Hopefully tier 5 monster teased this 17th

this next stream we should at least see a picture some audio or a trailer for the monster place yours bets now :no_mouth:

My bets on no. :frowning:
Maybe some Val/Markov tho?


It’s more likely that the new Val and Markov will be shown rather than the monster, seeing as how it’s been confirmed that it’ll be released in October.

They haven’t confirmed it to be in October. It’s just been confirmed to be next.

@WarpathChris asked someone at 2K and they stated that they’re doing them in two month intervals, and that’s the next should be released in October.


Ask him for pics. Why would I have them?

Well it’s kinda logical that it’s two month intervals. There was a single week less than a two month gap between Lennox and Jack.

Yeah. Exactly. Never doubt me, weeaboo.

Dude, I figured that spacing between releases on Jack’s release. I then posted my theory of October Monster release, I think a week or so later.

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youre still doubting me, stap.



That was crimsonrose. But I believe it to be true.

Oh, it was Crimson? Okay.

I just want a teaser or something that’s all there was a q and a on reddit and someone asked about the monster coming out
The answer soooon so I thought maybe a little teaser on the 17th

We won’t get anything I’m guessing until the first week of October since they only tend to release teasers a week before the character is available.

The Monster will most likely be available October 13th, 20th, or the 27th. It’s always a Tuesday.

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@shaners would say otherwise. But I don’t believe her.

Ok I’m guessing the hunter adaptations come out in the next live stream, then the monster first week of October

Yes I do believe that Markov is coming next, since Jess has talked about how he looks like and stuff.

Monster info will probably be be given in October.

Any details on markov or Val
I’m sure the weapons are the same
What kind of twist could we expect