Holiday Skins?


What does everyone think about TRS adding holiday skins? Like, a skin they add for Christmas, and you can only obtain it by playing 1 game in hunt and winning or something. (Something to keep people playing, and have something to look forward too.) Or adding a skin for Halloween that you can only obtain by winning a game in Nest mode or something?

Just a general reward system for the game, on specific dates. It would be like a collectible, for everyone who played the game on that day. For all of us who play games on holidays, we get awards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Imagine a Wraith grim reaper skin, gigantic scythe and cloak with a skeleton face, im pretty sure holiday skins would make you easily detected by hunter players though.

also wts santa hat 10mil


Lol Kraken the red nosed Cthulu, Santalith A Goliath with a hat a santa and a red coat.


We don’t necessarily need completely themed skins, I am more after collectibles we can log in and claim. ^.^

Enough theme, so it doesn’t break the monsters/hunters hiding ability. Not so it’s instantly noticeable and game breaking :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be all for it, but only if the skin is believable to exist with the universe of Evolve/Shear.


That’s all I want, as I said, I don’t want completely themed holiday skins, just special day collectibles. Maybe on Christmas, you have green, red, and white mixed colors, but not in any specific pattern? On Valentines, you have a pinkish skin or whatever.


I see what you’re saying, i never thought about anything like that. Holiday profile card pieces would be a nice addition to the game to.


Ah I see, my bad. I shouldn’t be posting while trying to figure out this formula >>;


Feel free to share whatever idea’s on the matter you wish, I love to have multiple peoples opinions. Also, don’t be worried about how people take your idea’s. I prefer brainstorming threads.

That means show your ideas! ^.^


maybe, but Turtle Rock doesn’t seem big on exclusives, if they did it I imagine it would be just in store for like $3-5 or w/e and there all year around.

Or unlocked automatically for people for free, but only usable during the holidays. I prefer the latter since it’s free, allows them to be more “out there” with the skin since it won’t disrupt the theme/atmosphere of the game long…


Wouldn’t have to be anything too crazy (although I’d be willing to pay a few dollars for a Santa skin for Hyde) maybe a green and red skin for Christmas or an orange and black one for Halloween.


I hope they release some exclusives, but make it so everyone can obtain it easily, that’s why I said only win 1 game to get an entirely new skin. I don’t want them too showy, but just enough to be noticeable as collectible or something.

I don’t like skins that can only be used on holidays, TF2 annoyed me with their Christmas/Halloween only requirements to wear stuff. But TF2’s skins were very showy, I just want color variations, as collectibles.


They seemed pretty against any exclusives. I mean how would you like it if you bought the game, saw an awesome skin you wanted or something, and were told you can’t get it because you only recently started playing.

They said they wanted to avoid that. Though I didn’t see them say this, some other people happily corrected me and said they have said this in a previous discussion. Lol.


Hmm, that’s sad. It would be a great award to long time players, to keep collecting. So they want to keep the line between old fans, and new fans small?


Just as Long they’re not stupid,
Like i always joke around with Goliath in a Top hate or Santa Hat,
But it would ruin the experience of the game for me.
Not saying they should’t make BadAsS skins for Christmas tho.


Yeah, I don’t want strange skins like that, only color variations. And then, I don’t want crazy colors, like snowflake patterns or something. I just want color themed skins personally.


santa wraith


I would love it if daisy had those plus reindeer antler things during Christmas.


I recall TRS saying that they wanted all players be able to get ALL skins if they so choose. So, it would stand to reason that a skin that can only be obtained by logging on at a specific time would be against that. That said, maybe if all of them were obtainable every year that might make it better.


I like temporary holiday updates. During the winter holidays, CS:GO added santa hants to the chickens that run around some levels. They got bedsheet ghost outfits for halloween one year. I enjoy that sort of thing, though I’d prefer they weren’t permanent things people used anytime of the year (unless it’s something you can toggle in custom games)