Horde Mode


It could be an interesting new gameplay mode.

Location: a map like the final stage of evac mode. Local fauna attacks, more dangerous animals as the match progresses.

Monster level 1, he can’t evolve, he can’t backtrack to a safe area to feed, he can try to feed in the area if hunters allow him. When he dies a monster level 2 will spawn, same mechanic. Finally a monster level 3.

Hunters get money with kills, they can invest the money in turrets, barricades, devices to slow down enemies, defend the tower stuff. Hunters have a limited number of spawns.

Match ends if they kill the monster level 3 or resist until the evacuation ship arrives…or monster kill them.

Horde mode possible?

Why not just go play Gears of War 3, it is still active.

Although I do love Horde and would love to see it’s version here.

It would be pretty much all I played.


If he plays on PC, that’s not an option. :wink:

OP, there’s tons of horde type games.


Yes, I’ve played Gears 3, but this is a suggestion for Evolve.

This kind of gamemodes usually work great if they are well done, I played more than 1000 hours of Mass Effect 3 cooperative, a simple but amazing horde mode with final evac.


Wouldnt Defend basically be your Horde Mode?


It’s similar but in Defend only two minions attack, and they attack the generators.

In a horde mode we would talk about a higher number of enemies and they would attack the defenders in all the arena, Defend is too focused in the targets. And the defence tower elements, more devices, player can place them strategically, etc.


I like the idea but I dunno how well the hunters would fare against mutliple Goliath minions especially when they decide to focus on the team. Those little shits are annoying as all hell on nest when they AND mommy onster decide to go afetr me and I can’t get away no matter how hard I try. For the monster it would work pretty well and the story could be that this is before the Hunters get their and it attacks the colony