Holes in the Rock Wall


So are the holes in Behemoths walls working as intended? I deployed it in a cave a couple times, well clear of myself, and each time it didn’t go up. It happens so often that I don’t even get upset anymore, I just get this feeling like “shit… here we go again.”

Is there a point to this, because the Rock Wall is Behemoth’s defining ability and completely negating it like that is a little silly. It wouldn’t seem like a bush or a little hunter would be able to stop a rock pillar jutting from the ground at 200mph.


I hope they continue to make it more reliable


Id say make it always pop, but if the game detects a hunter will get stuck, it knockbacks the hunter before the wall’s up, so the wall doesn’t trap the hunter in :smiley:


or trapped out etc. and F***** daisy I swear I always eat her first, messing up my rock walls and my tongue grabs… >:(


I have had maybe 2-3 issues with Rock Wall in my entire Behemoth Career. I feel people are aiming it too quickly or something? The biggest offenders are yourself and daisy. Sometimes you don’t see a plant or larger wildlife, or you cast it on a truck or something weird.

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Mine is daisy or in a tunnel I TRY to block it off an some how blocks behind me and not in front (mainly happens on aviary)


Rock Wall glitches all the time whenever I play Behe. It is very annoying…so I spend most of my time playing as Goliath still. Once Behe is fixed then he will probably become my favorite.


Daisy? Pfftttt, I was in a battle and early on I’d killed the medic with the help of a megamouth… well the megamouth was killed and I swear EVERY time I tried to snatch someone out of the air, that damn mega-corpse was right there in front of me and then only moved an inch towards me. If I’d had rockwall, I would’ve just eaten the damn thing out of spite.

Took the entire dome just to down the trapper and assault. Suffice to say, I cursed the fact that I drew them into a battle with the megamouth on purpose >_>

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to me, It seems like the issue is that there are no animations for wildlife or daisy to be thrown up into the air, like their are for hunters. Is this a possibility?
I can tell a lot of work went into creating animations for the smaller wild life for tongue grab.
I’ve read somewhere that one of the issues is that because rock wall does damage, so for example, spawning it directly under a sloth, it will not go up in this area.

Couldn’t a solution be to:
To spawn 2 separate entities, 1 that does damage but is invisible, and another that has the properties of the dome (but can’t traverse either way obviously). If a large object is in the way such as large wild life, they get pushed back/forward as the wall goes up. I think daisy needs some animations like the hunters to be tossed in the air, not just with rock wall but with tongue grab as well.


In my experience, people tend to use the rock wall too close to themselves.

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Still, I prefer that it wouldn’t let you use it if it’s too close instead of letting you use it but with holes, making it useless and making you waste time.


Like a boundary around you where the marker stops at and doesn’t cross, even if your crosshairs do.



That would be perfect with Daisy poking her head through there lol.