Hit box on jumping attacks seem way too large


just an observation i’ve made playing the monster and watching monster players. Hit boxes while jumping seem huge and always seem to connect with hunters. Has anyone else noticed this or maybe I’m just crazy


You’re going crazy :slight_smile: maybe it’s a LIL bit bigger then the hunters just because it would be to hard for the monster to hit them.


No I think he’s right some, you never really have to even bother aiming at the hunters when you do it. Just jump in their general direction and mash the attack button.


I’d love @AmnDragon or maybe even @MajorLeeHyper to weigh in here. I don’t think “Way too” large is accureate, but perhaps a 'smidge bigger than we think it might be". I’m fine with that if was to achieve an amount of balance.

As long as the game is balanced, I don’t personally care if it isn’t as skill capped as some games, in fact I rather it NOT be, but rather be more accessible to the masses.


You are absolutely right! It’s super noticeable … everyone can see how monsters hitboxes are way off in terms of their animations … that issue was #1 on my priority list in terms of things I would like to see fixed in the game. Hopefully we have seen some tweaking on abilities hitboxes, especially Kraken, but I’m not to sure about the basic attack or aerial attacks.

This really needs to be fixed because monsters have way easier time hitting hunters when they shouldn’t …


Since the alpha, devs have mentioned there have already been some hitbox alterations to make things feel more smooth. You also have to consider though, because the size difference of the targets, the monsters will need some amount of AOE to feel functional. From the footage and based on what I felt in the alpha, I’d say that it is probably in a good place - the balance team really knows what they are doing.


I’ve seen a leap smash hit some pretty ridiculous stuff. I’ve seen a Goliath leap smash like a truck on one side and the hunter on the other side gets hit. I’ve seen Goli leap smash on top of rocks and hit the monsters at the bottom. Leap smash definitely has some buggy moments lol.

I’m pretty sure it was leap smash that sent Val into this minute and a half long tumble in this video as well at around 7:15 (though it might have been a melee attack you couldn’t see on screen as well)


Leap smash has an aoe radius effect. Goliath makes an explosion when he lands smashing his fists into the ground. The more points you put into it, the larger the radius. Very intentional. Not saying we can’t adjust the size, just that it’s not actually Goliath’s fists causing direct damage.


Great, example … this is the picture half a second after he gets hit with a basic attack. I’m sure its a basic attack because judging from damage dealt to the hunter it was barely 10% … so it wasn’t a leap smash or other ability for sure.

Look how absurd is the distance between the hunter and monster! how could he be hit in that situation?


I agree ! I saw it once in a friday livestream…
The final hunter was hit while almost behind a little wall (Goliath on PowerPlant,… don’t remember which stream it was…)

But like it’s been said, it is hard to find the right compromise between “hitboxes match to my monster’s animation, hitboxes match from my hunter’s perspective, hitboxes allow a good balance so that I’m able to hit targets when I’m close enough”


Personally I think that whole 20-30 seconds is some of the worst bugs/glitching I’ve seen in evolve lol. Like if you based it off that short moment in the game you would think it’s really buggy lmao.

Please tell me you guys see this tumbling glitch too?!? Val is just sitting there tumbling over and over for like almost two minutes lol. Has this been brought up before? But honestly I don’t think any of the leap smash stuff is too serious as I can kind of brush it off as “Yea Goli a beast… he smashes and things get smashed… don’t get close” lol.


Oh yeah, I didn’t notice Val spazzing on the ground! It looked like it was caused by the knockback of the leap smash that messed up the trajectory because she hitted the water or something, might have caused the knockback trajectory to glitch.

But yes, this is not common! the game is far from being considered glitchy … but you know, like any other game, theres always small issues to address and thats what TSR is focusing right now before shipping the game. I have hope on those guys .


I haven’t seen anything that I thought was (God I hate this term!) “game breaking” or anything that is a major issues. I expect a lot of them will get cleaned up within the first few months as there is more people shedding light on the holes.


Well the monster IS stage 2, which means he has at least 1 more skill other than leap smash. Maybe Rock Throw or a quick Charge that is cancelled right after the hit. I did that a lot just to knock someone away.


Take a closer look at the damage he recieved upon being hit. Don’t you think a Rock Throw or a Charge would do more damage than that?


I was talking about just pressing space bar and left clicking (or whatever that translates to for controllers)


Just jumping at hunters doesn’t damage them, if you’re not talking about leap smash I’m confused by the statement… jumping can’t ‘connect with the hunters’.

EDIT ah, sorry, I see, a normal melee attack after a leap, okay, my bad ^^

and it seemed okay to me, I never noticed any peculiarities, but I wasn’t keeping a specific eye out for it. Have you seen it on any videos?


I’m just glad they fixed Kraken’s brokenly large hitbox on his Vortex.


It wasn’t that bad.


yeah, recent gameplay footage of the kraken made me feel a lot better about him. You actually need to aim his stuff and you can actually dodge it too. It means the kraken needs to be a little bit closer to the hunters to land reliable damage.

i did see some gameplay footage of it but can’t be bothered going to find it, lol