Honestly, my mind is blown away!


no new maps
no new dlc
no new skins
until the glitches, protocal error disconnects, and matchmaking is resolved. I enjoy this game so so so very much but seriously, lets fix what we have now, before we try to add ontop of things that are yet to be resolved.
please TRS, if you put man power into anything, put it in trying to make the game a solid base for future dlc. You can’t build a wall on a unstable foundation.


They’ve said about a trillion times that the people who make new stuff are incapable fo fixing old stuff and vice versa. Why is it so hard to understand?


quote, link, anything where they say this would be helpful.


I’m not going to waste my time. It’d hardly change anything.

Why don’t you actually talk to the guys?


is it the devs?
is it 2k?
who are these people you speak of?


You don’t need any quotes. TRS is more than just programmers. There’s Level Designers, Animators and 3D Modelers just to name a very few. All these people need to constantly work on something and they have nothing to do with bugs or programming for that matter.


That aside, I do wish they had the manpower to patch up the game before expanding, but sadly they don’t.


This is also true of pretty much every other game ever, with the exception of one-man teams. Why do you require a quote for Evolve specifically?


…he’s just asking for a source…


it sounds like a bunch of assumptions, and blind pointing. give me a straight forward answer.
can they fix laz dead body through map bug?
can they fix trapper dome escaping?
can they fix krakens traversal?
can they fix protocal error?
can they fix anything that is currently holding evolve back?

@Crumplecorn usually when people say the information is everywhere and you ask them to provide one example of proof, it turns out they have only said it once or twice?

so they can just add add add to the game, but if its broken its broken?
im not trolling, i am dead serious about all of this stuff i listed above.
if a game isnt done, dont release it and be unable to fix things that will stay broken if the game is released. if you feel that it is still in its beta stage, keep working, dont release a almost done game, it can stop it from reaching what it really couldve became.


Publishers say hi.


I work in the industry. The people in charge of creating the new concepts, environments, characters, etc are NOT on the same team that is in charge of fixing bugs and such. They are the ART department so they’re going to keep moving forward on their work.

It would be a horrible decision for a company to keep a third of their employees twiddling their thumbs doing nothing while the rest of the studio scrambles to fix issues that pop up.


All games and I mean all games have bugs when they are released. You cannot mention a single game that did not have bugs on release.

They are working on it.

They did. If you as Trapper escape the dome, you have 6-10 seconds before the Dome goes down. (Can’t remember the exact number.

They are working on it.


By that you mean the things above?


It’s essentially like having a shoe company. Bear with the weird analogy. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have your peeps making new shoes and the ones patching up shoes that customers bring in for repairs. What the OP wants is for the shopowner to tell the people making the new shoes to stop what they’re doing and wait for the repairmen to finish. Highly counterproductive.


I gotcha girl lol weird comparison but it works


Thank you for explaining that :smiley: so well @aboatman

In my mind, i had a image of,
evolve gets X amount of income.
divide it amongst the teams (art designers, bug fixers, etc.)
and the problem was low funding for the patch team, or who ever fixes bugs.
slowing down on the dlc team, taking some funding from that and investing into the bug fixing team.
that way the bugs can get fixed faster, improving and creating a solid base for future dlc to work off of.
maybe things dont work that way, but it made sense in my head.


So, you’re saying people want to fire the shoe makers, and spend their wages on some kind of pesticide? Wut?

:assault: :hocho: :bug: :bug: :bug:


here we go lol :smiley:


Is this a challenge? Because I am the Lord of Derailment. Don’t **** with me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you’re attacking trains? What have trains ever done to you?! Leave the trains, shoemakers and bugs alone! Wait maybe take the bugs with you.