Home Experiments to Try Out?


Does anyone know any cool Home Experiments that I could do?

I know its a weird thread, but I am dead bored, you know, until TU 9 comes out that is.

I have one…

Pour some hand sanitizer on a wooden board. Then take a match or lighter and light it on fire. What will happen is that the sanitizer will be on fire, BLUE FIRE!. But its not like a bonfire, its tiny. Now, what is really cool, is that you can actually touch the sanitizer and you will have FIRE HANDS! The strangest thing is that, it doesn’t burn your hands. It feels warm and nice! ITS SO COOL!


Blue fire?


You created Meteor Goliath!

:meteor_goliath: :meteor_goliath: :meteor_goliath:

Yes! I can tame a Monster! I’ll give out free rides. I don’t need a heater anymore.


It’s generally best NOT to play with fire…


What’s fire?


look at the last one


Me and my sister have done this quite a few time

EDIT: If you want more fire take an empty bottle and cover the sides with as much mouth as as can and then dump the rest of the liquid out. Then light it, it will make a cool look in the dark and a sound.

DO NOT look straight over it or keep the liquid in it @Kishan_Devkaran


Don’t forget to bring a towe… er, fire extinguisher. xp




You know, it’s probably not a great idea to play with fire, not only that, but hours of factories and workers that built that for its own usage and then - not used the intended way.

That is NOT a cool experiment. It’s not even an EXPERIMENT. An experiment requires a hypothesis, and what hypothesis do you get lighting shit like a pyromaniac or arsonist?


I use to soak my arms in sanitizer and light them. Looked funny.


Strike anywhere match heads stuffed between 2 old school pop caps and attached to an arrow makes for a satisfying bang when shot.


Hey, it’s more of an experiment than when me and my buddy would light mattresses on fire behind the abandoned Rays building down the block.

Although, that was kind of an experiment. Kind of. Our hypothesis was the fire department might show up. But they never did.



Why, safety is bad! No fun in safety

they probably light them at the factories everyday

A very valid Hypothesis! Conclusion: Your city has a bad fire department


They host barbecues once a year, which makes up for it.


LMAO, didn’t see it that way.


Okay go ahead, just take a good look in the mirror and see how you would look with no eyebrows :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I haven’t seen anything bad happen if you look of it or keep the liquid in it but common sense tells me more flammable liquid equals bigger fire, and if fire comes up and your over it I would say it burns your eyes (Cause ya’know minty mouthwash