HOLY SHIT THIS UPDATE "what was the major cost?"


This fucking update was amazing I enjoyed the new features and additions they added into the game it was fantastic and made the game better for the future “Though I have to say” I know this may be stupid to complain about IMObut why can’t new players be able to purchase the special treatment as a mini dlc? While the rest of the stuff like new maps and skins are free I see that and including characters but I can see why they did this as trs may want the new playlists to let others know that they haven’t being through hell in order to get these special skins and perks possibly

Let me know what you guys think


If people really want the founder stuff, just find a physical copy of the game. They get the founder stuff for like 5-10 bucks most likely.



You can also purchase it for $10.00 at you’re local Game-Stop.


But I want it digital on steam


There are digital keys floating around.


Lol then you should’ve bought it sometime in the last 17 months.


Didn’t had the money that time and or the specs for my PC


When did you get the needed specs?


If you install from disk, the update is downloaded through steam. Our installer is a Steam installer. So same thing. I think this is awesome btw.


Didn’t at the time and still don’t I’m looking forward for a gaming Mai laptop or Alienware though


Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:


I bought the hard copy a long time ago, long since removed from my computer. Was linked to Steam and downloaded it from there, though. Full founder status. lol