Holiday Plans


So, I got bored in the middle of the night and decided to create a topic… Is anyone doing anything noteworthy over the holidays?


I have plans, unfortunately they’re to catch up on the work I missed this year :cry:
Then play evolve the rest of the holidays


Gonna find cheap Steam Christmas sale games to hold me over until February.


Im going to try and find a photo of the 4th monster in colour (totally not going to fly over to America and sneak into 2k and turtle rock studios :wink:)


Just a simple Christmas with the family and a bit of Christmas Eve Caroling. Simple and wonderful :slight_smile:


LOL, i work til midnight on Wednesday, and on Thursday I work from midnight, so yeah, i have plans…


Steam sales for a lot of multiplayer games I was looking at lately make me think I’ll get some 4-packs going and spend hours talking to friends about shitty topics.

I love holiday breaks.


Huge family gathering. My mom’s side of the family is Mexican, and everyone lives in town, so we always have gigantic celebrations with like all 30 of my cousins and 3 aunts and second-cousins and family friends and other random people. Food is awesome, atmosphere is as chaotic as a stage 3 fight with a really good Goliath, people are screaming, some baby is always crying, people yelling in spanish, a Poker game going, presents getting opened, and general insanity. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.


And it makes sense that I think Caira is easily the prettiest of the team… She is Latina, after all.


I will be also catching up on my work in the holidays.


A bit of everything really. Took the three days off before Christmas. Have to do some studying to finish my degree up. Plenty of stuff to do around the house. Family stuff to go to. But really just going to be enjoying the weather. Looking at 70 degrees right now and it is very nice lol.


I’m gonna be visiting family up in North Carolina for a bit less than 2 weeks. When i get home my plan is to sit in the corner in the fetal position till Beta is open for PC


Working on my Youtube and Twitch channels. I started in October and about to hit 100 subs on YT so I’m putting together a milestone video with a bit of information about me and why I’m into gaming etc. I’m also going to actually start putting some art on my channel, I hope. Not very good :stuck_out_tongue: I might just end up paying someone from reddit to do it for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. Just started my new job, so I have no PTO built up.
Get the 24th and 25th off, but I have to come in Friday.
Get the 31st and 1st off, but I have to come in Friday.

I was hoping the Beta would have been out by now, so I could spend those days off playing.


Me to. I’m thinking because this Beta is similar to the Big Alpha, I’m not taking time off for this. Saving it for release instead. My goal is to have at least 45 games played so I can release a game play vid each day until release.


Sounds like a challenge to me.

Who can make the most games happen during the Beta?


Nice! I had already watched some of your YouTube videos without knowing that that was your channel. MaddCowQQ right?


Yup :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy them :slight_smile:


I noticed that you are great with Kraken! I struggled with him so I cant wait to get back on there to practice.


Thanks! I’m really excited to get my hooves on the Wraith. Sadly she won’t be in the beta :’(