Holiday Story Community Contest -- Winners Posted!

It was the night before battle and all through the ship
not a trap jaw was stirring not even a pip
Now as all the hunters went to their bed
old Lennox had something still troubling her head

Many battles fought many battles won
battles to remember and some not yet done
she went to her bed and had a try at sleep
and up her spine the troubles did creep

in her armor of metal she knew no fear
but this night there was only the drear
she was greeted by a man that she once knew
filling her with grief for now three was two

three beasts she saw three beasts this night
her fears of the past glowed fiery bright
as worries of the now are devouring her mind
and dread that is yet to be she continues to find

thunderous and loud its footsteps echoed
terrible and mighty its great roars bellowed
the flames they grew and burned still more
ferocious it wrecked and yearned to bore

visions of the past all of these were
force that was matched even greater
these feelings they fade but are never
completely gone they last for all of forever

then one day it came up from the deep
high above the plasma Lennox lets out an eep
its lightning lashes the light filled land
its talons consuming every creature at hand

Challenges of the present one day overcome
at problem solving she is second to none
with mind and steal at her vast disposal
given the chance she could beat any proposal

shadows of night flash into the unseen
all that there is and more could have been
twisted and evil it exists only to kill
through blades of the stars it surely will

what sorcery could this world offer next?
and could it be described in any such text?
energy lava flaming acid of stone
nothing will beat blood iron and bone

though she wishes everyone she could save
till the end of her days she must be brave
though some there are some that have gone
many others have come and they will stay long


My story will be based off of Krampus day, which is celebrated on the 5th, and yes, I know the team is impossible in the game, but there are no rules saying that it needs to.

*Edit: After reading the rules again, I think I may be disqualified under the “can only include elements of evolve that already exist in the game” rule, I am going to keep it here anyway for the forum browsers to enjoy. However, we don’t even know if holidays even exist in evolve, so hopefully I’ll be allowed some leeway here, but I don’t mind if I am disqualified, I did it for fun.

The fusion plant had been attacked again, presumably by Goliath, who decided that he wanted to eat some humans for Christmas dinner, despite kraken demanding they eat mammoth bird just like they do every year. Cabot sent out bucket, Jack, Slim and crow, deciding that two trappers with night vision goggles are better than one in the middle of winter, however they couldn’t get an assault because the dropship can only carry 4 people at a time.

“Gobi’s found something!” Crow exclaimed, with the excitement in his voice barely surpassing that of when Hank announces that they are going to eat some canyon eel instead of what bucket gives them. The group trudges through the mud, before finding the Goliath, slumped over, with it’s body horrifically mutilated.

“Krampus” crow muttered.
“A what?” Jack asked, breaking from character, as he had just watched the dark night in the historical archives, and thought the voice was kinda stupid.
“A krampus is a large, furry, horned creature, that would come and snatch away the bad children in a sack,” Bucket explained " it happened around about the 5th of December, today. This holiday was celebrated in Austria, and other countries, on earth."

Slim jokingly stated “So Rudolph thought that giving kids a sack full of coal wasn’t harsh enough?”
“I think I remember watching historical documents about that!” Jack stated, “One was uninteresting, and the other was in a different language.”
“For the last time,” Slim states “Buzz Lightyear, Ellen Ripley, Proffesor Snape and Adrian Monk, did NOT go on adventures through space! Those are actors, in movies, like you and ‘the jackal’.”
“Alex is quite right, those are just movies, but yes there were movies made about krampus” bucket states.

Suddenly, a noise was heard, it sounds like a spotter with bronchitis just screeched in your ear. The team whizzed around, there to meet them was a giant, clawed creature, with horns at least 3 times the size of the distance they get blasted by an orbital barrage.
“Krampus?” Slim asked.
“Yep” crow replied.

  • 30 minutes of intense battling with the mortal kombat theme blaring later *

After killing the beast, bucket was repairing his leg when slim asked “well, that was fun… Who’s up for Chinese?”


Bonus points to whoever spots the reference


Shear-cret Santa

Bucket observed with interest as the festivities continued in the mess area of the Laurie Anne. His travels with Cabot had greatly expanded his contextual archives of human social behaviour, but ‘Secret Santa’ was a new experience for him. It was a new experience to a few of those on board.

“I don’t Adam and Eve it, how did you know…. Bloody brilliant…” Hyde said through the broadest of grins, carefully turning the canister-like object in his hand over and over.

“A modified fuel cell, extra capacity, adequate workmanship, technically proficient if not still dangerously ill-conceived… ah… that must have been…” Buckets characteristic externally projected thoughts instantly became drowned out over the sounds of his comrades’ jeers and boos.

“Do not ruin surprise, metal man!” Markov exclaimed, the first to admonish Bucket as a slightly yellowed ball of recycled paper arced from Abe’s hand to softly thud against the ‘head’ of Bucket’s chassis.

Cabot chuckled to himself, leaning against a wall and sipping on one of the beers Abe managed to salvage after his last hunt out towards the Broken Hill Foundry. “Come on Bucket, you know this is one of those times where the fun is in not analysing things too much”

His partnership with Cabot had opened up Bucket’s experiences to human holidays and tradition, carried out in especially archaic manner so far from Earth where so many of these events had started. However the Leading Edge team celebrated these holidays in a very rudimentary, and ultimately disoriented, manner; as such there wasn’t much interesting data to be gained.

As the team laughed amongst each other at Bucket’s faux pas, the camaraderie between this team of relative strangers evident to any onlooker, the newest recruit to the group sat in an eager silence just behind the more senior member sat around the central table, pawing at his gift.

Wrapped in a rather utilitarian manner, his gift lacked any real sign of “Christmas”. This didn’t bother him though, it was a holiday he never really understood or made the time for. Christmas was a time for family, that much at least had survived the years and light-years of colonisation in to deep space, and Jack was not one for staying in one place too long making his life on Shear, even before the invasion started.

With a small intake of breath Jack ripped open the package in his lap, unveiling a pair of socks. Blinking a couple of times, staring at the off-navy coloured, he considered for a moment how long it had been since he last received any kind of gift from someone on Shear.

“Tough break kid, the bog standard holiday gift…” Slim’s reverberating tone broke Jack from his thoughts, looking down at his gift once more… the reality in front of him threatening to blur his vision as his eyes welled up a little.

“Ah… shit, it’s not that bad….sorry” Feeling guilty Slim straightened up a bit, but it wasn’t long before Jack was putting a brave face on it, albeit for once without the mask covering his features. “The Jackal… loves socks”

A chorus of laughter and shaking of heads erupted as Jack looked up at the rest of the monster hunters, joining in for a rare moment of humility far removed from his usual teenage ego.

It was at that moment that a Klaxon sounded. Bucket’s maintenance drone form quickly straightened in to its pre-diagnostic stance as his voice sounded through the Laurie Anne’s PA “Monster nest sighted, drop-zone arrival in T minus 10 minutes”

“Alright people”, Cabot, placing his half-finished beer on the table and standing up… his demeanour full of both confidence and authority in spite of the news of yet another Monster breeding ground to clear, “We can pick this back up later. Ida, Slim, Hank, Maggie…. You’re up, get your gear.”

From one moment to the next the crew in the mess had turned on a dime from joyous socialising to focused professionalism. Jack stood, clutching his gift tightly, moving out of the way of the bustle of people heading to help the prep for the mission, watching Maggie crouching besides Daisy, speaking in a few broken sentences of a language he hadn’t deciphered yet.

A firm hold on his shoulder surprised him, looking around quite instinctively and somewhat defensively to see Lennox giving his upper arm a brief but reassuring squeeze, a knowing look in her eyes looking straight at him, before passing without a word to embark the Thunder Child.

Jack didn’t move, the world passing sluggishly around him, a small hand-written slip of paper falling to the floor from between the pair of socks, landing writing side up it said simply “To A. Stay warm”.

“Merry Christmas” he whispered, to everyone and no-one all at once.


A Christmas Gift

The team had no idea what this was. Bucket said that the Laurie Ann had recieved a “package” of unknown contents from an unknown source, and everyone on the ship gathered around to witness it… except Crow, who gave so few shits that there weren’t numbers small enough to quantify it. He just shrugged and continued feeding Gobi scraps he stole from Daisy’s food bowl. Also Val was absent, and no one knew why.

“Oooh, what if it’s a rich person who escaped Shear sending us a thank you present!” Jack, as usual, being the first to say something, “what if it’s a state of the art weapon! What if it’s wildlife repellent, so we don’t have to keep killing those albino… uh… tentacle crawly things.”

“They’re called Cephalodons!” Ida Lennox inturrupted, “and I doubt it… I’m the richest person here, who is currently still funding your damn operation!” She said sternly to everyone on the ship.

“We get it Ida, ‘we all owe you one,’ except we’re already saving your mess of a colony!” Abe replied, snarky as ever.

“I’m not saying you owe me further, just remember who’s paying for things.”


“SILENCE!!!” Torvald’s voice echoed loudly throughout the cabin. “Cabot, what is in this package? Any idea from who?”

“Maybe it’s clothes for Torvald,” Jack mumbled, while the cyborg gave the whizkid a death glare with the same strength of a Mammoth Bird in mating season.

Cabot replied, “well, I haven’t opened it, let’s see…”

Pop Goes the Weasel started playing

Caira muttered, “I have a feeling I’m going to have to start sharing my Salveron fuel all of a sudden…”

Val pops up dressed in leather with fluorescent green stripes, “like the new outfit?” Not even Jack was paying attention. What is it?..

Pop Goes the Weasel stopped playing as a robot emerged from the box


Twelve days of Evolve

On the first day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
One E.M.E.T

On the second day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the third day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the fourth day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
4 hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the fifth day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
5 tiers to play as
4 hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the sixth day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Six monsters evolving
5 tiers to play as
4 hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the seventh day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Seven gobies spotting
Six monsters evolving
5 tiers to play as
4 hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the eighth day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Eight tipping armadons
Seven gobies spotting
Six monsters evolving
5 tiers to play as
4 hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the ninth day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Nine perks to get
Eight tipping armadons
Seven gobies spotting
Six monsters evolving
Five tiers to play as
Four hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the tenth day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Ten annoying plants
Nine perks to get
Eight tipping armadons
Seven gobies spotting
Six monsters evolving
Five tiers to play as
Four hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the eleventh day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Eleven daisies running
Ten annoying plants
Nine perks to get
Eight tipping armadons
Seven gobies spotting
Six monsters evolving
Five tiers to play as
Four hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T

On the twelfth day of evolve
Turtle rock gave to me
Twelve cupcakes hiding
Eleven daisies running
Ten annoying plants
Nine perks to get
Eight tipping armadons
Seven gobies spotting
Six monsters evolving
Five tiers to play as
Four hunters fighting
Three stage threes
Two minions bashing
And one E.M.E.T


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######Worked on this for like a week. In any case, I’m proud of what I did, it even sort of inspired me to be a writer. Nevermind, I just realized my brain is melted. Hope everyone enjoys and good luck to everyone else.

WARNING: LONG READ(it’s broken up into three parts though, and each part is broken up into “scenes”)

And Battle Goes On: A Christmas Story

Part One

“It would be nice,” Bucket thought. He turned on the speaker in Cabot’s room. “Marshal, what do you think about decorating the place up, in a holiday spirit?”

Undoing his boot laces, Cabot immediately replied, “Hmm, I didn’t think of that. It would certainly distract the crew, might even make a few homesick.”

“Is that necessarily a bad thing?” Bucket questioned.

“No. I didn’t say that.” Cabot collected his thoughts. “I know some would be opposed, thinking we need to focus on the mission at hand, but perhaps it’s them who need it most.”

“Good to hear, and if anything goes wrong while we’re gone, we can blame it on the devil.” Bucket said, sarcastically.

The speaker cut off.

Val awoke quickly. She tried to remember where she was while grabbing her poison dart gun. “Go back to sleep,” Caira mumbled. Valerie remembered it all-Shear, her comrades, the mission- in a flash; she lowered her weapon slowly.

“Do you hear that?” Val asked.

“What is it with you and hearing things in the night?” Caira grouched, “it just sounds like music; it’ll help you fall asleep you know.”

“No, that’s not just any music.”

Abe wondered why Parnell had been in the bathroom for the past 40 minutes. He only took this long when he had eaten Hank’s grilled canyon eel. The soft sound of music captured his focus. “What the fuck? It can’t be. That sneaky son of a bitch!” He wasn’t surprised or angry that Parnell would get up early for Christmas eve; he just felt like shouting profanity.

He walked out their cabin and out to the briefing room, not surprised at the decorated tree.

Hyde sniffed once… twice, three times. “You smell that?”

“Do you hear the sweet, soft music?” Markov was in glee; he finally had his chance to be Santa.

Hyde ignored Markov’s question, “that right there is the smell of burning meat. I love the smell of burning meat, and I love eating it for Brady Bunch.”

“Ha ha ha,” Markov chuckled, “you like the ham? Yes. It is delicious.” Markov turned on his light and grabbed his santa hat.

They both got up out of bed to find everyone else doing the same; they all wandered to the briefing room, drawn to the christmas music.

“Good morning everyone.” Bucket’s head swiveled around and addressed Cabot, Lennox, Hyde, Markov, Torvald, Lazarus, Jack, Maggie, Daisy, Sunny, Caira, Val, Parnell, Abe, Crow, Griffin, and Hank, who were all sitting around the large, metallic table. “On your way here, you heard the holiday music playing throughout the ship, unless you’re deaf of course,” the music played, “I played it to ‘set the mood’ as you would say; it also worked as a perfect alternative to the normal wake up alarm.”

“Why are we listening to this crap Bucket?” Val said so bluntly it almost sounded like a statement rather than a question.

“Woahoho Wolski, cheer up. Santa give you coal or something?” Abe heckled. Everybody sighed internally.

“Abe,” she turned directly toward him, unhinged, “clearly something is going on and I want to know what.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course you would,” Hyde commented.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Val knew exactly what it meant.

“Everybody calm down,” Cabot firmly said, “give Bucket your time.”

“Thank you. I thought it would be nice if we took a break from the mission tomorrow, in respect to the holidays, yes, but also in a well needed break.”

“There is no need for a break. We only need to hunt the monster,” Tovald said.

“Break? Break? Who needs a bloody break?” Griffin asked.

“I’ve noticed that all of you humans are susceptible to growing weary, even world famous huters. You’ve all grown cranky, and quite frankly, a little mean.” Bucket said with an emotional twang.

Cabot elaborated, “the point of the matter is that every single one of you is important out there, and teamwork is of the utmost importance when taking down these beasts. We have all gotten a little unappreciative of one another, what just happened can attest to that, and it needs to come to an end.” He quelled most opposition.

“I can back that up,” Parnell agreed.

“Yes. You make a compelling argument, even if only discussed because of a childish holiday,” Lazarus’s voice echoed.

“Oh goodie. I’ve already decorated the place up,” Bucket joyfully added. His chassis started to hand out the morning’s breakfast. The room fell silent for a moment. The clang of silverware could be heard throughout the ship.

“So… I was thinking, and I was wondering who was going to be Santa… I mean, someone’s got to dress up right?” Sunny stared at Hank, who didn’t budge.

“Yes. I thought you would ask little one. It is time for Markov to dress up for the Christmas.” Markov was too excited.

“Hee hee,” Sunny giggled, “awwww, Markov, you’re funny.” Markov’s stomach fell like a stone.

“Yes. A funny joke.” Markov tried to smile.

Griffin mused, “I think what Sunny here is trying to say, is that Mr. Hank ought to dress up, ain’t that right?”

“Aw hell. I’m Santa every year, every where I go, you know that.” Hank responded, defensively.

“Right, you look like one,” Sunny explained.

“Why can’t Lazarus or Griffin be Santa? They both got beards don’t they?”

“What? Me be Santa? Your half mad there.” Griffin refused.

“I’m no mere clown,” Lazarus stated.

“Hell,” Hank paused, “I don’t care, I’m done being Santa.”

“So then, Markov will take up the duty.” Markov peered. Sunny completely ignored him.

“Aw come on Hank.” Sunny pushed.

“Hank, if anyone were to be Santa it’d be you.” Caira jumped in.

“I can’t argue with that,” Maggie said.

“No. I ain’t doin’ it. Thanks for the breakfast Bucket. I’ll be in my room if anyone needs me.” Hank mumbled, setting his silverware onto his half eaten breakfast. He walked out of the room.

“Huh.” said Crow.

“What? What is it?” asked Lennox.

“Slim,” Crow explained, “not here… huh.”

“Yeah… Val hates christmas, Bugman hates christmas, hell, only medic who doesn’t hate christmas is Caira," said Abe.

“Actually, I’ve never celebrated christmas before," Caira explained, “it’s not really a common thing on Earth.”

“Should’a known.”

“It’s just kind of archaic you know. Bigger, brighter things to worry about.”

“I hear you,” Val said.

“Well, gang. Better make it a bright ass christmas,” Abe chuckled.

“I think I got a trick up my sleeve,” Parnell said.

“Ah yes.” Bucket concluded.

One by one, the team got up and prepared. They didn’t know exactly when it would happen, but there would be a monster spotted, and they’d be needed. Tomorrow would be different though.

Part Two

Alas, it wasn’t christmas day; the alarm did toll. Cabot’s heavy metal boots could be heard stomping down the corridor.

“Come on people let’s go, it’s only stage one for so long,” he commanded.

“Hold on, the Thunder Child’s got a slight malfunction,” Lennox yelled back, from her room. “Damn, thing, why won’t you close,” she said under her breath as if it wasn’t complying just to spite her. Meanwhile, Jack slipped in.

“Hey, uh, Lennox,” he squealed.


“Do you uh, you know what Sunny likes? Like for a christmas present” He asked, scratching the back of his head.


“Woah, uh, another time?”

“Stop being a wise ass, you know I was talking to this piece of junk.”

Cabot boomed, “Lennox! We drop in 30 seconds, get your ass in here!”

“I’ll be there in time,” she responded; she continued to Jack, “I don’t know, Sunny’s a girl, girls like jewelry, right?”

“Uh, I guess so but does Sunny like jewelery?”

Lennox was focused on fixing the Thunder Child; “Yeah. Of course she does. She probably like tinkering with things more but hell, why wouldn’t she like jewelery.”

“We can leave with Markov instead!” Cabot was serious. Markov was not, however.
“There! Fixed right up.” Lennox hopped into her suit. “Arthur.”

“Yeah.” Jack was stunned.

“Close this hatch for me.” She motioned toward a panel on the side of the mech’s leg. He closed it. She started towards the door, the footsteps beating the floor. She paused without turning around, “good luck with your gift.”

“Thanks, Mom”

Lennox turned around in her hulking suit, looked at her son for a moment, and then stomped toward the evac room. Jack wanted to imagine she was smiling behind her glowing red helmet.

Dim light fluttered in from all directions, but there no shadows lied upon the bleak gray of the Laurie-Ann. The monstrosity was loosely strapped to the hull. He stared at the stars, but more importantly, he tried to forget the memories surfaced by the thoughts of Christmas. “Damn,” he said, but the sound didn’t go anywhere. He undid the buckle holding him down; “if only it were that easy,” he thought.

The entry bay opened up, and he walked through the first doors. The room’s pressure stabilized and he took in a breath for the first time in four hours.

The ship’s inhabitants were mostly asleep by now. Crow sat in the large room with the viewing window facing the cold, drab, and empty world when the creature meandered in. “Slim,” greeted Crow.

“Crow,” a hollow voiced returned.


The alien with a glass of water walked to the open chair and slumped down into it. The room stood quiet, and empty. The room felt like a vast vacuum; it wasn’t much different than where he was before. He lifted the glass to his mouth to take a sip but he drew a blank; the glass froze near what could’ve been a face. Crow sat down and leaned his back against the wall, next to the tree. They both relished in the silence.

The aberration feared his past. The holidays only made the memories worse. He used the battle to forget about them; why would his friends do this to him? They weren’t his friends.

On the contrary, Crow took pleasure in his memories; he knew that he would eventually look back on this very moment with the same pleasure, and that’s all he needed to be content.

An hour passed.

The monstrosity’s feet scraped the floor as he stood up. He glided toward his bed that only made him feel more alien.

Sunny awoke to Daisy licking her hand. It was wet, rough, and cold. “Good girl,” she said, she giggled after Daisy’s tail started to wag. “Do you know what day it is?” Daisy’s wide glassy eyes stared back at Sunny; Daisy could smell it and she prodded Sunny for answers.

“Shhhh. You can’t let anyone know… I want it to be a surprise.” Sunny slipped out of her bed. She creeped out of her room; Parnell and Daisy were right behind her.

“Merry christmas, Sunny,” he said.

“Merry christmas to you too Parnell,” she smiled widely.

They both had planned weeks in advance for christmas and had carefully chosen gifts for everybody.

“Everything wrapped and ready to go?” Parnell asked.

“Yeah,” she said in a sort of wonder, “ this is gonna be awesome!”

All of them now in the viewing room, the room with the large window, Sunny opened a hatch on the side of a present, and dropped some of Daisy’s dinner in. “Sorry girl, I didn’t know how else to do this without ruining it.”

“Daisy’ll be alright; she’s tough.” Parnell encouraged.

Bucket was listening to them the entire time and only now interjected, “I see you two are up early. What is that?”

“Almost forgot about you Bucket,” chuckled Parnell.

“Well… it’s a present.” Sunny explained.

“I gathered that. I meant,” Bucket paused for an instant, “what’s inside it?”

“Bucket!” Sunny giggled, “that would ruin the point!”

“Oh, yes. I suppose. I guess I can safely assume it is for me then?”

“No, I’ll tell you that much.” Sunny said.

“Well then. That’s no fun at all.”

“We still got you one Bucket, don’t worry.” Parnell said.

Abe walked in, yawning, “When’s breakfast?”

“Merry christmas to you too, Abe,” Bucket grumbled.

“Right, right. Merry christmas everybody,” Abe clarified.

“Breakfast should be done SoonTM enough.”

“Good, I’m starving.” Abe fretted.

“Ain’t that right,” Hyde agreed, walking in, “Where’s this ham I’ve been getting Jimmy’s of?”

More hunters flooded the viewing room where Crow and Slim were only an hour ago; eventually everybody had joined them but Jack, Hank, and Slim. The lights slowly brightened, eventually crescendoing into glimmering tiny festivals of red, white, and green. After minutes of wishing each other a merry christmas, they headed into the briefing room for breakfast.

“Oi, Bucket, this right here is fuckin’ paradise,” Hyde complimented.

“Yes. A welcome change.” Torvald added.

Jack stumbled into breakfast, late. He wasn’t going to get up early if he didn’t have to.

“Did you guys see all those presents? There’s so many! I mean-,” Jack lowered his mask, which he always kept around, “the Jackal is enchanted by all these presents.”

“No. I didn’t see any presents at all. Where were they? Caira was obviously being sarcastic.

In his hero voice, “down the stairs, in the-,” he stopped, resuming in his own voice, “hey wait a minute, I-I mean,” he switched back to his hero voice, “the Jackal cannot be fooled by your trickery, he sees all traps from a mile away.”

Right,” Val gestured.

Everyone continued to eat their food. The sun started to shine behind Shear.

“Ho ho ho,” a voice echoed down the halls.

“Hahaha, I knew you’d cave in mate!” Griffin said.

“Yeah right!” Hank returned, “you’er all surprised, admit it. None of you thought cousin Hank would dress up as dear old Santee Claus.”

“Well I’m sure surprised. Good costume Allen.” Cabot nodded.

“Why thank you Cabot,” Hank said. Everyone’s mood was lifted by Hank’s surprise, besides Markov who took off his santa hat and put it on the floor; now it only represented everything he hated. The hunters finished their breakfast, and moved back into the viewing room. It was time to open gifts.

Cabot’s boots clanged as he walked down the grated steps that entered the viewing room on Cabot’s left side of the room; at the bottom of the flight, a doorway led to the cabin hall. The tree was off to the right edge of the room while a door to the right of the tree led to the evac room.

With the glimmering lights hung around the window, almost framing it, the broken, glowing colony of Shear looked beautiful. Most of the light was coming from the window and christmas lights, creating silhouettes on the back wall.

Abe, Caira, Val, and Parnell were seated on a bench near the cabin hallway. Griffin was leaning up against the wall next to them, while Hank, dressed from top to bottom as Santa Claus, was sitting in his own chair in front of the window. Lazarus, Crow, Torvald, Hyde, Maggie, and Lennox sat on a longer bench up against the back wall to the right of Cabot. Daisy, licking her paws, was in the middle of the room while Jack, who was squatted next to her, pet her. Markov was alone on a stool set in the right corner of the room. Sunny was standing next to the tree, waiting for Cabot to enter.

“There’s our captain!” she said, “we’ve been waiting for you Cabot.”

“Next time start without me,” he smiled. Cabot took a seat next to Lazarus and listened in.

“Last christmas I only had Daisy with me,” said Maggie.

“Yes. It must be difficult,” the Lazarus man said, talking to Maggie, “knowing christmas as a time of bliss and joy, and seeing only destruction around you, alone.”

“I don’t really care for it anymore,” she elaborated.

“Like most things yes?” he poked, “the holidays are a peculiar thing. Traditions we cast many hopes onto. A primitive coping system for primitive people.”

“There is only one sufficient coping system: revenge,” Torvald resounded.

The conversation from that point on blurred out. Cabot remembered his daughter, his wife. The emotions swelled him, confining his thoughts. “Revenge,” he thought. Cabot pushed the darker thoughts out; he had resolved his problems before, but was prone to doubt, as anyone would be. The sound of metal grinding against the floor returned him to reality.

Sunny started to push the large wrapped crate from the tree towards Torvald. The present screeched along the floor and the wrapping paper tore.

“You need any help with that, Sunny?” Abe asked. Parnell jolted up and started helping her. Everyone’s conversations started to came to a close as their attentions focused towards the center of the room.

Even Parnell was having trouble pushing the crate. Even though it was only 3 feet in height, it was also heavy, and the friction was fighting against both of them. Nonetheless, the towering man was able to move the box within arms-length of Torvald.

He grunted, “the pain is worth it.” Everyone chuckled a little.

“Okay Torvald. You can open your present now,” Sunny invited.

“A present,” Torvald stated.

“Yup, just for you,” she said.

“I do not want it.”

“Torvald, you big grump, open it.”

“No. Only bad will come of it. I’m sure.”

“I worked hard on this please…” she begged.


“Torvald, if you don’t open that present I will confiscate all your gear. No more killing monsters, no more revenge.” Parnell threatened.

“What!?” Torvald exclaimed. Even he was surprised at the emotion he displayed. “Fine. If I must.”

“Thank you,” Parnell said.

Torvald, stood up from the bench, his robotic knees whirring. He lumbered toward the crate, and stared at it for some time. “What is it,” he asked.

“Open it.”

He knelt down beside the box. When his knees thudded the ground, Daisy lifted he head and stared at the box; her head inched forward with every sniff. His hands reached the sides and ripped the paper open enough for him to view what was inside; his eyes widened with curiosity.

“Well what is it,” Val groaned, her eyes rolling and all.

Torvald beholded a tiny Trap Jaw pup soundly asleep. It’s eyes fluttered open and looked back up at Torvald. He stared into the animals big gleaming eyes. The pups tail started to sway back and forth. It lifted its body up and pushed its nose through the bars.

Maggie squinted at what she saw, poking through the crate. Everybody leaned forward in their seats.

“Uh…” Torvald stammered.

“It’s a trap jaw silly!” Sunny explained.

“A young pup to be exact,” Parnell said.

Daisy approached the crate. “How did you find one? Where are its parents?” Maggie questioned.

“We found it all alone,” said Sunny.

“We think its parents were killed by a Goliath,” Parnell speculated.

“Poor kid,” Griffin said.

“Yeah. But now he’s got a new family,” said Parnell. #foreshadow

“It’s a he.” Torvald said.

“Yup!” Sunny exclaimed.

Torvald picked up the puppy and placed him on the ground. The trap jaw sniffed at the metallic floor.

“Alright, alright, I don’t know if I can top that but I, mean old Abe, got Caira a gift.”

“Oh, please. Don’t pull any jokes.” said Caira.

“Abe. You’re making a fool of yourself,” Lennox warned. Even outside of her armor, she held herself powerfully.

Abe ignored Lennox’s advice and pulled the round shaped present, about 2 feet wide, from under the tree. He slid it to
Caira’s feet.

“Okay then. Big round thing.” she said, lifting it onto her lap. She tore off the wrapping.

“A… tire.”
“What’s a tire?” Abe mused, “that’s a grade A big black donut.”

“Thanks, Abe,” she said sarcastically. She’d notice that it was engraved “Best Scientist on Shear, Caira Diaz,” later.
Sunny motioned to Hank, who met her in the center of the room. After exchanging a few words, Hank walked towards the tree.

“Alright, folks. Santee Claus is here to give out your gifts.” Hank said.

Cabot watched as a 40-year-old man dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit handed out christmas presents to a team whose job was to kill giant, hulking beasts. Bucket’s head floated down next to him.

“Marshal,” Bucket murmured.

“Yes, Bucket?”

Part Three

At this point Shear’s sun was in full view. The Laurie-Ann was in low-orbit, low enough for a thin atmosphere; sound was distant and muffled but clear enough for conversation. Bucket’s head floated out and around to meet the creature, staring into the star.

“You’ll go blind you know,” the head said.

The creature was silent. He breathed slowly, recycling the oxygen. The light of the star casted deep shadows. Behind them was only the magnitude of deep space. There were notably less stars looking outward from the edge of the Far Arm.

“Tell me Slim, what does sad feel like?” Bucket, a robot, did know how sadness felt, even if it was inorganic; he was only testing the malformation.

“Cut the shit, Bucket. You know better than anyone what feelings feel like,” it returned.

“My word, you know-,” he paused. The blue eye flickered on and off. Bucket was thinking. The freak looked over at the head. Nothing happened for some time.

Then, the blue light steadied. The head started to rotate around, drifting around the monstrosity, who tracked the head subconsciously.

“Ahh,” Bucket sighed in a melancholy delight, “It’s beautiful isn’t it.” They both stared at the web of stars sprawled out before them. “It makes you feel so small.”

“Yeah,” the creature scoffed, “it’s crushing.”

“Crushing? I wouldn’t say that, just-” the light flickered again, but only for a moment this time. He continued as if he was rushed, “it’s uniting. We little people with our little problems, worrying about them just the same. We can all cherish our own little points of view, while taking into account the infinitely miniscule shred of importance we encompass.” They were both silent for some time. “It’s something to admire at the very least.”

More silence. The creature looked back at the sun. Bucket joined him. The creature started, “So… in this so called infinite universe, there’s another Slim out there right.”

“Theoretically, yes.”

“And what if that Slim, isn’t called Slim, or bugman? He’s just a man. It’s shameful… at the least. This universe is built for sadness, and we all have the god given privilege of being in it together. Right.”

Bucket thought on this for a while. “You know you are right. Somewhere in the universe, there is a Bucket who isn’t called Bucket. He is, in fact, called RR-40a and has no freedom of his own. Maybe he holds onto the past even harder than you do. What wild jealousy I feel for RR-40a. Merry Christmas, Slim,” he mocked.

The head floated away abruptly. Slim told himself he would’ve been ready for Bucket to leave at any moment, but he was instead left with a lingering feeling of loss. He pondered on it.

Daisy and the new trap jaw were running around the tree. Maggie followed them around, laughing a genuine laugh. Gobi squaked at all of them on top of a branch. Torvald watched his gift intently, like a scientist. Griffin, ale in hand, walked over to the lone hunter.

“What’s got you down Markov?” asked Griffin, squatting beside Markov.

“I do not want to talk about it.”

“Course you do.”

Markov shrugged. “I do not like that Hank is Santa. This is all I will say.”

“Croikey. I thought you were kidding back there,” Griffin stood up, “Santa Claus, you mind coming over here a minute?”

“Why of course not,” Hank replied.

Markov looked up at Hank, standing in front of him.

“What can ol’ Santee Clause do?” Hank asked. Griffin whispered in Hank’s ear. As he did, a smile crept onto Hank’s face. Griffin pulled away after a few sentences. Hank turned around and faced the rest of the room.

“Alright folks. Cousin Hank is feeling a bit tuckered out.” Hank said.

“Aww come on Santa.”

“Who said anything about San’a? Santa is just getting started!” The rest of the hunters looked confused. Hank turned around and handed Markov his hat and his white beard(which Hank wore over his normal beard).

“There is new Santa! Gloriou-pfft-pt,” Markov spit out the sweaty beard hair, “Glorious Santa!”

Markov imagined the entire room cheering in his glory. It was more of a laughter but it was no difference to Markov.

At that moment, Bucket’s head flew in. “What did I miss,” Bucket asked, truly curious.

“Markov is uh Santa now… I guess,” answered Crow.

“Hey Santa Claus!” Parnell motioned, “I got a gift for you to deliver.”

“Ah. Duty calls,” Markov moved over to Parnell and grabbed the thin 7 by 5 wrapped gift. Parnell lifted his eyebrows and nodded over to Jack.

“Heh-heh-heh,” Jack said. He was blushing red throughout his entire face.

“No really I like it Jack!” Sunny said. She was holding up a necklace, similar to Jack’s, with bones lining a tube with a cupcake inside. Markov patted her on the shoulder.

“Battle charm yes? Ha ha ha.”

She smiled at Jack, “yeah, I’ll wear it every drop okay Jack?”

“The Jackal has won, victory,” he said. They all laughed together.

“Here, Jack. It is a gift. From Santa Claus.”

“Oh, okay,” he plucked the gift from Markov’s hands, brought it up to his ear and shook it.

“I’d just open it if I were you,” Sunny said, smiling.

He picked at the wrapping, eventually tearing it away.

“Left… Dead 4?” he said.

“Left 4 Dead,” Parnell said; he’d snuck up behind Jack. “I know, I know, it’s old.”

“How old? I mean it’s a disc right?”

“Yeah. Back from the good early 21st century.”

“Wow! This must be really rare! Like… a relic! How much did you get this for? How much would it sell for?”

“Grandfather gave it to me. Along with other things. Don’t forget, just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s not good.”
Sunny laughed.

“What?” Parnell asked.

“Oh nothing.” she said; her head started to drift, “Slim!” she said, hugging him.

“Hey kid,” he said with a slight smile.

“Where you been buddy?”

“Just looking at the stars; they’re beautiful,” he panned over to Bucket, and looked into the single blue circle and saw a smile, “like little christmas lights,” he laughed.

Sunny pulled on his arm, “come here, we got something for you.” He resisted at first, but then followed. She pulled up a decent sized cardboard box. It wasn’t wrapped, however; it just said “Alex’s” on it.

Slim looked at the writing and hesitated.

“Go ahead,” said Parnell, winking.

Slim opened the crossed cover. “Comics,” he said; he fanned through the stack, “Woah. A lot of comics.”

“Yup. Those are all the ones you liked, and a little more. Thought you’d like it.”

“Yeah. Yeah I do. Thanks man.”

“Don’t worry about it, you’d do the same for me.”

Slim looked down at the box. He started to choke up and wasn’t used to it. He felt himself cry, but no tears fell; they couldn’t anymore. Slim looked up at his family.

Maggie sat down after chasing Daisy and the new trap jaw. Daisy trotted over to her and the puppy followed. It took a seat next to her and Maggie pet it for the first time.

“Wow, this puppy feels really squishy.” said Maggie, “What are you going to name him anyway Torvald.”

“Hmm. That is a good question.” Torvald closed his eyes. “Ragnarok.”

“Ragnarok?” she asked.


“I don’t know Torvy, doesn’t sound like a puppy name,” Sunny said. “I think we should have a vote.”


“To name him?”


“Okay. Who wants the puppy to be named Ragnarok?” Sunny asked the room. Jack raised his hand; he slowly lowered it when he noticed no one else did; they were all having their own conversations.

“Alright, who wants the puppy to be named Cupcake?” she asked again, “Heeeeeey, everybody,” she taunted. It grabbed most of everyone’s attention. “Who wants the puppy to be named Cupcake?”

Jack raised his hand.

“Cupcake is a fine name for a dog,” Griffin said, under the influence. He raised his hand.

“There, see. Two versus zero! Come here Cupcake,” Sunny said. The puppy walked over, wagging it’s tail.

“No! Ragnarok I command you to come here. Do not listen to that nuisance.” Cupcake closed her eyes, enjoying being pet by Sunny.

“Ragnarok! Ragnarok listen to me at once!”

“Ha hee hee,” Sunny giggled.

Torvald stood up. “Ragnarok! Obey your master!”

And thus the clock tolled midnight, it was no longer christmas. Yet, the hunters carried on. Torvald still yelled at Ragnarok; Sunny still teased him; Slim still mopped from time to time; Griffin still drank too much alcohol; Abe still flirted with Caira; she still refused; Lennox still focused on her work; Hyde still burned his meat; Markov still chuckled; Crow still relished in the silence; Lazarus stilled dreamed of reviving a monster; Parnell still tried to keep everyone sane; Maggie still cared after Daisy; Val still rolled her eyes; the Jackal still fought courageously; Hank still cooked poorly; Cabot still lead the team, fearlessly, never showing any signs of weakness.

Bucket panned around the room, and he thought he saw something remarkable; from Daisy and Ragnarok, to even Torvald and Slim the worries of the burning world below seemed to disappear.

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This is my entry for the contest. I decided to be a tad different, of course, so I hope you enjoy! Warning, length!

Whisper and Roar

Metal, scraped and rusted, glinted in the dull light of the moon. Lights sputtered and flickered within the empty town. Signs that were once happily aglow now sputtered and dulled with the lack of proper electricity. Animals once fearful of humans and their settlements walked around the abandoned settlement. Little noise or movement outside of the scurrying of these creatures disturbed the night in Broken Hill Foundry.

Then, the shadows shifted.

A rather large beast lumbered through the empty streets. His large paws shattered wooden fences. His large claws left dents and white lines in the metal houses. The creature sniffed the air and hesitated. The goliath could smell a fellow monster. His previous intention of feasting on the tame striders abandoned, the goliath bounded through the ghost town. The scent trail of one of his sisters led to a human door, slightly ajar. A tiny sneeze, tailed by a sniffle, could be heard inside.

The door was too large for even a teenage goliath. But, as he was but a child, he managed to squeeze through the door with minimal injury to the doorway. Though it was now broken, the hole he left was not gargantuan and could be repaired. “Sister?” he called as he roamed the small building. “Sister, are you alright?”

“Yes, brother,” the hissing, broken voice of his sister called through the room next to him. The goliath pushed through that doorway, too. Hovering quite low to the ground was one of the oldest Wraiths alive on Shear. The once strong and prideful creature any of his older brothers had come to know now hovered before human machinery, sneezing and coughing. All monsters got ill after Creation. However, they’d get over it fairly quickly

Wraith, however, was a completely different story. While the goliath got but a sniffle, the Sickness hit the wraith like a crowbill. Over the months she’d gotten weaker and weaker. She’d gotten clumsy and loud and her fighting was not as strong. It got to the point where their Mother, the gorgon queen, had to send some of her princesses out to spy instead of the wraiths. Most wraiths went stir crazy after being cooped up and went off to fight, permission or no. They died quite often. So, not wishing to become yet another trophy for the cursed hunters, his favorite and oldest sister had gone into spying in a different sense. She may be physically weak, but she’s sharper than her own scythes.

Currently, she was experimenting on a human technological equipment called a ‘computer.’ The screen flickered with words and pictures. “What’s that?” the curious goliath inquired.

“Research,” the wraith sniffed. “I’m researching human activities, holidays, celebrations. I’m looking to see if we can manipulate any of these to our advantage.”

“Have you found one?”


“What’s it called?” the young goliath inquired.

“Christmas,” the wraith answered. “It’s a holiday celebrating the birth of a young prodigy who was supposedly the son of a very popular deity. His name is Jesus Christ. Thus Christ-mas.”

“What does that mean, then? What do they do?” the goliath inquired.

“Traditionally, they cut off from work, decorate their home nest, and create presents for one another,” the wraith informed him. “It is at about this time of year that humans become more festive and sloppy. We can only hope those accursed hunters follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.”

“So we can put up some… decorate and bring the hunters to us?” he asked.

The wraith chuckled. “Decorations. They’re called decorations. Decorate is a verb. But I highly doubt it. Perhaps we could lure them here by copying their traditions. Or perhaps we can find a break and come together to plan in earnest while they are distracted. I’ll have to ask mother.”

“Which one do you want to do?” the goliath inquired.

She hesitated. “Well… I think that it would be more prudent to plan. However, setting up a trap might allow us to trim down the amount of hunters that are attacking us.”

“I like the trap plan!” the young goliath chirped. “Let’s get to it!”

“I’m sorry, hatchling, but even if we do make the trap, you’re much too young.” His older sister turned back to her computer.

The young goliath pouted. “Why can’t I help?”

“You’re too young,” the wraith repeated. “Besides, you’re too small. You’ll get hurt! Concentrate on getting big and strong, alright? Once you get big enough and old enough you can help out with things like that.”

“But-!” the goliath bleated.

“No. I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that,” the wraith denied. “Now go and do whatever you were doing before. I need to concentrate on this.”

“But-! Fine,” the goliath grumbled and turned around. “Bye.”


The young goliath huffed and growled in his tantrum. Currently, he was sitting down with his arms around his legs on a cliff. He was old enough! He was big and strong! He could do anything!

He glared over the landscape. Human buildings popped up here and there. All of them awaited doom. None of them had yet been attacked by him, unfortunately. Oh how badly he wanted to go out there! If he could kill just one hunter then they’d see that he was good enough to be one of them!

He perked up. Yes. Yes, he should do that! He could just pick off one of the smaller ones, like the boy Jack or any of the healers- well, maybe anyone but that bug. The bug one scared him a little bit.

The goliath froze upon feeling a slender, talon-tipped hand rest on his shoulder. He looked back into the gaze of his older sister. “Sister? What are you doing here? You’re sick! You should go-!”

“I know,” his sister interrupted. “But I couldn’t just leave you here alone.”

He pouted. “I may not be that big, but I’m strong! I can handle myself.”

“I know you can, young one,” the wraith cooed and rubbed his head. “But… but I came out here for a different reason. I want you to come home with me, brother.”

“I want to stay out here,” he mumbled and looked back to the cities. “I want to… I want to go hunting.”

“Please?” the wraith begged. “I-” She interrupted herself with another coughing fit. The goliath jumped to his feet and turned around so that he faced her. When he offered his hand, she shook her head.

Finally, she caught her breath. “I’m alright, brother. But… could you help me home? I’m tired.”

The goliath nodded his head vigorously. “OK!”

The wraith smiled a tired smile. “Thank you, brother. Besides, when we get home, I want to show you something.”

“Close your eyes,” his sister commanded. The young goliath did as he was told. His sister held his hand and led him forward. He could smell other monsters. He could smell food. They stopped. “Open your eyes.”

The goliath opened his eyes and gasped. They were in a giant room. The room was filled with lights and bobbles. A giant tree had been cut down and erected within the room. Food decorated the foot of the tree. Dozens of his kin wandered about, laughing and talking. He looked about with round eyes and then settled on his sister. “What is this?” he asked in a small voice.

“Christmas,” the wraith answered. “It’s a celebration for you, for me, for all of us. The humans may be devils, but this is certainly one celebration that we can adopt.”

“Wow,” the goliath breathed and smiled. A few young goliaths were wrestling and sparring a few yards away. They laughed and grappled and breathed fire.

His sister squeezed his hand and smiled. “Go. Our Christmas is a time to spend time with one another. A day that, as we agreed, is a day without bloodshed.”


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Just Tonight.

“No. I’m going to spend this frozen night within.” Torvald spoke softly with a indifferent expression across his face, The slender yet peppy girl Sunny gazing down in a bit of disappointment, dressed in a warm and comforting yellow sweater.

A steamy cup of hot coco held in her bare hands, the heat from the glass mug wafting away into the cold air around them.

“Are you sure? Nobody should be alone during the holidays.” Sunny sighed with a cute pout, large bright eyes locking on Torvald’s cold distant ones.

“I know just…” Torvald paused nudging behind him into the living quarters softly, a auburn haired woman sitting at a small table in the middle of the room happily, her eyes were a dark blue, yet unlike Torvald she had a vibrant aurora around her.

“Well alright. If you change your mind, we’ll be in the Dining room of the ship, Hyde his making Goliath Burgers!” Sunny smiled gently giving her friend a hug, breaking the embrace as she swayed off into the darkness afterwards.

Torvald gently clicked his door shut, not wanting to wake Karen’s daughter, she always went to bed early on this night. She thought the earlier she went to bed, the sooner the ancient one with a bag of gifts would appear. Giving each who had been pure this year rewards for their good nature.

“Who was at the door honey?” Karen spoke from the table, Torvald slowly walking into the light of the room, and out of the darkness of the doorstep.

“Just my…friend-Sunny, Karen.” Torvald could see his beloved sitting on the chair across from him, a small plate of cookies set before them in the middle of the table.

Sitting atop the chair opposite of her, Torvald happily helped himself to a bit of sweets. Karen rolling her eyes slightly yet smiling afterwards, she was happy to see her love still had a taste for the sweet.

“You know you didn’t have to stay inside and keep me company tonight?” The woman added on. Her blue colored eyes gently gazing across the dirty room and back to the man she loved, he looked so broken and worn.

"Hmmm. I desired to talk with you. This night of all other nights."Torvald swallowed a mouthful of cookie, his large metallic hand reaching for another treat.

“Torvald don’t eat too much now.” The woman giggled her man just blushing slightly, perhaps he just wanted to stay in so he didn’t have to travel for his sweets.

"Oh! I almost forgot!- I’ve decided not to leave this planet till every last beast is slain! " Torvald sighed aloud in anger, clutching his mechanical fist as thoughts of the past flooded in.

“My love. Why so?” Karen questioned, Torvald simply casting her a stare filled with dismay and a heavy heart.

" To avenge the fallen!- To smite that which is unholy and pure evil!- To! protect those who would be lost." Torvald yelled aloud in pure rage, standing up tall his mighty body tense with regret and pain.

" Torvald!- Settle down please!!- You can’t continue to live with anger in your heart. " Karen gazed down a bit in fear, the man she once fell in love with towering above her like a shadow in the abyss.

“Hmmm. Perhaps not every last monster then. But I must stay until the fear leaves this once proud world.” Torvald slowly sat back down onto his seat, a slight silence filling the air around them.

“Sorry again for not being there when you needed me the most.” Karen sighed hating she missed such an important time in her husband’s life, he was on the edge yet she wasn’t there to catch him when his body was replaced by steel.

“It is alright my dear, I had…friends who have stood at my side, during even the darkest of nights.” Torvald gazed down to the table slowly, a small smile creeping upon his lips, if only for a second.

Karen smiled sweetly to him. She was so happy that her husband wasn’t mad at her for that, thankful that his " Friends" looked after him when she couldn’t. Perhaps there was still good in the world?

A spark for hope.

" Has “The Big Old Red Man.” visited yet? " A small bright eyed little girl asked with awe in her voice, she was dressed in a light pink nightie stepping out from the shadows of Torvald’s room, awakened from her slumber.

" Hahaha!- Not yet my little goddess." Torvald smiled down to his daughter who flashed a joyous smile to her father.

“We’re just chatting dear. You know Mommy and Daddy time…” Her mother giggled aloud with a wink to her daughter, The child couldn’t help but laugh aloud with her.

"You must be off back to bed, if you stay up too late The ancient one will not visit.- Tis be a shame for such an innocent girl not to reap the rewards of the season. " Torvald slowly stood up and walked over to his daughter, gazing down to her with a warmth not many would have claimed to seen from him.

His daughter smiled up to the tall mechanicall man, opening small arms widely never showing fear but only love. Torvald kneeled down before her, wrapping arms around her small frame, squeezing gently never wanting their embrace to end.

“Sure daddy I promise to be good and get back to bed. Night-night!” The child flashed a warm smile to him as he nodded and did the same, leaning over to his baby girl he placed a soft kiss on her forehead before she exited the room.

“I swear that child always has such a imagination.” His wife sighed aloud shaking her head side to side softly, bangs cascading over her eyes.

“She just still believes in the spirit of the holidays…” Torvald replied as he slumped down into his seat, the room growing silent for a few minutes before his wife spoke up.

“Well if you ever feel like you need a helping hand. Just remember we’re both here for you alright?” His wife smiled gently, placing a delicate hand over his own cold robotic one.

"I know…"Torvald pulled away sadly from the touch of his love, eyes gazing behind her towards the dark room leading to his room.

“Hmmm. Honey you look so sad right now. I know you should go to your room get dressed and have a fun night with your friends!” His wife slowly slid out of her seat and smiled happily to her husband.

“I don’t want to go out with them! I want to stay in with you.” Torvald bit down hard on his lower lip, his broken torn eyes staring deeply towards his wife.

“I insist. You shouldn’t be so sad during this time of year!, you need to have some fun we’ll be ok.” Karen walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Karen…” Torvald shivered, tears rolling down his cheeks slowly. Doing everything in his power to fight the growing lump in his throat.

“We’ll go to your room and pick out something great for you to wear. You look so handsome when you dress up.” She smiled with delight, softly nudging her husband with her hand.

“No!!” Torvald yelled aloud, in a stern but hushed tone.

“Honey…” His wife bit her lower lip in shock, tears slowly building in her eyes.

“I just want to stay here with you and our daughter Karen! I want to talk, laugh and…smile.” Torvald gazed to his wife in silence, sobbing as his love thought on this deeply.

“You can’t stay here with us. But you can still have a night of talking, laughing and smiling.” Karen walked over kneeling down at her husband’s side, wrapping arms around him softly.

“You have friends who care for you! People who will be there to guide you and of course that young lady Sunny, she is quite charming.” Karen giggled aloud as her husband hugged her back tightly, whole body shivering.

“I don’t care! I miss you both! Please don’t leave me again!!” Torvald let his tears fall freely, as he did his best to not let go of his wife’s embrace.

“Every year is harder! Every year grows longer and I always just act like I’m ok!!” Torvald winced in pain as he pulled away slowly from his wife.

“I’m not…” The man shivered in fear and anger, the light in the room growing dim.

“You will be. Whenever you need us just say so and we’ll be there.” His wife spoke in a soft soothing tone. Placing a hand across her husband’s heart gently.

“Can I please just stay here with you both tonight?” Torvald asked his voice cracking with each word.

“Of course. I’d be honored to have your company.” Karen kissed his cheek lovingly, using her hand to wipe away the tears from his eyes.

“Just Tonight…” Torvald gazed to his side with tear stained eyes, the dark room empty save for the mechanical man alone.

“Just Tonight.” He spoke once more, gazing to a lone table in the living room.

Broken worn hues never leaving a framed picture of his family, placed gently in front of two lovely decorated urns.


Been a while since I wrote a story so I can be rusty. I figured I should participate for the hell of it so, here’s mine. Very dialogue focused. I do love writing dialogues and scripts. I hope you guys don’t mind how incredibly lengthy it is and try to ignore errors since I was in a rush making this.

Breaking Ice

“Argh! Get it off!” Torvald screams as he shoved away the small, furry thing licking his face. The quadpedal creature landed on all fours, taking a soft landing and bouncing around before turning its attention back to the massive cyborg while panting and wagging its tail.

“What is that thing?”

“What do you think Torvald? It’s a puppy! I named him…Doom!” Sunny cheerfully announced.

His jaw dropped as Torvald realizes that Sunny fulfilled her promise to get him a puppy, a promise he never agreed with. His face now red with anger, he threw away the opened present box off his lap, stood up and demanded, “Get that spawn of…eh…off this ship! I do not accept this gift!”

“After all the trouble we took to bring this thing here from Sol? Come on! That thing is adorable!” Hank retorted. “Well, if you can ignore its rather ridiculous name.”

“This is why I hate Christmas! Whose idea was it to assign me to Sunny for gift-giving!?” Torvald questioned. Despite his obvious rage, the rest of the present hunters could not help but giggle at the sight.

“That would be me Mr. Stavig.” Cabot said. “We’ve been hunting monsters on Shear together for so long that I think it is a prudent decision to use this holiday as a means of breaking ice between us, especially those who have a hard time getting along with another. Sunny has always been asking me about you because she couldn’t get through to you as easily as most of us so, I decided that perhaps her giving you a gift could make you more open to her now.”

“Well you did not think this through Cabot. I do not want a puppy! And if you really think I could…” Torvald’s words trailed as he looked down on the puppy and noticed the puppy’s collar, which has the shape of a clocktower etched onto the pendant. He knelt down, reaching out for the pendant and had a long look at it.

“Hey uh, Torvald?” Sunny said, catching his attention. “I…uh…heard you’re from a colony called Clocktower. I don’t know much about it and I couldn’t find any proper symbol for it so, this is closest I could get. I figured you might like it.”

“How did you know I was from Clocktower?”

“I told her.” Cabot answered. “That is not a problem, is it?”

“No…no.” Torvald replied. Looking back down on the puppy, a slight smile cracked from his wrinkled face. Almost as if it recognized the smiled, the puppy barked. Torvald picked up the puppy, petting it before standing back up. “I will try to look after this spawn of…I mean…this puppy. But I…am not sure if I know how to look after one.”

“Don’t worry! Maggie and I will help.” Sunny proclaimed.

“We will?” Maggie asked.

“Yeah! You looked after Daisy! You should know how to look after Doom!”

“Thank you…” Torvald struggled. “…Sunny.”

“Finally got something sweet out of your mouth.” Sunny said with a beaming smirk.

“Alright! Now that’s settled, who’s next?” Hank announced before picking up his notes to read the next names in the list. “Let’s see…Slim…Slim is next to give his gift to…Val?”

“What? Slim? Really? Are you kidding me boss?” Valerie retorted.

“No, don’t look at me. Caira suggested this. She thinks you two argue way too much and it distracts her from her work. Even Lazarus thinks it is getting annoying.” Cabot explained.

“Yes! You have no idea how many times I feel tempted to shoot myself and have Caira use the revivifier on me to spare myself your nonsensical arguing!” Lazarus added.

“I don’t like this anymore than you do Val so savor it while it lasts.” Slim reassured her.

Val heaved a heavy sigh and said, “Alright. Get it over with.”

“Here.” Slim stood up and passed the present to her. Val shook the present, listening for anything heavy or liquid to make sure no prank is being pulled on her. She gave it several knocks to confirm if the present is not made from anything unusual. “Will you stop being so paranoid. Just open it.”

“Can’t get too relaxed around a Basilisk Soldier.” Val said, though Slim just brushed it off as a joke. She then proceeded to untie the knot, opened the lid and peeked into the box.

“It’s…a beret…just like the one I have? But, without the CIG9 crest.” Val said as she took out the present’s content. “Why?”

“You kept complaining about your beret getting dirty and being hard to clean. I figured that, once we’re done with the monsters here, you can return back to your bosses with a clean beret.” Slim explained.

“And how in the world did you managed to get your hands on this?” Val questioned.

“He got some help from me.” Ida Lennox joined in. “I have some connections outside of Shear who could get rare apparels like that. Of course, the CIG9 crest is beyond our reach but hey, the crest is easier to clean, isn’t it? Of course it is.”

“Well, this is…unexpectedly nice of you. Thanks Lennox and….well…Slim.” Val remarked. Slim did not say anything in response, as he simply turned around and returned back to his seat, though a faint smile could be seen on his face.

“It seems Caira knew what she was doing assigning Val to Slim for gift-giving.” Cabot said.

“Speaking of Caira, where is she?” Abe asked.

“Hah, you have three guesses man.” Parnell replied.

“The lab…working on something…”


“The birdman’s missing too.” Hyde noticed. “Hey Bucket! Where is that quiet bugger?”

“He’s in the bunks, doing…something…I can’t see it properly from the ship’s cameras. I do caution you humans to not startle him when he’s busy. He is still having trouble adapting to being around other humans so he can be a bit overly…cautious. The little human, Jack, made the mistake of scaring him and Crow opened fire on him. Unfortunately, Crow missed.”

“Unfortunately!? What do you mean by that?” Jack reacted. “I mean…the Jackal has lightning fast reflexes and thinks at the speed of light. The birdman did not miss! The Jackal…dodged the bullets!”

“Hehe, nice try comrade but Markov heard all the screams as you run away from Crow like little girl.” Markov said.

“Hey!” Jack reacted.

“Well, you gotta give the kid some credit. He spoke the truth. He can run real fast!” Griffin added.

“Alright, back to my original topic fellas. Why are Caira and Crow not here?” Abe asked.

“Caira insist that whatever that she’s working on cannot be interrupted and Crow, well, he’s not exactly able to come up with a sensible gift for anyone.” Cabot explained. “He did give his pet Gobi a gift, a bunch of food.”

“So those two aren’t on the list then?”


“Perfect! I’ll just go and visit them both and see if they can try to give a gift to each other right now!”

“Abe, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Parnell asked. “Bucket did say that Crow will just shoot you if you startled him and Caira…you know how pissed she can get if you disturb her. Also, how could they come up with a gift out of nowhere?”

“I’ll think of something man. You know I am a lot smarter than that!”

“I hope he’s not serious with that sentence.” Lazarus commented.

“Good luck trying Abraham. Those two, when they have their minds on something, they don’t falter from their task.” Markov wished.

“Have some faith in me big guy.”

“Hey! Caira! I…”

“Get out!” Caira screamed, shoving him out of the room and quickly closing the door before him. In her haste to return to her work, however, she did not lock it and Abe opened it again from the switch on his side.

“Relax there kid! Why are you working on a day like this?”

“Why do you think?” Caira retorted. “I am getting closer to figuring out where these monsters are coming from. This is not the best time for me to get so distracted!”

“Come on! Even the monsters need a break every once in a while…I think…You can’t over work yourself like this.”

“Yes I can.” Caira replied. “Those tissue samples you and Laz kept bringing back…it is not much but it confirms my theory that they use some kind of warp field to travel between planets, or even dimensions! Using molecular teleportation would cause distortions in the atoms, even causing said atoms to become ions, which is why Sol guards prepped for teleportation wear environmental suits. I don’t see any strange reactions in the monster tissue samples so they gotta teleport through warp fields, right? But how does it work? The Wraith…she can create warp fields that only affect the monsters and she can summon fully functional and very much solid decoys to attack us and it fooled even Daisy but where do they come from? The Wraith teleporter her in! Or, they’re actually living things, or copies, spawned by the Wraith herself! Or…”

“Goddammit kid!” Abe bellowed before grabbing her forearm, interrupting her. “Calm down and just relax for a bit! We still got the rest of our lives to defeat the monsters and we won’t finish the job faster with you stressed out and unable to focus. We need you fresh and prepared for the worse and I am worried that the stress will kill you before the monsters do!”

“I can’t believe I am saying this but, listen to Abe.” Slim’s voice can be heard. Abe looked behind and saw the Basilisk Soldier looking though the cabinets, his footsteps somehow escaping his and Caira’s notice.

“What are you doing here Slim?”

“Finding my cigarette.” Slim replied. “Like I said Caira, listen to Abe this time. It is not often you get to relax and celebrate like this, especially considering how serious our war with the monsters is. I’d treasure it if I were you. Ever since I became a Basilisk Soldier, I don’t have much people to celebrate Christmas with so I never did. It is only now that I realize how much I missed it.”

Caira sighed, remaining silent as she is able to understand what he meant and sympathizing with his situation. She pulled her arm from Abe’s grip and said, “Alright, alright. I’ll stop working for now.”

“About damn time. Thanks Slim.”

“No problem.” Slim replied as he left the room while lighting his cigarette.

“Come on kid. Put down your notes and follow me to the bunks. We’re gonna get Crow to join us too.” Abe offered. “And let’s try to hurry it up a bit. I really want to see who’s the poor shmuck who is assigned to give “The Jackal” his gift.”

Abe and Caira opened the door to the bunks and are treated to the ominous sight of Crow, sitting on the floor facing away from them with Gobi perched on his left shoulder. Crow then signaled a whistle and Gobi quickly flew around the room, scanning the area for something before diving onto one of the beds, pulling out what seemed to be a dismembered finger of a Goliath from underneath the bed. He returned it to Crow and he petted the critter.

“Hey Crow!” Caira spoke out loud with seeming joy before Abe covered her mouth and pulled her back. She ripped his hand off her mouth and asked, “What? What did I do?”

“Didn’t you hear what happened to Jack when he startled Crow!?” Abe asked.

“Uh, yeah, of course I do. Crow tells me everything. He’s not nearly as annoyed by me as he is by Jack.” Caira answered.

“What?” Abe reacted, looking back at forth between her and Crow. “Since when were you two friends?”

“He and I shared very similar interests in the flora and fauna of Shear. We talked plenty about his time here! And he is funny in his own way.” Caira explained before giggling.

“Knew you two were already in here. Not worried about being startled.” Crow muttered out. “Can smell Abraham’s stench. He hasn’t bathed in a while.” Caira chuckled from his words, all the while nodding in agreement.

“Caira’s smell…unusual. Can smell her sweat from hard work but also the sweet aroma from perfume. Can also smell dirt of Shear, easy to tell from the metal of this ship. Also some blood and goo from fauna. Always digging into animals. Easy to distinguish her from…others. No wonder monsters always try to grab her. They are confused by her smell.”

“That’s me! The monsters love me!”

“Explains a bit. Remember that last Kraken? He wrapped you up with his tentacle and tried to squeeze your life out with it? I think he might be going, “What the fuck is this smell!? Kill it! Kill it!!!” Heh.”

“And he zapped me pretty bad at the same time while he was doing that and all you did was laugh.”

“It was funny to see the guy just singling you out like that.”

“So, what are you two doing here? Gobi’s senses needed to be honed for future hunts. I am making sure of that.” Crow asked as he stood up and approach them, with Gobi perched on his left forearm.

“Well Crow, you seem to always be with yourself and Gobi. The boss hatched up this little gift-giving thing for Christmas so that we could, you know, show our appreciation for one another and, well, break some ice. Even Slim, Torvald and Mags is with us.” Abe explained. “Why don’t you join us? You could make new friends aside from this little miss freak.”

“I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear that.” Caira muttered.

“Break…ice?” Crow asked.

“Yes. Break ice.” Abe answered.

“What’s the point? We got fridge full of ice small enough for drinks. Break them down and they melt fast.”

“No! I didn’t mean literally breaking ice I…ugh…”Abe struggled to explain what he meant to the very literal Crow.

“What he meant Crow is that we get together, talk a little bit more about ourselves and, well, just socialize! We humans are adept at socializing…well…most of us are at least.” Caira chimed in.

“The others…sometimes not easy to talk with. Easier to talk with you Caira. You’re smart. And Slim.”

“What? And I am not smart?” Abe retorted.

“No. Caira smarter.”

“Aww come on! You can’t seriously think that my intelligence is not on par with her?”

“Well…you two…one thing in common. Brain same size as assets.”

“Assets? And…”

“Your assets…small. Her assets…big.”

“Ouch…double insult there.” Abe reacted while clutching his chest.

“I don’t get it. What did he meant by “assets”?” Caira asked in her ignorance.

“Kid, it is better that you don’t ask.” Abe suggested. “Anyway Crow, come with us? It will be fun!”

“No. Others not easy to talk with.”

“Yeah I know Crow but, give the others a chance and maybe you could find that you have some things in common with them.” Caira reassured him.


“And besides, you two are not on the gift-giving list so I guess it is natural that you two should give each other gifts instead!”

“Wait, what? You never said anything about me giving Crow a gift. I don’t think I know what he would like.” Caira questioned.

“Don’t know what Caira would want for a gift too. She doesn’t talk much about interests other than working.” Crow added.

“Exactly! You two are so darn focused on work and training that you seem to forget that we’re humans! We all got interests outside of our work right?” Abe said while patting both their backs.

The duo remained silent, seemingly deep in thought from what Abe said. Not giving them a chance to back off, he said, “Come on! Let’s meet up with the others.”

“And there they are! The no-words-action man, Crow, with his bird and smart girl, Caira.” Markov said as he saw Abe approaching the group with the two in tow.

“Hell yeah. Now fellas, go easy on Caira with her work and try to talk a bit more with Crow. Except for you Sunny. You annoy him too much. You too Jack. And Torvald, easy on the negativity with Crow will you?” Abe requested. As he returned to his seat, Caira and Crow tried to find their own, going around the group until they found a pair of seats that end up with them sitting next to each other.

“Alright. Let’s see who is next on the list.” Hank is prepared to announce. “Ahh, good ol’ creepy Lazarus. He is giving a gift to…Ja….I mean…The Jackal!”

“Wait…me? I mean…at last! The Jackal shall be rewarded for his heroism!”

“Oh, spare us your annoyances with that voice of yours. Here.” Lazarus demanded before quickly passing his gift to him. Jack opened his present and pulled out his gift…a simple spanner.

“What kind of gift is that?” Abe questioned.

“Wait, no it’s ok. I get it.” Jack answered. “Laz, how did you know I broke my last spanner while I was fixing up my survey satellite spike?”

“Crow told me about it and he knows that I was about to drop down for a hunt. I understand that you were not a part of the last hunt due to your malfunctioning spike so Crow asked if I could seek out a spanner for you to use. It wasn’t difficult to find one amongst the ruins. I thought you’d made good use of it so that you can once again contribute to our cause.” Lazarus explained.

“Gee uh…thanks Laz and…Crow. I will make good use of this.” Jack solemnly said.

“Just don’t make me regret this.” Lazarus requested. As he returned to his seat, he stopped before Crow and said, “But I guess this man deserves a gift from me for notifying me of Jack’s issue.” He reached for his pocket and pulled out a vial, filled with a blue, glowing liquid. He passed it Crow, who observed it curiously.

“What is it?” he asked.

“A small serum Caira and I created based on the Lazarus device. It allows you to bring a small critter back from the dead and I figured it will be useful for you should anything happen to your faithful minion, Gobi.”

“Gobi has never failed me before.”

“Doesn’t mean failure will never come. Even someone skilled and brave like Markov fall in battle and I have to keep reviving him.”

“Yes. And poor Markov must now start paying him each time he dies valiantly in battle.” Markov added.

“Foolishly you mean.” Lazarus retorted.

“Very well.” Crow said as he kept the vial. “I will make use of it if the time comes.”

Abe started nudging Crow, grabbing his attention. “Crow? Say thanks. Come on. Both Laz and Caira are close enough to hear you.”

Extremely hesitant, Crow bit his tongue and looked around in seeming confusion. He looked at Lazarus to see his expression, waiting for him to say something, which further stressed him out. When he turned to Caira, he saw her smiling at him with seeming anticipation and the warming sight caused him to calm down and bring down his guard.

“I’m not good with people but…thanks Lazarus…and Caira.”

“And here I thought my Lazarus Device was malfunctioning whenever I revive you. You are human after all.” Lazarus remarked as he returned to his seat.

Nudging Crow, Caira reassured, “He probably meant “you’re welcome”. Try to forgive him for being all grumpy sometimes.”

“Can’t blame him. His role, very important.”

As the two turned their attention to the rest of the event, away from each other, Crow thought about how important the vial could become for Gobi should anything happen to him. He figured that he owed Caira and Lazarus and with Abe wanting him to gift Caira, he figured that he could return the favor to Caira first.

“Caira.” He called out. “Here.” He passed a duplicate of Gobi’s neotenic stimulator to her. “You showed a lot of interest in Gobi’s…uh…insta-pet helmet. I think this might help in…research.”

Caira grabbed the helmet, stared at it with awe and goes, “Cool! I’ve always wanted to have a look at one of these! I just never asked them from you because I thought you only had one!”

“Have a few, in case Gobi breaks some of them. Not interested in sharing but, you and Lazarus shared. I return the favor to you first.” Crow explained. “Maybe you can do anything you want with that. Maybe make one big enough to control a monster, or liquefy their brain if their brain too big. Just don’t give it to anyone else, especially Abe.”

Caira grabbed Crow, giving him a jubilant hug which startled the loner and Gobi, who flew away in shock. “Thank you! Thank you! Holy crap! Those are good ideas! Experimenting with this will be fun! I just gotta know how to get it onto their heads!”

Crow struggled, unable to breath, though Caira eventually let him go, allowing him to regain his breath and for Gobi to return to his shoulder. “Not the hugging type but I’ll take that.”

“So, should I give you a gift too? That serum was mostly Lazarus’s idea”

“No. This vial. Gobi’s life in there. His life worth more than anything to me. I consider it a gift from you too.” Crow said. “But, I think, friendship, also as important. So, I give you this gift in return.”

“Oh so you’re basically saying I am important to you now?”

“Yes. No. Wait. Uh…”

“Hehehe. Don’t worry. You’re not good with people so you can’t say it out. I get it.” Caira reassured him while patting his back. “But hey, we’re all in this together. Won’t be a team if we’re not important to one another right? Why else am I always healing you, Jack, Markov, Maggie, even that idiot Abe?”

“True. Many benefits of working with others.”

“Exactly. So let me just say it out, you’re important to me too!” Caira said. She reached out a hand to him and exclaimed, “We’re a team!”

Crow looked at her hand and gripped it in acceptance. “Team.”


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I hope this isn’t too long! But I’ll try my best!

The Laurie-Ann was settled in the middle of one of Shear’s misty forests, the lights off to keep it hidden… Yet, inside, it was the most festive as it’ll ever get.

“O’, a candle” Hyde proclaimed, gripping down his fingers which caused a large burst of flame to exhaust, burning the entire cake, and making that little ol’ candle, non existent. The sound of multiple footsteps echoed into the main briefing room, Hyde looking guilty as he slowly backs up, rubbing the back of his head. The first to walk into the room was Bucket, followed by Cabot, Maggie and Daisy, Abe, Sunny, Lazarus, Hank, and Parnell.

“Oh man, did Bucket make the cake!? Jeez!” Sunny exclaimed, running over to the sizzling cake, Hyde using his flamethrower to cover his face.

A sigh, followed by a smirk came from Cabot, shaking his head. Abe walked over and knocked his knuckles against the large metal hand. “Just cause you can’t see us, don’t mean we can’t see ya.”

“Oooo…” Hyde groaned.

Daisy couldn’t resist any more and lunged herself into the cake and stuffed her face in, Parnell crossing his arms. “Hey, at least one of us is enjoying it.”

“Who’s birthday was it?” Hank asked, looking around, Bucket deciding to answer. “Um, you mean what Holiday is it? Today is the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve. It is a holiday in which families get together to cele-”

“We get it, we get it…” Maggie said, feeling uncomfortable about this particular topic. Bucket didn’t blame her, going over and gently grasping her shoulder with his metal ‘claws’. “Let us enjoy this day.” He took his other claw and revealed a small panel with a tempting, red button on it. “Do us all the honor.”

Not bothering to question this, Maggie began to reach towards it, but of course, Hyde beat her to it… somehow. “Big, red things! I love big red fucking things, like me flamethrower! Aha!” A buzz of electricity echoed in the hull of the ship, but within seconds, a barrage of colored lights blasted on, filling the once dimly lit ship with reds, blues, yellows, greens. As if it was their first time seeing this, everyone took a moment to appreciate the sigh… Even the slightly upset Laz. Maggie couldn’t hold back a smirk, Abe busting out a laugh. “Aha, you could give this big fool the button to end the world, and he’d end up ending it all.” Parnell nudged his partner quickly afterwards, always being the one who tries to keep Abe from saying anything stupid.

“What time do we have to waste with silly little games like this? We must be out there, killing them.” Lazaurus said, pointing out towards one of the exits, a displeased look on his face. Cabot went over, talking softly. “We all have a job as Hunters, and as Humans. This is a time to enjoy our time together, and remind each other how far we’ve come as a team. How the group grows and the strength we gain in building our friendship.”

The sweet speech was short lived as the aura of lights began blaring red, the sounds of heavy footsteps and grumbling came from outside.

“Hyde and Parnell, go out and check! Abe, go with them, Bucket alert the rest of the team! Hank assist the two Assaults, Laz you know what you have to do!”

“Time to melt shit!” Hyde laughed out as he was the first to haul himself out the door.

“Aw, hell yeah!” Abe said afterwards, following him out.

“Ugh, you men, where’s your holiday spirit!?” Sunny pouted.

With Laz, Parnell, and Hank following behind, the team of six confronted the fully developed Behemoth, which looked down at them, roaring out. With a smirk, Hyde chuckled…

“Let’s light this bastard up like a Christmas tree…” Hank started.

“Like a team…” The rest finished together, in sync.


Getting in on the last minute!

I look good as Santa Claus

Sunny was running as she left her room and launched herself into the mess hall where everyone was supposed to be.

Key words ‘supposed to be.’

The mess hall was empty except for Val who was playing on her PS Wita (That might be a thing in the future okay!)

Sunny quickly ran over to Val and shook her. “Val it’s almost Christmas and no one is getting out of their room and celebrating!” She let go of Val and gasped. “What if Santa doesn’t come here because we don’t have our spirits on!”

Val snorted as she continued playing her game. “Santa isn’t going to come here anytime soon, if it wasn’t because of the lack of spirit or the fact that he isn’t real or maybe it’s because if he sees half the people here he’ll pee his pants and run.”

Sunny glared at Val and took her PS Wita. “Hey! I’m at the last level!” Val whined.

“Don’t you see how important this event is!? If we can’t celebrate a holiday of cheer and happiness together then what are we!?” Sunny yelled.

“… Hunters?” Val asked as she lazily reached over for her device.

Sunny pouted then walked away with a sullen look on her face.

Val sighed as she looked at Sunny walk away. “… You still have my Wita!”

Sunny restlessly laid on her bed trying to go to sleep but her mind wouldn’t let her. ‘How could no one want to celebrate this day together?’

Sunny froze as she heard a creek of her door, a sign that she wasn’t alone in her room now.

Sunny reached for the gun beneath her pillow and breathed. ‘One… two… three!’

“Freeze!” Sunny yelled as she came face to face with… Santa?

Sunny blinked before rubbing her eyes. She looked up again and her eyes made contact with sheepish green eyes. “Val? Why are you dressed up as Santa Claus?”

‘Santa Claus’ looked offended. “Val? Who is that? She sounds like an awesome person however I am Santa Claus!”

Sunny looked down to the huge creature next to Val. “… Is that Daisy?”

Val looked scandalized. “That is not a Daisy! That is my trusted Reindeer! Isn’t that right Rudolf?”

‘Rudolf’ barked in confirmation.

Sunny rolled her eyes. “Val you don’t expect me to believe that you’re Santa do you? Santa is an old man.”

Val scrunched her nose. “I had a sex change and used a potion to make myself look gorgeous, don’t hate me because I’m pretty.” Val huffed.

The door creaked open to reveal an amused Maggie. “Val, as much as I love seeing you make a fool of yourself can I have Daisy back?”

“No!” Val snapped. “Rudolf is my reindeer! Tend to the gifts elf!”

Now that Sunny looked at Maggie she was wearing fake pointed ears.

Sunny just looked at ‘Santa Claus’ confused. “What’s going on?”

Val took out a very small paper. “This is my list of gifts for the good people on this ship!”

Sunny squinted her eyes at the paper. “My name is the only one on the list?”

“You’re the only good person on this ship.” ‘Santa’ said not skipping a beat.

Before Sunny could form an answer a giant gift was presented to her. “Now enjoy your Christmas and have a fun time!” ‘Santa’ yelled as she slammed into Maggie. “Elf! We have to leave!”

Maggie rolled her eyes and got ‘Rudolf’ out the door.

Sunny could only look at her door in confusion. “What just happened?”

Before Sunny could think anymore of what happened she heard an uproar coming from outside her room. She opened the door and looked at the glowing light that was coming out of the mess hall curiously. “What’s going on?”

As she made her way to the mess hall she gasped and squealed. The entire room was decorated in green and red with a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the room and watched as everyone was talking and celebrating together.

She watched as Jack and Lennox were celebrating with a mechanical puppy, Hyde was watching Lazarus try to revive a potato, Parnell, Abe, Markov and Hank were trying to out drink each other, Caira was running around with a new ‘medicine’ set or something, Torvald was trying to comfort Slim about a coal. Crow was doing something somewhere, Maggie was sitting and watching Daisy bark and circle herself and Cabot and Bucket were talking normally while wearing some red and green sweaters.

Sunny couldn’t help but grin at everything, it was everything she wished for!

Her eyes searched the room for the last person whom she couldn’t seem to find until it landed on the same place she saw her earlier in the morning. Sunny walked over to her with a smile.

“Enjoying the party?” Sunny asked cheekily.

Val looked up from her Wita. “Clearly.”

“Kind of odd how you’re not celebrating something you made happen.” Sunny questioned her.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Val answered easily as she played the level she was on.

“What ever you say… Santa.”

Val briefly paused her game. “I look good as Santa Claus don’t I?”

Merry Christmas you lovely forum goers.


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Submissions are closed, now for the judging! If you haven’t “liked” your favorites, hop to it!

The judges are @Lindz, @Matthew & myself.

We will announce winners on Friday!


Sorry for the delay, somehow I thought we had posted! Wow what a blunder…

Thank you to all who entered, this was a wonderful contest, with so many great stories. The judges were @Lindz, @Matthew and myself. It was tough to choose, but alas, we had to. Finally, we narrowed it down to…

The winners are (drum roll):

Grand Prize – And the Battle Goes On: A Christmas Story by @chrono

Runner ups: T’was the night before X-mas by @TomsMeatPlatter and on Planet Shear, The Snowball Fight by @Thunderspear22

Well done!!

We will contact you for shipping information. CONGRATS!

Honorable mention: I Look Good as a Santa Claus