Homage to TRS


Hi all!

Firstly I would like to say you are the best! The relationship you guys have with the community is amazing and it’s great to see a company that is so passionate about what they do and really appreciate the dialogue that they have with the fans.

So as a thank you I Drew this little concept of your name sake, Turtle Rock, as a monster in Evolve. I call her Golem :3


Get inVOLVED Help Create a Future Monster!
The fans appreciate you, Turtle Rock Studios
Get inVOLVED Help Create a Future Monster!

Golem, eh? I like it a lot!

That’s funny because I was recently thinking the third Monster could be called the “Golem”. :wink:


A perfect name for rock/ground element monster! Especially since the names are based on mythical creatures :blush:



I love it! We have an office lizard named Gobi. Golem looks like he and Gobi would totally chill on the weekends (when they’re not eating hunters, of course).


That one was pretty cool ^^


What if his name was turtle rock cus he’s a turtle with rocks on His back oooooooooo

I’ll go away for a few


Amazing! I love seeing this kind of contribution from the community. Have you designed a stage 2/3 yet?


thank you! i actually haven’t 0.o i will if you think its worthwhile though! :smile:


For sure! Maybe even a collab with @Sledgepainter should happen :wink:


@SledgePainter I’m up for it if you are! :wink:


Gobi is a cosplayer:


Simply mysterious


Great minds think alike! I was thinking Evolve should release a “Turtle Rock” creature too! I love your design, especially the front thickened legs. Very different from the “Gamera” that keeps popping into my head! Would you prefer to do a collab or brainstorm some ideas via sketches and see what we each come up with? Great to see more artists on the forum!


I agree, Golem is a perfect name.


This is a perfect idea, hopefully it finds its way into the game some how over the course of the game’s life. In a skin or an entirely new monster. I could totally see Goliath walking around with a turtle shell on his back.


I’m cooking something up…but I love Gamera so much I keep thinking it should fly and spin, haha. Then again, Skylanders has a character called Warnado and he does just that too! Gotta make it a little more unique…I’m thinking that the shell could be used as camouflage…that kind where the texture changes on the shell itself. The turtle could pull in, then the rest of it turn into a big lump of mossy grass with rocks.


of course! its great to create work with some one with a similar passion, you name it and my pencil is at your bidding!


A turtle is very slow by nature, so we need to make it faster, at least in keeping with basic movement speed of Goliath and Kraken…so it has a chance of keeping a lead off from the hunters. I really love those beefy forelimbs, so I’m thinking, can we alter the rear and forelimbs to be more feline or lizard-like? What if we make the tanky limbs extra rocky-looking, then have them tuck in along the sides of the shell during walking movement (maybe even become an additional plating of the shell itself on either side). Those hefty rocky limbs protect the main torso while the forearms and legs would be dedicated to locomotion and therefore less protected by armor.

When attacked by the hunters, I picture the AOE attack being a tanky ground pound with those massive limbs. A knockback attack could be slashing out motions of those same arms with the rocky/pointy parts facing out. I’m picturing the long range attack possibly being shooting out projectiles from the shell and/or the big limbs but I haven’t gotten farther in the attacks train of thoughts past that. Any ideas? Love the green color as the glow highlight. Orange could be cool too. I’ll try to work on a sketch of these ideas tomorrow.

Anyone else feel free to chime in with your thoughts.


Make it have a alien tongue to catch its pray


That’s a good idea…I think certain snapping turtles lure fish with their tongues. A nice sticky tongue could lash prey dead and then pull it in for a nice snack. Alligator snapping turtles have long tails too…what about a tail whip?