Holy crap this game is almost unplayable!


To state it more clearly the game itself is awesome it’s the sitting in the loading menu screen for 30 minutes before a match starts only to be kicked back because someone leaves while the countdown to the start of the match is ticking away or being booted back to my xbox home screen during the match. I am amazed when I have a free hour to play and can only get into one single solitary match the during that hour, it’s ridiculous to say the least. I hope you guys are having better luck with your game time than I am. It’s bad because I love the game but with my limited game time I just want to crush the disc and move on to something else.


It’s what happens with a small player base. Xbox sufers the most due to this.

  • If you are waiting for 30+ minutes then I feel like your main issue here is that you’re attempting to play Ranked. Play Quick Play instead as the name implies, it is fast to get into a game. :wink:

  • I apologize but I do believe it would be better if this thread were integrated into the current “rant” thread due to the toxicity of the post. @ToiletWraith @TheMountainThatRoars @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


Not toxic, just… frustrated.


Does this belong in the rant thread.


It’s not really an in game experience.


I meant that rant thread. I get those two mixed up.


We have a thread for venting, so I’ll move your post there :bucket_cute:


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