Holy crap guys


We are a bit more than a month away from release…


:smile: :sunglasses: :hushed: :grimacing: :open_mouth: :smirk: :man_with_turban: :frowning: :astonished: :relieved: :grin: :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :griffin:


You cursed us all. Now 2K and TRS will hold back until April 1st.


AND THEN, they’ll call it an April Fools.



They’ll wait to release the game in December so that it has the best chance to win the Oscars… Oh… Evolve is a game? N/M :smiley:





Yeah I can’t believe it either, it’s been a long run but with the beta on the way and the full game next month, it’s amazing we’ve come this far and have stuck with TRS through to the very end and let me say that I am EXCITED for the full game. It doesn’t even feel that long since the delay back in October, but the fact that they care about us enough to push back the game and get everything sorted out means a lot to us and the playerbase in general, I look forward to the new members we have from the beta and the full game, plus I hope they stick with us like most others here have and they’ve turned out to be the best friends I could have!

Sounds pretty cheesy I know, but I love this place and the game and the company, everything about it! I’m proud to be a part of it too, along with many others here!

So I’m counting down the days until the release next month, it kind of warms me in a sense knowing that it will be out next month and no matter which platform we play it on, we’ll be happy and respectful towards one and another, because that’s what makes us the best community ever! I wouldn’t find any other like it out there. :smile:



This is the nicest and most helpful community I have ever come across in a forum, I hope that doesn’t change with the flood of new players. I saw a slight shift after the last alpha with newer members coming in, a few pseudo trolls if you will.


Communities will always get worse on release or increase in popularity. All us old members can hope for is to build a bunker to hide away from the baddies.


I have some more room in my underground bunker.


That’s one big fire hazard. Anyone below the fire location is SCREWED.


Need escape tunnels or some jazz. Or a -very- efficient fire prevention system.


Guess we can always vent the oxygen.

I played too much FTL already.


Can u fly us all to trs hq so we can camp there and play till release? Get on the chopper!!!


And you think we can’t handle that? xD


I’m sure mods will do a good job of keeping the riff raff out but there will always be the ones who slip through the cracks.


By all means I do not want to keep Riff Raff out of this forum:


Wait… wait a minute… Yeah… Yeah you’re RIGHT!


I know where I’m going when the zombie apocalypse occurs.


9.5/10 and 5/5 review scores.

The Dream.