Holiday Story Community Contest Discussion

I wanna win this. What was the prize again? I think I missed that part. Nvm, winning this one oh yeah!

A crap ton of Evolve gear. T1 action figures, a mug, and a cup for the winner.

Second and third place gets you a pin set, wristbands, and stickers.

Yeah, I’m winning this one.

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That’s what I was thinking!

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@DamJess Is it okay to make a comic strip or something like that?

I approve. Even though her name is Caira, not Ciara ;p


So what if we accidentally get something wrong lorewise in our story? I’m not trying to make suggestions, but if this is to be fiction, I don’t want to mess up an unknown intricacy in someone’s story and have my story banished to the shadow realm.

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Watch this spot!
…Here’s to hoping I can whip something up in the writers block I have…
Jk, don’t watch this spot, @niaccurshi wouldn’t let you. XD
Story is in the main thread now


THe top 5 are found by forum votes, then the winners are judged from that group

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So I ended up posting something quick and whipped up, right now I’m ill and my writers block suuuucks.
However, @Vendalra you wanted to see me write something so what better opportunity than said competition?

So TRS places the entries despite how many likes they have? So one with five likes could get first and one with eight likes could get second, so long as they’re in the top five? I’m cool with that.

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Sorry! People started liking your spot, and so in the interest of just keeping it clean and above board I moved your spot back here :frowning:

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Understandable, I dont want points before I’ve even written it XD

Yep, that’s what it says in the original post. We vote for the best stories in our opinion, they rank the resulting top 5.

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I was considering actually writing a story on that, but I decided to go with something a bit more light-hearted and not terrifying to German/Swiss/Austrian children.

XD I haven’t watched yet but on the CW almost every commercial it plays…making me want to see it

Yeah, I actually got to “be” the Krampus when my German class showed the Spanish class who/what Krampus was. Es macht viel spass. (It was very fun.)

But yeah, I would love to read a story where Goliath, or Gorgon, or Wraith is the Krampus. If done right, that would be a SERIOUS contender. I’d try, but I’ve already written my story… :confused:

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Definitely Gorgon

Cue the nightmares!

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I really want to enter… Well, not really. I love writing stories. Any stories. But I especially love writing fan stories about games/books/films/anything else you can think that I have liked. However, I really, really, really hate things being sent to my house. I don’t know why. I wouldn’t call it a phobia, but there are others who may.

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