Holy Nuts.... Joe's Review is Spot On


Wow…Just Wow… I don’t know really what to say. It’s like he shoved the game into his disc drive and uploaded everything about the game PERFECTLY. I was fortunate enough to be one of the few who convinced another friend to try the game out with me (gave him a second free digital copy). So I had a blast to play the game even with only one other, because lets face it. You’re not gonna last long if you don’t have a competent trapper and medic, it’s that simple. Sure the assault and support have their fancy gadgets that work AMAZINGLY well if they know how to use it, but at the end of the day they are pretty much just shooters (thank god that COD showed people how to shoot straight) and keeping them alive of course is the only way to win. Now I love this game, been in love since it first got announced. But when I watched Angry Joe’s review, there was absolutely nothing I could defend or say he was wrong about. Not. A.Single.Thing.

-Masteries force you to play with abilities you may not like, (who cares if it’s to “promote diversity of player choice”), just let players on their own use abilities and try them on with restriction. Why should a Wraith player put more points in warp to get more damage in it so they can finish that mastery in fewer matches?

-Waaayyyy too much cosmetic dlc, and they are insanely generic (each character comes ONE just ONE elite skin, and you can’t even TELL that the character has it, and some of the changes are just a freaking color! That’s right, that markov you’ve been mastering for god knows how long? You get a simple colar change, that’s it, nothing else, no noticeable change that lets your team think “Hells ya we gots a competent hunter 'ere wit us!” or for the monster"oh shnaps, this 'ere hunter’s gots skill au tel you wat, I bets be careful!"

-Maps really are too similar, pretty much the only thing that sets them apart are locations surrounding the power relays to give us a hint that this isn’t the same match as the last hunt.

-People really do only play hunt, it’s either that or Evac. Think about that for a sec. One mode, or a playlist of others. That’s it. You don’t GET the option of maybe trying Nest or Defend or anything else for that matter. You want that tiny little precious, guessssssss WHAT, you gotta play the WHOLE package.

-There’s more the Joe talks about, so just watch his review for all of it.

-Now with all that said and done this game is still GOOD, watch the review he complements the game’s many positives but unlike all the other reviewer sellouts, he doesn’t ignore the negatives.

Any thoughts on this fellas?

TRS I think you should probably take some pointers from Angry Joe. No Offence

I don’t think he’s good at the game, or even ok at it. So his review is worthless. Needs to play more, a lot more.

I think you’re just trolling and trying to up his play count.

Great game by the way.


Pretty sure he’s not trolling. A lot of the points he did focus on we’re true. I also think he did injustice to the actual game play and didn’t know how to play well so he didn’t actually enjoy it. But a lot of his points were spot on at the end of the day. Doesn’t mean I don’t support it. Just helps give developers feedback to improve the experience.


I think the only true problem with the game is that there are only 2 types of people in it.

People who love it and it never gets boring.

People who don’t like it and hate it.


What does being good in the game have to do with the games repetitiveness and shortsightedness? PLaying the same dam thing over and over isn’t gonna explain the generic maps, lack of customization, and poor cosmetics. And how am I a troll?


Poor cosmetics maybe, on the hunter side of things, but the elite skins do look badass.

If you are playing the same map repeatedly something’s definitely wrong my friend.


I can only play this game in short bursts before playing another, I burn out too quick just switching roles between hunters and monsters.


Because being bad at the game tends lead the monster to hugging the edge of the map or hunters entering an endless chase instead of cutting it off and entering battle more often.


The elites do look nice, but the hunters one are quite bland. And you gotta admit have you seen just how many cosmetic dlc they are throwing at us? Sure you could give the argument that we don’t have to buy them but just look how many are available vs the ones that you can buy? It’s absurd to be honest. And concerning the map, come onnnnn you gotta see it? It’s all rocky outcrops pretty much, no map tells me its much different from the other. What came to my mind in terms of map diversity is Titanfall maps. THAT is diverse, not a mix of forests and rock. The only map that was semi different was the acid lake one, and fights HARDLY are ever taken there do to the map boundary being so close. The only area that’s different between the maps is the relay, which is only good for when the monster is stage 3 that fights take place there.

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Eh. I think his entire review is trashed by the fact he’s terrible at the game. He’s like one of those people.

“If I’m not good at the game, it’s because the game sucks!”


If a monsters bad the game ends quick, if the hunters are bad the game is painfully long. Much more punishing if you have bad hunters than bad monsters for the overall experience of the game.

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If you do not use all the abilities your not playing your hunter to its best. Put down all the traps in a dome as Maggie? Pull out that SMG and go bananas, and so on. So, the progression make somewhat sence.


That’s why the other guy said people should learn to play it first. Or at least spend some significant time with the game. Joe’s still at the stage where he thinks monsters can’t enter domes, and orbital barrage does damage to hunters.


You know, most of those lets call them ‘‘lesser’’ cosmetics and so on, were most likely made by the artists so they had something to do before the game was shipped, and even in the short time they had, most of those skins aren’t that bad.


Forcing players to follow Daisy for an ever increasing amount of times for each mastery is unwarranted. And it’s not those basic and useful masteries such as those that are a bother. It’s the ones that require finese such as Vals second mastery lvl for the sniper. 12k worth of damage on little bulleyes is incredibly long, and for someone who’s actively attempting it with completing in mind that’s not going to give them a good experience.


So we got those skins because they “were bored” rather than to promote player customization? Geez, that honestly sounds much worse than them doing an overall bad job at it. You’d think something you do on the side would have a little more oompf to it ya know?


The progression is to strict and rewards you for the wrong things, for example I could know exactly where the monster is as maggie but I only get rewarded for following daisy who is known to break from time to time, another one with daisy requires her to revive your team mates, but what if your medic is doing that or no one is being downed? Then you simply cant get it even though everyone on your team could be playing well, it often rewards you for doing the wrong things and even professional gamers like Sacriel have been complaining about this


Also, be pacient, the game has just recently released, wait for the future.

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I think you need to slow down and not rush the elite. Playing enough and after a while you reach it.

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Not to mess with your point as normally I would agree with it and be saying just give it time as well but when a game sells for up to $160 and has almost $100 of day one dlc it better be backing that up, more fixes less dlc would have done wonders here