Holy Christ Paladin Parnell is way way to strong


I have played against him and played as him multiple times and I have never seen an evolve character more overpowered than PP. His self heal/damage red/rapid fire pretty much turns him into a tank that is near impossible to take down. His rocket AOE is massive which (pretty much makes caira useless now) but with a few tweaks could still work. I would like to see it that the closer he hits the rocket to the hunters the more healing it will do, the further away it lands the less it will do (think splash damage zones) this will add a bit more skill requirement for him.TR needs to get rid of the self heal or the damage reduction, both together is just way too much. Why a medic has damage reduction is beyond me, that is an assault class ability not for medics; we already have perks that can do this if the player wants to be a bit more tanky. They should have it that the amped shotgun, charges his healing rockets for a short time making them more effective and not allowing him to spam his self heal over and over again. When it comes to medics as of now their is no other meta than PP.

Is paladin Parnell op?

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