Hit box issues in defense maps?


I feel like there’s some kind of hit box issue in certain defense maps, or it feels like there is in at least one, I believe it’s New Calico. It’s both turrets and sometimes hunters that seem to just… not get damaged? Or just get missed completely?

I’m mostly trying to determine if anyone else has noticed this as at seemingly random moments I can’t seem to hit things as monster. A rock throw will hit a turret and do no damage for example. I remember one game in particular, which ok maybe it was a laggy hunter, but I’d send him flying from attacks and he’d not even take damage. The hunter? Hank, so he can’t shield himself, yet he took no damage from being sent flying… but I’ve noticed it happen with other hunters at times and this only seems to happen on Defense, New Calico appears to be the culprit. I’ve not played defense monster enough yet, but other maps I’ve not noticed it at all.