Hockey Fans


Is anyone else big hockey fans. I noticed we had a few canuckians on this forum.


Hockey isn’t bad, however I’m a big Rugby fan :slight_smile: American sports (Baseball/Football) are just so not for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Hells yeah!! I’m from Alberta Canada so go figure lol. Just watched our juniors beat out the Ruskies for gold last night! awesome game :smile:


We have a few hockey fans here at TRS.
Teams Represented are:
LA Kings
Anaheim Ducks
Chicago Blackhawks
Washington Capitals

There might be others, but they would be keeping their fandom a secret.


Ya baseball and football are slow watches. I have to say rugby is the one sport I have never watched but it always looked interesting. I generally know rules and how most sports are played except rugby.


Rugby is ‘similarish’ to football without pads and time outs. It’s pretty enjoyable to watch as there is always things going on.


I guess I am gonna have to go look into it now. I know the ball is bigger. There is less stoppage. And that the field is shapped kind of like the ball.


Well I am a Blues fan through and through. I will say we have looked better than this year but maybe they will surprise me. We are like the Cubs of hockey.


I’m a Chicago Blackhawks fan.


Get out of my thread you heathen.


I’m both proud and sad, (Sharks fan here). Man, we’d have talks if I came into studio!


I don’t follow it consistently, but I gotta go with…


Like @SlabOMeat said, i dint follow consistently, but my detroit redwings! Im a Diehard Lions fan mostly though(please dont get me started about last sunday).


I swear you guys are just throwing out like my 5 most hated teams.


You’re just jealous because they’re good.


The only person I am jealous of is Malkin. Other than that you can keep Crybaby. Also enjoy the sloppy seconds with perron. (Honestly he will do good things for you guys, he didn’t fit into our system.)


I’m Canadian.

I can’t stand Hockey. Oh God I cannot.

Then again, I can’t stand any sport whatsoever, other than e-sports! I’d probably watch e-sports shows if they existed, but right now it’s more like streams and videos, sadly.

Just wanted to debunk the stereotype, eh!


I’m a huge hockey fan. Chicago Blackhawks here.

And yes…even before they started this renaissance late last decade.

Just got my new Hossa sweater a couple of weeks ago. Go to several games at the UC each season Next up, 1/20!


Not hockey but…

Also fuck the ravens