Holy shit, these solo queue buffs make playing impossible


As a monster, I literally cannot fucking escape from hunters. I burst away, I use all of my abilities to get further, I even run a goddamn mobility perk. And they’re still on me three seconds later. Fuck this shit.


What characters are you running against?


Have you been noticing this for weeks or do you think you’re noticing it now because you’re aware of it? We’ve had these buffs in for solo queues since 2.01.

What Monster are you playing?


I’m playing Goliath, and it’s definitely been since 2.06.


Just to reinstate, what characters do you run up against the most when playing Goliath? Characters like Sunny, Crow, Val, and or Griffin?


It’s mostly been renegabes, who manage to shoot me off of my food without even being there thanks to fucktastically powerful DoTs.

And yes, there have been Vals.


According to mizx’s post movement benefits were buffed significantly in the last patch, or at least that is how it appears as wrote. I’ve certainly noticed large differentials in Hunter speed since 2.06 compared to before. I imagine some part of this is down to being aware of specifics, but I’ve had enough games to know I feel faster or feel more chased since Tuesday


Yeah since the latest patch I’m on a 20 win streak playing a mix of support and assualt pubing only. I can feel those buffs big time. It wasn’t much but it’s been enough to make pubing more viable than ever. I’ve also ran into terrible monsters who complain about lossing but play like crap. It’s revealing weakness in their play with that added survivablity we get.


Yes, weaknesses. Weaknesses such as “expecting your abilities to actually deal meaningful damage”, or axioms such as “the monster should be faster than the hunters”. Such incredible weaknesses, they are.


Tbh I haven’t noticed anything different at all with the solo queue buffs (I have no friends so I always play solo) I don’t feel any tankier or faster than before.

If you think about it 5% isn’t much of a change: instead of 320 extra hp it’s now 400 extra hp for solo players (2k total hp) one extra light attack takes that away, and it’s a case of one extra ability to down a solo player compared to a party of 3 who get 160 extra hp (full party gets nothing)

Rank 1 (Max Party Size of Three)
Max Health Modifier increased to 10% from 3.2%
Movement Speed Modifier increased to 5% from 0%
Jetpack Recharge Modifier increased to 5% from 0%

Rank 2 (Max Party Size of Two)
Max Health Modifier increased to 17% from 13%
Movement Speed Modifier increased to 10% from 7%
Jetpack Recharge Modifier increased to 10% from 7%

Rank 3 (All Solo Hunters)
Max Health Modifier increased to 25% from 20%
Movement Speed Modifier increased to 12% from 7%
Jetpack Recharge Modifier increased to 12% from 7%


What’s a Solo Queue?

Is this what happens if there’s only one Human Hunter on a team? Or is it a Monster vs 4 AI Hunters queue?


Solo queue is players without friends who find a game on their own and play with random people

The game had an update a few weeks ago to only allow a match to start with 5 players


And there’s a Hunter speed buff if not playing in a Premade team?


it’s a very low number only 5.2m/sec? 12% of that is nothing is it?


The one time I was in a game where I was sure we were doing what the OP said was when I was Crow and trying a “4” Cooldown spam for speed burst and I realized our healer was a Caira spamming “3”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @GoliathSteak check out this thread :slight_smile: It explains it:


For fudge sake, can’t you use real names instead of these redonkulious numbers? This ain’t a forum for highly educated children.

Edit: Terepin, your post had some descriptive errors. I fixed it instead of deleting your post.


Sorry… typing “3” or “4” is faster than typing “Planet Scanner” and “Speed Boost”… Kaizen rules, y’know. :wink:


Not everyone has $10 mouse you know. I have set them to mouse button 3, 4, 5 and left alt. Like hell I’m going to reach for numeric keys. Sadistic tendencies lost their lust when I was at high school.


I don’t have a 10 usd mouse… I reach for the number keys. :slight_smile:

That’s why I say playing Evolve is like playing piano (especially as Emet and Sunny!). :slight_smile: