Hobogirl aka sunny able to place bots mid air?


hobo girl is able to place her shield bot mid-air. this cant be intended. please fix.



Hobo girl?

All also, did you place them in mid air or stack them?



Its not intended and im pretty sure they know about this. Had this happen to me and i straight up pounced every hunter to death |:



i didnt place them, hunters did. when i see blatant exploiting like this, i just leave the game. i have zero desire to take a loss from cheaters who exploit bugs.

as for pouncing, the hutners were being bitches and camping the bot that was placed midair. as soon as i got them underneath that section, i took out 2 of them before (redacted) placed another mid-air bot.

oh and the name of the hunters is:


Mod edit: no naming and shaming



I’m just wondering if it was placed up there or if they took the time to stack them. That’s all.



Hobo girl… Sunny the trained engineer and pilot… and PIRATE… hobo girl? Are we playing the same game?

That being said, a sunny can deploy a drone on top of a drone, and pile it high. If you see it, you may be able to destroy it with a ranged attack. If not, just avoid it. Pick your fights elsewhere. Takes forever to set those up, and seconds to make them useless by denying the fight.

Yes, it’s stupid and not intended. And they’re aware of it and working on it.

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Derogatory comments like that are really unnecessary. They add nothing of value to your post. It is possible to show frustration without cursing at the development team.



I have a video where a wraith using decoy drew out a 2 minute timer to 18 minutes just spamming decoy… But I feel ya, that’s a rough spot.

Seems like you found a good way to deal with it though, even if it was expensive on your stamina. There are other ways to juke the shield drone too as I’m sure you know.



hahaha its easy to counter warp blast up and take it out and they cant do it again during the engagement. They did it to me too today and still lost



Haha, wow never thought I would see me being part of a rage post. I was Facemelter. You dragged the game out to 34 min as wraith w/o getting any strikes on Laz, you already lost at that point unless we screwed up royally. You were playing Wraith like she was still prenerf. All we had to do was sit at the relay and shoot you every time you attacked the generator. I’ll openly admit stacking the drone is horseshit and I hope it gets fixed, I’ve been on the receiving end of it. However its arguably easiest for wraith to destroy it just because of warp blast.



Everybody whines about Sunny, and how “broken” she is, when in all reality she’s not. As they said, just blow it up. Takes two hits max. Then just focus Sunny and she won’t have enough time to stack them again. Though I’ll agree, it’s kinda dumb, but there’s way worse out there right now. Especially with this latest micro patch. Idk wth the developers were thinking there. Different subject for a different post though.



Stacking is really only possible if you have the time before hand. Who would be stupid enough to start stacking in the middle of battle? You’re not helping your team by giving them jetpack boosts, cloak, and simply damage to pressure the monster if you’re playing stack in the middle of combat.

Just destroy it once and you’ll be done with a flying shield drone for the rest of the battle.



…But that one isn’t even hard to reach…



This has been known since Sunny was released.



The jetpack booster is broken sunny is fine.



I’m still iffy on Sunny in general. I don’t think I’ve ever felt she’s underpowered, but I don’t really feel she’s overpowered that often either. She needs something for sure to tone her down a bit, but not much.



The speed the jetpack booster lobs you across the map is what needs removing i have out jumped a goliath with it.



Granted, it could probably get toned down a smidge, but it’s really not that big of a deal. I’ve seen plenty of monsters still win while she was on the team, and boosting regularly. It’s only one target, and they get singled out for a brief moment. So not that hard to counteract.

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Were you in a pug group or premade?



To be honest, it is wrong to stack more than 2 drones on top of each other. There is a big catch, Sunny can only do this once every fight. And only if you give her the time to do it. No excuse I know but there is a way in which this mechanic should stay in the game.

For many reasons I want to keep 1 stack possible. To replace a damaged drone on the same spot, but a little higher. It also gives those tricky ledges the advantage you need to shield downwards better. If that drone gets damaged again, you replace it under the second one. This way every monster can hit it from the ground, only giving practical advantage. Stacking it up above a monster is just cheap. I did it twice to try it out, never again. We play this game to have fun, and I want the monster to have fun as well when we play hunter. For someone who is playing alone, the most frustrating thing is having to face players who exploit to win the game. I don’t see it very often though as monster, and you can still counter it. But facing a good team and this trick might give them a free win just because the monster is spending valuable time to get it down.

To quote myself here for another example. If you only have 1 good spot to place the drone, you lose time by placing one, and putting another one in the same spot. It’s a step that you don’t need. Placing a new drone on top of the other one gives you some more breathing room when the monster is on your back.