Holy crap guys


Rest in peace, Reddit, Steam and 2K forums.

I’m not too afraid for this forum though … we will surely have our fair share of popularity increase but with the full release of the game, those kind of forum members who come here because they are just bored of waiting and want something new to look or talk to … those guys will vanish once they can play the game … only the users who like to give feedback and care for the community will remain.


Is that actually from a game? Or just some concept art thingy?


Just some random guy in 2007 came up with it for the Apocalypse :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually you can buy used missile silos and live in them if you have the money.


I actually had this realization waking up on new years morning. Can you believe how close it is? Plus, there will be less than one month once the beta is over. It’ll be great!



7.8/10 Too much water. :dizzy_face: