Holiday Story Community Contest Discussion

I even stayed up until almost 2am D:…


I sent my choices in!

I thought there was some great dialog and storytelling in here, by the way. Great job everyone!


W-w-w- so will we hear who wins soon ;_;? I am honored, by the way.
######Matthew senpai noticed us ;W;








Oh. Yeah…


too excited[quote=“ToiletWraith, post:169, topic:77895”]
Matthew senpai noticed us ;W;


I need to knowwwwwwwww :sob:

same :blush:

EDIT: just checked the likes again. I am now 6th, shucks. Well, gl to top five!

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____^me^^^^^^^(@DamJess, @Lindz, @Matthew)

^me for the past 20 mins. Thank you guys :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, I had lots of fun writing this, and I’m glad you guys liked it too. Thankyou TRS for this awesome contest.
Congrats to @TomsMeatPlatter, @Thunderspear22, and @Gems.

Happy Holidays! :sunny:



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Well gosh, forgot about this for a minute. Congrats @chrono!

Good job @Thunderspear22,@Gems and everyone else!


I knew chrono would win as soon as I finished reading it. 10/10 become an author


So community votes actually meant nothing in the contest then?

Chrono was in 6th place, no? I’m not sure I follow what happened here…

Not even sure why I bothered voting now.

The way I read it was that they were using Community Votes as a Qualifier and then they were judged by devs. Chrono’s was in top 5 when they closed it but people can still like posts after the Contest ended.

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Where did they record the likes when they ended the contest then? At least a screenshot or something…

Congratz! Your dialogue was fun to read. Made me wish I could write as well. All those years away have left me rusty.

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Wait, so who won?

Check the story thread, winners posted in the OP

You know, I honestly thought @ToiletWraith or @TheUnrustled would at least place. I’m happy I actually placed, and everybody had some great stories, so I hope everybody at least had some fun before the Holidays.


Congrats to you! You won thanks to quality, and quantity. I pretty much just had a nice, little story about a holiday battle with a Goliath.

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Please don’t remind me lol. But congrats.

Thanks. You had a good story. :smile:

This is something I did not expect :grinning:

Congratulations to everyone else who was involved, had a fun time reading everyone’s entries