Hit Detection


How does this game work in terms of servers and hit detection? There are no official servers, am I right? It’s essentially hosted by the client?

It seems when I get in a game with out of region players and low pingers the Hunters will sponge a lot of damage. You’ll hit them and send them flying but little or no damage occurs. There are also some hiccups when it comes to eating and general player movement.


I believe they have dedicated servers, even in australia


Isn’t there a Host? I saw some stream where they mentioned one of the players hosting, and how there can be problems when a player is far out of the region of the other players (an Asian monster or something like that playing against Brits).

That would be the CoD type servers, which I can’t remember what they are called. Generally pretty terrible compared to good dedicated servers, which hardly any game has anymore. I know Battlefield has dedicated servers, but they use cheap ones with memory leaks.