Holiday Story Community Contest Discussion

There’s a really interesting new contest going on, check it out if you don’t see it pinned…

This thread is for discussing things about the contest, the pinned thread is for entries only, to help with people finding stories for voting on, and for the devs managing it to keep an interested eye on!

Results are in


Time to win something!

Can’t wait to see what’s coming!!


OHHHHH another contest!

One word:


Question, @Shaners, can we do a song type feel?

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So a couple of other questions just to help clarify things for people @DamJess

  1. Can people include fictional characters (named Ebonstar soldiers, etc) as long as they aren’t completely new concepts to the world (i.e. no new companies suddenly landing their troops on the ground)?
  2. Would it be sensible to say that only “likes” on the first post of a story count towards voting, just to keep it simple to total up, and to discourage longer stories? :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Is the end date of the 14th the date votes will be counted, or the date at which submissions no longer count?



yours is really good clever. tough to beat, but I can do it :smiling_imp:

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@DamJess So is TRS judging this or is this a forum like vote like the haikus?

Wait, I don’t get it? Is it good, clever, or both?

I’m surprised you got it to rhyme so well. A worthy competition my friend.

Well I posted mine if you’d like to check it out. :blush:

Yeah, I’m really good with rhyming stuff.

My rap name is Gr8Wyte.

I don’t know how to do the cross out thing, but yeah, it was sort of a joke. It’s both :smile:

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I wanna win this. What was the prize again? I think I missed that part. Nvm, winning this one oh yeah!

A crap ton of Evolve gear. T1 action figures, a mug, and a cup for the winner.

Second and third place gets you a pin set, wristbands, and stickers.

Yeah, I’m winning this one.

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That’s what I was thinking!

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