Hold me, forum viewers


I think I’m coming down with a head-cold, and I’ve been down in the dumps all freakin’ week.
Fetch the marshmallows and hot chocolate.


I used to be a barista and would make some of the best Gourmet Hot Chocolate with real chocolate shavings and hazelnuts etc… People would always come to try some out :smiley:


Aww yiss ^.^


Delicious. You guys are awesome, next to drawing, off-topic section is one of the things keeping me upbeat. ;w;


Did they hire you for your milk?



Maybe :smile:


Just for you, i’m totally going to photoshop Hyde warming up hot cocoa.
I forgot where i put my mouse -.-
Damn cordless piece of…


Your mission here, people, is to put awesome happy stuff in this thread. I’ll check back now and then, I’m gonna go play some. (If you’re on my friends list I have like 2 more slots if you wanna 4stack :smiley: )


Can I speak to you about our savior, coffee? He can heal all ^.^


Coffee is evillllll


Shadapppp and drink!! Maybe then you change your mind you apostate!!
Can you believe this blasphemy @MidnightRoses


Blaspheme is my jam ^.-
Oh shit, I forgot I had to make Toilet Wraith a Hyde making hot cocoa :cold_sweat:


You forgot to help me make the emu thread -.-


Shushhhhh, that was steams fault, they corrupted all my photo files ;-;


You must help me quirkly :frowning: the emus need us now moar than everr


Maybe, I must gather more pictures, and hope steam saves them >> correctly >> and doesnt corrupt them >> and allows me to access them >>


Please hurry… :frowning: there will be a terrible uprising if the thread isn’t made


Coffee is icky, my tastebuds repel such a taste ;;
Quirkly, did you… Did you do it? The picture? ;


Nope he didn’t, stahp blaspheming coffee ;_;