Holiday Story Community Contest -- Winners Posted!

Hello AGAIN :3

We knocked out some amazing pumpkins in October for Halloween, but here is where the real challenge starts. We wanted to celebrate the holidays together, in the most creative way we could come up with: STORIES! Specifically crafting Evolve into whatever holiday-themed tale you want to spin.

Here is the nitty-gritty:

There is no limit to how long or short your story is, but just know, if it’s a novel we probably won’t get around to reading the whole thing so you might want to keep it to a reasonable length. There is a character limit on posts for this forum, so maybe that’s a good place to end if you get that far.

It can be about any holiday this month, from Christmas, to Festivus, to New Years. Get creative!

Must be about the characters, locations, and the like of Evolve. You will be disqualified if you try to add ideas for things you want us to make for the game. Can only include elements of Evolve that already exist in the game!

Only one entry per person, please.

1st Prize gets a set of Evolve Funko Legacy figures, a Planet Tamer shirt, and an Evolve Mug!

2nd & 3rd Prizes get a set of pins, stickers, & wristbands!


The top stories will be chosen by having the most “likes” by you, the community. We will then take the top 5 and put your riveting tales in the hands of our judges (TBD) to determine the top three stories!


CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS! It has been decided!
1st Place: @chrono
2nd Place: @TomsMeatPlatter
3rd Place: @Thunderspear22
Honorable Mention: @Gems

A message from the mods/leaders: Please use the following thread to discuss the competition and ask questions about it, leave this thread for entries only!


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Please use this thread only for official entries in to the competition!

Caira hung the last string of lights above the elevator of the Lauris-Anne. She stood back with a wide smile, proud of her handiwork.

“Now thats the spirit!” she proclaimed.

She returned to the central platform of Cabot’s ship to take a rest. She spent most the day making the ship festive and was exhausted. She even found a tree much like that of an Evergreen and hauled it into the ship as well!
She sat down in a chair beside the console where Bucket piloted the ship from.

“Ahhh, nothing like a little holiday cheer to brighten up this dingy planet.” She sighed.

“Holiday Cheer? Are you referring to the festivities you celebrate on Earth?” A voice said.

“Yeah. You ever heard of it Buc- What am i saying, of course you have.” She chuckled at her own forgetfulnes.

“Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating a deity in which people exchange gifts.” Bucket remarked.

“i guess so,” Caira answered, “But its more than that. Christmas is a feeling of…of, joy a-and happiness! Its a time for friends and family to come together and have fun and drink eggnog!” She sighed, “Too bad I wont be drinking eggnog with my family this year. Job comes first…”

“Nonsense!” Bucket said, “We are your family Caira, we’ve all been together long enough to merit that title.”

“Thanks Bucket. Honestly i didnt expect that coming from you, but i needed it.” She smiled at the flashing controls of the Laurie-Anne. “All thats left now is to rest and hope Cabot doesn’t get too mad at me for brightening up his quarters.”

“Oh no,” said Bucket, " Im sure he’ll love what youve done with the place. He often said this season made him think of Laurie-Anne."

“Mhm, thats nice.” Said Caira, her hat covering her eyes as she slumped into the chair. “Make sure Abe gets the present i left him in the weapon closet.” She yawned.

“Of course Caira.” Bucket said softly.

And with that, Caira drifted off, dreaming of sugarplums and candycanes. :blush:


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Here we go. Kind of long, but that’s only because it’s broken up weird.

##How The Lenny Stole Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all throughout Shear,
The colonists were screaming,
Not in joy, but in fear.

But above the planet’s surface,
Things were much different,
For the happiness of the hunters,
Was pretty significant.

Hank walked about,
In a state of pure glee,
And wearing his Santa hat,
He hung bulbs on the tree.

Caira was still on Shear,
Fighting a monstrous foe,
While Abe prepared,
To catch her beneath the mistletoe.

Bucket made eggnog,
While Crow hummed a chantey,
And Slim attempted to shut up,
Their singing resident vigilante.

A night passed,
And the hunters woke up,
They went to the tree and found,
A present buildup.

But someone was unhappy,
All they got was coal,
Yes, it was granny Lennox,
She was pissed as a whole.

She grabbed all the presents,
Yes she went quite wild,
She then fled the ship,
In her Thunderchild.

She fled down to Shear,
But the monster’s didn’t agree,
A Goliath pounced her,
But she lanced her way free.

She made a bag from his hide,
To hold all the presents,
And climbed atop a mountain,
With the bag and its contents.

Cabot’s dust tagged her,
She had been found!
But not before a Gorgon,
Leaped and pounced her to the ground.

She got it off of her,
But she tumbled down the mountain,
The presents came next,
They tumbled a bouncin’.

Cabot’s crew walked up,
And were saddened to see,
Lennox’s corpse,
Lying next to a tree.

But they had a plan,
Oh yes they did,
For behind a cloak,
My boy Lazarus hid.

He whipped out his glove,
And some may even say,
That when used on Lennox,
Her brain grew three sizes that day!

She got up and said,
With a thunderous cry,
“It’s Christmas you lot,
Let’s all go inside!”

She carried the presents,
And handed them out to her fam,
And then they all danced,
It was a ballroom slam.

For granny Lennox had learned,
What Christmas is all about,
It’s the season for giving,
It’s not a time to pout.

Be happy with what you get,
And be happy for your fam,
And be sure to spread the joy,
To your fellow man.

Now that my stories been told,
I shall be on my way,
So to all a goodnight,
And have a happy holiday!


#Monster of a Christmas

“Ah the jump! Nothing makes Markov more happy before the hunt!” Markov exclaimed proudly.

“Make sure to scratch your ass Markov,” Abe said with a smirk. “We don’t need you battling the itch while we’re battling the monster alright?”

“Haha very funny…” Markov remarked sarcastically.

“Wait you see that?” Slim asked. “Out in the distance. A glow of some sort.” Slim proclaimed with a point of his finger.

“I do see it. I’ll fly us in for a closer look.” Bucket said. The ship flew slowly toward the light. Only getting brighter with each moment that passed by. After getting closer to the scene. The ship stopped.

“Bucket! Why did you stop?! We need to get in closer!” Markov asked.

“My sensors are picking up a tree of some sort. Quite large and not native to Shear. I want to drop us off here to scout out the rest on foot.” Bucket stated.

“Alright! Finally some action!” Abe said excitedly. The hunters then jumped and landed on Shear. Walking cautiously toward the light expecting anything from a stage 3 monster to a new breed. When the hunters saw what made the glow, they stood motionless, frozen in awe at the sight.

“Is that what I think it is?” Markov asked.

“I think it is.” Answered Slim.

“I-I can’t believe this! There’s no way this could’ve been constructed!” Bucket stated.

“Well I’ll be damned. Someone put up a Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere.” Abe said as he regained his composure.

“Look. On that rock. There seems to be a note.” Slim exclaimed. The hunters looked at each other trying to decide who would be the one to go investigate.

“Fine ya big chickens I’ll go look.” Abe said. He walked over slowly. Looking around for signs of life. He got to the note and read it. “Oh shit…” He said in a frightened tone. “Hey guys we need to-” Turning around, he saw no one was there. The only thing he felt accompanied by was a predator watching him.

He grabbed his shotgun and held it up ready to fire. Backing up slowly, he felt a warm breath on his shoulders. Abe turned around and was greeted by a Gorgon hanging upside down from its web eyeing him. Face to face they looked at each other. Abe was frozen, he couldn’t move. He couldn’t do anything for the claws of the Gorgon were piercing his stomach. Abe could feel death greeting him with the Gorgon’s clutches. Slowly being carried up into its den to never be seen from again. From the overhead the note fell to the blood soaked ground. The note read -

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


T’was the night before X-mas and on Planet Shear.
Creatures were rampaging and help wasn’t near.
At first Colonists thought, “Turrets do your job!”
But they were no match for Goliath, Kraken and Bob.”

The Colonists held out, and put up a fight,
But they couldn’t hold out, against the Monsters might
The Defenses destroyed, the Colonists overrun
And it seemed this battle, just couldn’t be won.

When out of the sky came a man and his crew
And they seemed to know, what exactly to do.
Out of the Laurie-Ann they dropped
They knew the Monsters must be stopped

Markov, Maggie, Hank and Valerie,
Knew the Medgun might need a bigger battery!
But if Val found herself getting lazy,
They knew they always could count on Daisy!

But Lazarus, Bucket, Griff and Hyde,
Started killing off Monsters and hitting their stride!
And while their missions took them to all different places
Hyde couldn’t care less, long as he got to melt faces.

Caira, Abe, Cabot and Parnell,
Could really dish damage and send the Monsters to hell.
With Ciara as medic they wouldn’t lose composure
I put that part in especially for @moiser

The Hunters did fantastic, they really did great,
All they needed to do was cover the Colonist’s escape!
To help ensure the escape of mankind,
They made the ultimate sacrifice, they stayed behind.

Now stuck on the planet they could wait for help to arrive,
Or they could always just go out and find a Patterson Drive…
Now together they all get to ring in the New Year,
By sharing the sandwich that was hiding in Hank’s beard!

With newcomers, Torvald, Slim, Crow and Sunny,
And even Wunderkid Jack and Lennox, his mummy,
Our hero’s must not forget what we can all clearly see,
The biggest threat this Holiday? Mammoth Birds, OP.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Lazarus was all filled with Christmas cheer,
But Bucket said “Hey come back here!”,
The monster of the night is stalking,
Gorgon and the hunters are talking,
They decided to feed the bird,
With the mammoths corpse,
But then Crow said “That’s absurd!”
Then came big 'OL BOB!
Who came back from the shop,
He said that they had no reavers,
So he looked at the hunters,
And they said “Oh Jesus…”
Then they invited the OG 3,
For some gees human to eat,
They all had a nice little feast,
And blood was on there sheets!

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Okay, here goes. ><

Hyde groaned after another tiring, long day, his body hunched and dragging down the hall. Chatter echoed through the halls of the ship, upbeat voices and laughter, with a mild chill in the air. It was then that Hyde remembered-
“Miiiiiisteeeer Hyyyyyyyyde!” A cracking voice yelled, footsteps rushing down the hallway. Hyde turned around to find Jack leaping at him, mask on and all. He tackled the tired giant to the ground, lifting his helmet off and grinning, before completely changing his body language, slumping and pouting. Hyde simply frowned at him, confused.
“You got three seconds to get off me before I bloody belt you.” He grunted.
“Ya-aaah okay alright!” He exclaimed, shuffling and tumbling away from Hyde. “But you gotta help me, man! I-I mean…” He put his mask on, throwing his cap over his arm and covering his body. “The Jackal requires your aid, Mr Hyde.”- and back to his normal voice. “What uhh, do you know what the… Girls… Like? I uhh… It’s…”
“Christmas, bloody hell lad, spit it out next time. And I’ve no bloody clue, go ask Abe or something.” Hyde grumbled, brushing himself off before stomping down the hallway on the way to his room.

It hadn’t occured as he weren’t focused on it, that Jack had been following Hyde all the way to his room. Hyde opened the door to watch a small figure that was Jack rush into the room, leaping onto the back of his sofa, standing on the back.
Hyde cringed at the bright, festive lights that’d been hung all around his room.
“What… The f-”
“Surprise! Heh. Me, Sunny and Caira thought it’d be a nice treat. You know, because you hadn’t got around to doing it yourself!” Jack grinned, jumping down and sprawling himself across the sofa. “Anyways, you gotta help me.”
“I already told you, I aint got a clue what they like.” Hyde interrupted.
“Naah nah that’s not it! I wanna go scavenging, I need muscle, like you! I-I mean… I need protection? Help? It’s not safe for a little boy to go running off on a monster infested planet, right?” Jack winked. Hyde could only sigh, his one eye rolling.
“Alright, bloody hell. What do I get in return then eh?” His voice growled. Jack raised his arms pointing to the festive decorations strewn around Hyde’s room, with a bright smile.

A good hour or so had passed with a team of four dropping onto Shear, Jack had convinced both Caira and Sunny to come down with them for help.
“Ain’t you gonna be needing pinky and perky for’t table?” Hyde exclaimed, Jack was in the back of the scrapyard.
“Pi- Perky fort what?” He looked over his shoulder, confused.
“Pinky and perky. -Turkey.- For’t table. For. The. Table.” He sighed. “I gotta bloody spell it out for ye?”
“Turkey… Uh, I don’t think we-”
“Will this do?” Hyde interrupted, holding a lifeless Strider by the neck, a bit of a grin coming from his mouth. Jack pulled his mask over his face to cover his slightly horrified look, nodding. Jack was practically done with what he’d scavenged up, and figured it was time to haul it.

The evening was warm and cosy, the crew gathered around the mess hall table. Hank finally had gotten the strider in a cooker, not before the Lazarus man onboard had brought it back to life once or twice. Jack’s eyes were big and glistening, a smile on his face as he saw the entire team beaming brightly, a team he could probably call a family!
“Oi.” Hyde grunted, nudging Jack. Jack looked up at the big fella, raising a brow. “Merry Christmas, pest. And, uh, thanks, for this.” He continued, a hand lifting out toward the table and teammates around it.
“Oh. Huh, Merry Christmas to you too, Hyde.”

“Merry Christmas to you all.” Jack smiled.



Hank, Caira, Abe, and Hyde walked through the fresh snow. They had heard of a peaceful Goliath that was seen in the area, but not attacking people. They came with their weapons, just in case, but they would not be needed. For as they turned the corner, they saw what they came for. The Goliath was looking out over the area, but didn’t notice those behind him. Hank knelt down, formed a snowball in his hands, and gave it a toss. The Goliath turned, startled, and it watched Hank make another. He threw this one at the beast, which it simply swat aside. But then, Hank realized that he made a tactical error; he let it see him make a snowball. The Goliath packed half a snowbank into a ball, and with a mighty heave, sent it at Hank. Hank’s mouth dropped in awe as the round boulder of snow flew towards him, striking him and burying him in the snow. Seconds later, he clawed his way out, made another snowball and cried, “Get 'em!”

The team dropped their weapons and dove for cover, as the Goliath sent forth another massive snowball. Caira threw two in rapid succession, but the Goliath ducked out of the way. Abe tossed a few, but many fell short of his target. He tried to get closer, but was met with the biggest one yet. Hyde sent forth a large one, bigger than his own fist, and with the Goliath distracted, he obtained a solid hit. The Goliath turned, spotting it’s next target. It grabbed what was left of the snowbank, and charged Hyde.

Hyde slowly backed up, as the Goliath approached, it then dropped the snowball, point-blank, on the man who makes things toast. The team waited, unsure if he was alright, but they heard laughing from within the snowbank, and he came back into their sight. He grabbed bits of snow, whatever was in reach, and throwing them at his foe, the Goliath began to retreat. It stood under a cliff, the top covered with tons of snow, so Hank had an idea, on how to defeat their foe. He pulled out his binoculars, and kept his aim steady. There was no way that this Goliath, could possibly be ready. The missiles rained down, the blasts echoed off the wall. And sure enough, to their surprise, the snow began to fall. The Goliath remained still, and was forming another ball, when the avalanche of snow buried him, his projectile and all. The Goliath sat up, acknowledging that it was defeated. The team exchanged high-fives, and calmly they retreated. They called for evac, and shared their sense of glory. They couldn’t wait to tell the team, about their amazing Christmas story.

The End

(PS: Good Luck to everyone, and have a great Holiday season!)


It was the night before Christmas on Shear,
In the Lauri Ann there was not a creature rustling, not even Daisy’s parasite.
The ship was in the air, not a worry in the world.
Then with a sudden BOOM Sunny awoke.
She looked throughout the ship but could not find a thing, as she was going back to sleep she then saw him.
It was Lazurus! Dressed from head to toe in a Santa costume, and with him the corpse of a dead Goliath painted red and green.
Sunny then asked “Mr. Laurus, Why did you bring a monster on the ship? On the day before Christmas!”
Mr. Lazurus looked around and then got on his knee, then he whispered to the girl “It is for research. Study a living specimen”.
Sunny then excplaimed “But Parnell said not to bring one onto the ship!”
With that Mr. Lazurus arose, charged his device, and then yelled out “I AM NO MERE MEDIC! I AM A LAZURUS MAN!” And with that he pounded on the Goliath’s heart.
The monster was alive now, confused and distraught. Not a clue in the world of what has happened.
He sniffed and breathed, then sniffed some more. Then he roared a might roar that awoke all that slept.
All that were awoke were now armed, ready to bring this might beast down. But then a curios thing started to occur.
The Goliath was festive, bringing Christmas joy to everyone aboard!
He brought a tree that he helped decorate with ornaments, made a small fire to keep everyone warm, and then helped little Jack place the star at the top of the tree.
With that the Goliath nodded to Mr. Lazurus, it was their time to leave. The Goliath jumped into Laz’s sack and with that he had vanished into where the hunters keep their infinite ammo.
Everyone went back to the beds to dream wonderful dreams, all except Sunny, who decided to stay.
Sunny approached Mr. Lazurus and said “Thank you Mr. Laurzurus. Who knew this would happen!?”
The Lazurus man said nothing, he only gave a wink. With that he pressed a button and in an instant he vanished.
Before he left he yelled out “Merry Christmas to all, human or monster, and to all a goodnight!” and then jumped out the ship to bring more Christmas cheer.


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Aw yeh Imma just do what like half of the rest of us did

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the planet
The company of monsters so merrily blazed it

Kraken was higher than a tall person’s balls
And when he tried to fly, he’d clumsily fall

Gorgon thought that she was Obama
And gave an inaugural address in her SpongeBob pajamas

Wraith was just binge-watching Youtube Poops
While eating mammoth bird ice cream, scoop after scoop

Behemoth, however, was mostly the same
Because for the weed cookies, he was to blame

But Goliath, a professional, was really damn pissed
He knocked the tray from Behemoth’s hands, shouting “FUCK YO COOKIES BITCH”

Behemoth wept, for he knew not what to do
Host comforted him, because Host is best waifu

Goliath stormed out of the monsters’ cave
Then some mammoth birds, electric assholery gave…yeah I’m going with that deal with it

Goliath collapsed, and saw a bright light above
A robed figure appeared, and hiS NAME IS JOHN CENA

And what happened then? Well, on Medlab they say
His dong grew three sizes that day

Goliath looked up as it started to snow
And he then knew that back home he should go

Behemoth was still cleaning up the cookies from before
Goliath apologized, and gave him some corn

And on that Christmas Eve, they all got stoned
And played darts with all the dead hunters’ bones

Merry Christmas to all, and other holidays as well

…Wait, you’re still here? Go fuck yourselves.


A Festive bunch

All the hunters are at the dam one early morning near the heat of the power relay in the sun. Today is a day of celebration.

There is a tradition on hard working colony planets where the workers all take the day off in order to spend time with family and friends.

They are having a picnic, All the hunters are there. Bucket is cooking Griffins recent catch, canyon eels that slipped through the dam walls. Hyde is chasing canyon striders below trying to “melt their faces.”

“The Jackel” is sitting with Abe asking for advice with the girls. However unknown to him they can hear him. Across the dam far out of ear distance sits Caira, Sunny, and Val. Val once being a spy can hear him with her earpiece and is relaying to the girls what all the guys are saying about them.

Griffin is with Maggie and crow talking about trapping and how their young counterpart is doing. Slim and Markov are playing with daisy on all fours pretending to be trapjaws themselves.

Cabot, parnel, and Lennox are chilling with good ol Hank who is shielding the poor canyon strider from Hyde’s fiery onslaught.

Laz is sitting with Tarvold playing chess with many of the monsters and wildlife 3D printed as the pieces, They aren’t making any moves but they are scowling at each other. I guess they are having fun in their own way?..¯ \ _ (ツ)_/¯

they do these fun little games and talk with eachother until dusk. then something happens

There is a rumbling and the hunters go on guard. Jack is abducted, a rock flies past the hunters hitting none of them a web hits a wall, three banshee mines fly up in the air, and then a behemoth rolls up to griffin, with so much commotion nobody fires. Behemoth unravels and drops a dead mammoth bird at Griffin’s feat and tilts his head playfully. Goliath leaps and picks up the rock, holds it above his head looks up and breaths a small flame. This was no rock, it was pure diamond, and goliaths flame has turned it into a disco ball :goliath_roar:. The monsters didn’t come to fight, they came to party :crystal_ball: they hear jack laughing and its because wraith is hugging him and tickling his sides :wraith: (At least one lady likes him right?). Gorgon has picked up Val, sunny, and Caira and has set up a giant web hammock on the walls. Those four are now talking and Gorgon is… making…spider noises and stuff? Kraken flies in and his banshee mines explode into fireworks :boom::sparkles::fireworks: they party with light shows and monster roars and show off abilities they have all night long.

Then the internal clock in the dam makes a midnight chime, the holiday is over. They all look at each other and they all start battling again.

Just a festive bunch enjoying the holidays and their friendly rivalries.

and from the hunters and monsters :abe_cute::bucket_cute::cabot_cute::caira_cute::hank_cute::hyde_cute::lazarus_cute::maggie_cute::markov_cute::val_cute::kraken_stare::goliath_roar::wraith: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :sparkling_heart:


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The Anew Time of Monsters

It was the night of New Years Eve, All the great legendary hunters were taking a small break of killing monsters for once. And the monsters, for some reason were not hunting or killing anything or destroying the generators. Hyde didn’t like to stay put, He wanted to burn all the monsters on Shear. “Why the hell are we sitting on our ass Boss?” “We’re just taking a break for a change Hyde, besides there are no reports of a Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth or that new spider monster” Caira steps in and names the new monster, "We should call it “Gorgon” Cabot thought of the name for a second. "I guess we can call it that for now, just make a file on it and the file’s name will be “Code-Named Gorgon” “Alright Boss” Abe and Parnell were getting the food ready. Parnell knew how to cook, but Abe, well he’s only good with desert. “You know man?, what are you making anyway?” “I’m making my father’s special pasta” “Is it a secret recipe?” “It is actually” “Alright, I was gonna ask if I can hear about it” “That’s never gonna happen” “I had to try” Parnell and Abe laughed. Caira was working in the lab with Bucket to studying about this new monster a.k.a Gorgon. “You know Caira, if we keep working all day today, we’ll miss the count down” “I know, I know, but something about this monster makes me wanna yell” “I have a video feed of it last night” “REALLY WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!” Caira was excited to see the feed.

On the monster’s end of Shear.

Goliath was prepping the wild life to eat. The monster can even talk to each other but in a different language, but I can translate :wink: “KRAKEN!! Are you there?” Kraken responded, “Yeah I’m here Goliath, what do you want?” “I need help gathering the meat” “Really” “Hey, you can fly, I can just hop really far” “Fine!” Kraken and Goliath round up the wildlife and trapped them in a cave. Behemoth and Wraith were having a race to see who can traverse the land faster. Wraith makes fun of Behemoth because he’s just a rock who is super slow. “You call yourself a monster? You can’t even catch up when we just walk” “SHUT UP!” "How about have a race “Bob” “SHUT UP, I’LL WIN THIS RACE!” Wraith counts down to start the race. “We start in 3, 2, 1, GO!” Wraith dashes while entering dimensions little by little. Behemoth goes into a rolling rock and rolls super fast as if he was SANIC! Behemoth won the race and Wraith lost. “What the hell just happened?!” “I just won” Gorgon was watching the monsters, feeling as if she was left out. Then an Elite Goliath came to her. “What do you need child, you are only stage 1” “I’m just watching the other monsters” “What are your species monsters name?” “We are anew type of monster, we are Gorgons” “What can you do?” The Elite Goliath ask, “I can climb the walls and shoot spider web and swing myself across, I can spit acid everywhere, I can shoot spiders to catch my prey and cough up a web at my prey to slow it down and slowly kill it, and finally I can make a clone of myself and control it to prey and explode” “My my, you are very talented, which of those skills were you born with?” “I have acid and the spiders” The Elite Goliath was very impressed with the young Gorgon. “Do you have some Elites of your species or an Elder?” The young Gorgon was thinking for a second. “I don’t know about a Elder since I was just born but they’re lots of Elites we were traveling here” “Some of us died by the hunters, but theirs enough of us” “Let me take your group to meet the other monsters”

After meeting the other monsters

“Now you must meet the Elders young one” The Elite Goliath took the young Gorgon to the Elders to prove to let them stay with the other monsters. “The Elders will see you this way Gorgon” When The Gorgon entered the Elders chamber and she was amazed on how tall they were and their skin was… GOLD! “We are the Elders” A Golden Elder Goliath said, “We are born once every 2 years when one of us dies” “Do you have an Elder young one?” Elder Behemoth said, “No” The Elders spoke for a few minutes. “What about Elites?” “We have lots of them” “Very well then” The Elder Wraith said. “Your monsters may stay for New Years” “Thank you”

Back to the hunters :smiley:

The hunters all hold hands and get ready to count down from 10. “Count down with me everyone!” Cabot said, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

MONSTERS!!! :smiley:

The Gorgon child was in a cocoon and when she hatched she was bright Gold. The Elite Goliath yelled to all the monsters, "ALL HAIL, THE ELDER GORGON!!!

HUNTERS :smiley:


The monsters chant the New Golden Elder Gorgon. This is New Years, Anew Year for Monsters.

The End


Jack bounded through the halls of the Laurie-Anne, overwhelmed with glee.

“It’s Christmas, everyone! Christmas is here!” he called. In his happiness, he crashed into Sunny, and skidded across the ground.

“I, uh… I don’t… I… Are you gonna kill me now?” Jack said, afraid.

Sunny sprung to her feet instantly, and to Jack’s surprise, she ran towards him and hugged him.

“It’s Christmas, Jack! There’s no time for revenge! Merry Christmas!” She ran towards the dining room, where Christmas dinner would be served by Lennox.

Jack stood dumbfounded and said to himself, “Did that just happen? Did Sunny just hug me?”

Jack walked to the dining room and sat down next to Markov.

“Jack. I heard whole conversation. You have a girlfriend now, do you, eh?” Markov nudged Jack’s elbow, jokingly taunting him.

Jack whispered with anger, “She’s not my girlfriend! She jus- shut up! Here she comes!”

Sunny sat down between Markov and Jack and said “Hi guys! You havin’ fun?”

Markov bellowed, “Yes! Nothing makes Markov more happy than a Christmas dinner!”

But Jack looked past Sunny and saw Markov holding back a laugh.

Lennox served dinner, and when all were filled up, Markov left to finish decorating.

When he was done, he added one final touch. A branch of mistletoe by the Christmas tree, but Jack did not see him hang it up.

Jack and Sunny met under the mistletoe and kissed. And all Jack saw over her shoulder was Markov with his thumb up.

And all Jack could do was give Markov a thumbs up back.