Holiday Monster skins?


Since it’s the Holidays, I was wondering if anyone else would like to see some temporary holiday skins patched in for monsters?

Something small like a Santa hat on the Goliath or the Kraken being clad in wreaths and tinsel for December. And maybe a pumpkin head for Goliath and a Reaper-esque skeleton cloak and mask for the Wraith for October.

EDIT: I know it’s supposed to immerse the player and feel like an “Epic” game. Maybe, instead of hats and stuff, add a type of “Coating” to the monsters, give them thin, white fur on some parts of their bodies to resemble some type of winter “shed?” If a temporary winter or nightmare-themed map comes out, give the monsters exclusive map skins that fit the environment that only appear during those times?


I’m for elite skins, but not silly skins. A Santa hat on Goliath would look a bit silly imo.


I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, festive monsters and hunters would be very fun and amusing, but on the other hand, it would kill immersion and take away from the epic ferocity of the monsters. Hard for me to say which I prefer really.


Maybe fun in a custom game option, but not “matchmaking/ranked” type of game.


I’d say it would be fine to have a snowy versions of maps instead. I know it takes a lot of effort, but hey, who wouldn’t like some christmas lights strapped on the colonist’s housing?


I only agree If its a 3 days max skin event.


Perhaps holiday themed mode for all those who want to celebrate. Defend the Christmas tree? Daisy the red nose trapjaw, the possibilities are endless.


They gave the Baron Nashor on League of Legends a Christmas hat :smile:


That’s kind of where I got the thread idea :blush: I love what they did to their mascot.


Yeah it’s little things like this that make things even more enjoyable :smile: