Holiday Skins


Can anyone tell me they wouldnt like a furry goliath with a big red nose, antlers, and a scarf? Only one i could think of but i think this would be awesome.


Would be pretty cool just not sure about the antler remember they are just skins
Also on Halloween could be a green goliath with tears in the skin showing the bone


Yeah not much hope in the skins department. That is the one thing that disappoints me other than the bugs. Only monster skins are worth it, and theyre only color.


Zombie skins on Halloween :smiley:


No, I disagree. I don’t want my goliath to show any holiday skin because he’s meant to look agressive and not adorable.


Behemoth snow man skin.


Im fine with adorable cause then you make the hunters feel worse when you destroy them


That you do, that you do.