Hooray for ... sleet?!


My slate’s being covered in an icy sheen. I ordered through Amazon. UNEXPECTED TENSION! I have a bad feeling there’s going to be a delay. :sob:


Story of my life. I slipped and fell on the ice outside my house yesterday. I may only be 34…but I’m still feeling it! I just wanna blow torch the entire walkway. The ice is REAL! Sick of having to clean the car off too! I literally tossed aside my apparently non-functional ice scraper and was like…“Well, guess there’s no school for my son today!” I gave up the effort!

…as it turns out, flamethrowers don’t exactly work on packed ice! Figure that one out!


Child’s play!
I use my shotgun to crack the ice of my car!
(I don’t really do this I am in no way stupid enough to shoot a shotgun at my own car)


AWW, MAN! That’s the worst! I’m sorry to hear (read). I’m 12 years older than you, and the body just doesn’t bounce back like it used to after 30. Glad you’re okay, and hope you stop feeling it soon!

Damn skippy on that flamethrower point. :frowning:


Yeah latent anger brewing. The Universe why would you do this the day before I have to go to gamestop? I’m in philly apparently it won’t be done until Tuesday around 8 am.


I’m just North of you in New Joisey – soooooo frustrating; at least I don’t have to go out. I feel you, dog.


Thank you! I got really worried for a bit there since I landed on my main wrist and shoulder and was like…I still better be able to use the mouse for Evolve! Even my pug is slipping around on the ice and she has 4 legs to hold her up.


Yeah, but they’re stubby. :grimacing:

Just mentioned elsewheres we have 3 dogs, and two are sibling puppies who just turned a year old, one of them (51.2lbs) is blind in one eye and just came out of surgery to have it removed (he’s still got the satellite dish on his head – the eye had to go, and when our vet looked at it, she emphasized that we’d made the right decision (as he’d injured it about two months ago, but when she looked at it after removal, she said some sort of shell had been growing on it, so it was not only useless, but going to get worse and cause him a lot of pain)).

I seem to remember I was trying to make a point, but it’s now escaped me as I’ve been interrupted by dogs and my recall ain’t what it was.

Oh well, consider this an overshare. :laughing:

edit: OH! I remember! It’s going to be tough getting time to play with the state of chaos these three morons are in. :laughing:


I live in Ontario Canada and I had a blizzard last night. So I had to get up real early to dig our way out so I could drive to toronto for art school. Despite the stereotype we normally get warm springs and hot summers, just like down south. But this winter definitely lived up to the hype lol. I just look at the silver lining, more excuse for hot chocolate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Wouldn’t it be terrible if the random selected maps kept being only snow biomes? There’s NO ESCAPE! Lol


For what odd reasone am I getting the good side of this winter? It’s not even below 0 celsius down here, while up in them mountains it’s -3 and new snow every two days.


I really hate distillery for no other reason than the snow…




Distillery is my favourite map :frowning:


Monster :heartpulse: snow! :grimacing:


Can I have hot chocolate?
It’s above freezing here and kinda warm, but we did have snow earlier in the year.


It’s alright, I bought a ton of cookies anyways :blush:


Don’t use it.Hyde got arrested


Hah! That description made me laugh…that is Snow Rage, my friend, right there! I have acreage though so we can do crazy stuff out here and not get the cherries and berries (cops) out. But the flame thrower we have only shoots maybe two-three feet and didn’t do anything to melt the ice. It was mind boggling.