Hobby Class RC Vehicles


Just curious if there were any other fans/owners on this forum with me.

I have always got a kick out of them (especially the nitro powered ones) and thought I might share my love with you guys!

I started off with a nitro, but due to lack of personal time for maintenance and tuning, I ended up with my MERV (Mini E-Revo) vxl. And I have to say its probably just as much fun as a non electric.

Here’s a picture of how it looked when I bought it.

And another after upgrades, and cosmetics.

Here’s the few clips I do currently have. I believe its running the nimh in these vids.

With the 3 cell lipo. @Seven02



I don’t know if I have an actual picture anywhere, but I have this RC truck and I got it signed by Dennis Anderson during a rally here in MN years ago.


@SQUARENecron Will be interested to see your videos. I think they are awesome!

@skills4u2envy Grave Digger FTW!! I am taking my Son to the Monster Jam finals in a couple weeks. Can’t wait!


Gravedigger was my favorite growing up :slight_smile:


Ive got an original nitro rs4, love that thing. Its largely what got me into cars in the first place.



@SQUARENecron Sick videos!


When the lipo is in, it can pop wheelies all day long (not literally), and while going over 20-30 mph. I’ll take another short video today and tag you to show the difference between them.

@Sidewaysgts that thing looks like a blast! You wouldn’t have any videos to post would you?


I don’t have car RC :frowning:
but drone :slightly_smiling:


Badass! Topic is for any RC. I don’t think any of them are technically “vehicles”


Another vid added in the OP with my Merv running the 3 cell lipo battery. compare it to the Merv vxl3 video (second to last video now)