Horizontal and Vertical axis have different amount of velocity - PS4/XO?


Hi guys,

every time when I play on PC the gamepad sensitivity feels awesome.
Almost no deadzone and consistent acceleration.

If I come back then to my mates on console, the aiming feels so sluggish. I thought its the higher FPS on PC but no I analysed it and I came up with the following results:

  • Deadzone is still a little bit too high in comparison to PC (should react earlier).
  • The horizontal (X) sensitivity is faster than the vertical (Y) sensitivity but it should be the same or separate it that we can configure it for X and Y individual.

I only can set in the option “sensitivity” but not for X or Y. It feels like that the sensitivity takes only effect on horizontal (X).

Keep in mind guys this is an other issue than the “input lag”. The Input lag got fixed in the last patch and it feels good.

On PC with Gamepad its good both axis have the same speed.

Has Xbox the same issue? I only can speak for PS4.

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Bump, no one noticed that? I think this is a big thing. Should I make a video about it, to show the issue?


After you told me this, I feel it now everytime. They should make the Sensivity on X and Y at least the same like on PC. See you Tatzy :slight_smile:


Really, no one cares about this? Guys your aiming would feel much better and its way easier to aim if there would be no different velocity on X and Y.


I noticed this. I also noticed that when you begin playing on a new account the sensitivity feels relatively equal across the x and y axis but as soon as you go to the controller settings screen the x axis becomes way more sensitive. i think everyone is used to it at this point so idk if changing it would be good or not


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We are the Tatzys :smiley: - We are a couple.
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Has something to do with the chromosomes…


I think we all used to the same amount of velocity on X and Y cause in other games like RS6, BF4 the default settings are equal. And you can set it to your own values if you like.


Yes we’re the Tatzys ;D


See, I knew about chromosomes, but I really wouldn’t have ever made that connection. Clever.


I think it would make a huge difference if you could alter sensitivity for horizontal and vertical movements. I noticed it big time while playing Griffin, adjusting harpoon shots would be much better if vertical movement would have the same acceleration as horizontal movement!


Probably because PC is 60fps console version is just 30fps maybe even lower in certain cases also are you using mouse on PC? that’s obviously better for aiming too or more responsive.


Please read its not the 60 FPS on PC :stuck_out_tongue: - Its just the effect if you put your stick to the right its way faster than put your stick up this its way slower. I will do a Video about it everyone can see it.

If you put your stick diagonal then you get a merge velocity of X and Y axis, unpredictable as hell.


On PC with Xbox Gamepad you dont have this problem there its consistent and fast. As I mentioned in my first Post.


Yes it would be but it seems that no one cares here on the forum. Its the lack of pro players on the console I think. If the playerbase would be higher than more pro gamer on console would complain about this.

Yes! You would be automatically on all characters better cause your aiming would be predictable in every direction. At the moment every angle from 0 - 360 has a different speed.


Maybe the pro players can just handle the controlls how they are and don’t have to complain, because they are still pro at the game? :wink:


Maybe they don´t know that it´s possible to play even more accurate and better with these changes?! We cannot know unless they tell us their opinion…


No they cant but I understand what you mean. Gamepad has already disadvantages over a mouse if the speed in every angle is not the same every pro player with gamepad would confirm that this is a no go on a shooter. On every other game you can set X and Y Axis to custom values but not in Evolve. There you have to stick with the default acceleration and different speeds. Too bad!

I spoke with some High Silver/Gold Hunters on console about this issue and they noticed as well and said to me that the aiming on Evolve feels way worse than on a bf4 or call of duty what ever, Rainbow six Siege. So they noticed it as well but what can they do? Nothing.

Main problems are the:

  • inconsistent acceleration like slow, faster more faster. Its like the mouse acceleration on Windows no one plays a shooter with it, it has to be off but we have to deal with it on the controller.
  • and of course the different speed on X and Y Axis.