the same game as my friend when we party up, make this number one priority.


First, let me say thank you for throwing some feedback onto the forums!

I understand your frustration over the situation, for this issue happens to me a lot as well (and countless others I assure you), but I’m 100% confident that the TRS crew is currently working towards rectifying the issue with players being dropped out of their parties. I believe it was mentioned somewhere on the forums that matchmaking was originally handled by a third party, but the TRS crew’s rewriting the code for matchmaking. If I find the exact post, I’ll update this one here.

TRS, just like Jeff Kaplan, are very tuned in with the community and have yet to forgo their promise. Give 'em some time, they will rectify these issues when they can ;D


I couldn’t play with my friends last night. We were four persons, when I invited, they joined me, so, when I searched another players in hunt mode, when I searched a match, my friends dissapeared. they could read messages like: “conection lost”, “host conection failed”, “multiplayer session is out”, we tried play another one, we closed and re-opened the game but the bug persisted. We try five or six times. It was impossible. Game has expulsed my friends and it searched match only for me. Another of my friend created a match and he invited, but the same bug appear.

It’s a big bug because players can’t play. We love this game, but people don’t let that bugs, if they see that bug persist, they won’t play…

Thanks and repair it please!!!

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