Hilariously unfortunate stories


This is not for raging about balance or how the game is unfair or anything like that, please. This just for amusing, crappy things that have happened to you in game.

For instance: I just got dropped in to take over for a bot Kraken. The catch? He’s inside the arena, stage 2, no armor, and half a chunk of health left against four human players with full HP and 0 strikes. “Here, have a loss sir, on the house.”


I got dropped into a similar situation with the team right on my ass on barracks. I ended up getting caught on the landing platform with a nomad.

Imagine to my delight when the nomad ends up downign 2 of them by itself cause they have a silly lazarus and helping it finish off the trapper while I proceed to hunt down the support who wasn’t able to catch up.

Only person I had to put effort into was chasing the support.

Wildlife OP nerf pls

Sorry I guess this was more unfortunate for them


This one happened to me when playing as goliath from start.

Hunters were really close to me and on winning side of the match. Stage 2 and low on health, I was really getting desperate because there seemed to be no way of getting away from them.

As last effort I jumped down into river and back tracked to next to wall and stayed there.
Soon enough hunters where top of the cliff looking around for my tracks. I was sure they would trap me there and finish the fight.

But as my luck would have it they jumped over me and tracked down river. I had gotten little more time to even the fight and try to evolve. After climbing up I realised hunters had left me present there, sound trap of griffin and I had triggered it. As futile effort I took it down, getting more frustrated to fight as moments went by. Abandoning stealth I rushed to get as much as distance as I could before hunters would be back on my tracks… That was no use. Rockets where raining behind me as I was trying to escape.

As I was running, I spotted megamouth in front of me. This soon to be ally was my best choice of escape plan. Rushing past it, megamouth woke up and tried to attack me but was too slow to get me. As for hunters who were behind, story was different. They found themself in a fight with megamouth, instead of me, which gave me enough time to try and hide again.

This time I sneaked behind one of the stone towers and smelled situation out. Megamouth proved to be no challenge to hunters and they were running after me already. Three of them rushed past my hiding place, obviously trying to stop me before evolving to stage 3. This time third hunter had been left behind and was standing on nearby cliff. This was my chance. Sneaking behind same cliff, I climbed behind him, and as my luck would have it was Lazarus who was soon be dead. From sneak stand I grapped for him and he had no more chance getting away.

Lazarus dead, I feeded with his body and finally was ready for stage 3. Evolving right there hoping other hunters where too far away to stop me, I got to stage 3. Smelling away my next prey, I spotted lonely hunter coming towards me, while others rushed to power relay. Next there was mobile arena around me. There was no way me to hide or run, even if I wanted. One trapper against stage 3 goliath, so why would I want to?
Needles to say he was done pretty fast.

Dropship closing in, I had no time to feast as I run towards power relay were two more hunters waited for me. Soon enough, the rockets raining on me got me hoping for better armor, but time was not on my side. Bucket had had time to install sentry guns which I choosed to ignore for quick end. Parnell with his shield on was no good target so I looked for Bucket and steady firing rate of rockets soon gave his position away.

As I was closing in Bucket tried to escape with his cloak but his jetpack soon gave his position away and with firebreath to same place he couldn’t get far. As Bucket fell, Parnell tried in turn his chances at escaping and playing time for dropship, which would change tide of the fight again…

Leaping and throwing rocks at him, I managed to stop him and as soon as I got close to him, sneak attack was final nail to his coffin. Timer of dropship stopped at 10s as I had won that fight.

As next one was starting, frustration of hunter was obvious. 2 of 4 had disappeared…
With communication of trapping plans of griffin and whitout Lazarus having had behind for what ever reason he had, fight would have been really different.


I was ratting away from a fight as Abe once, everyone else was dead, and I saw the Megamouth just a little bit too late. Too bad.

Probably my worst game as monster was when I got domed stage 1 goliath against Val, Abe, Cabot, Markov right after they had gotten the damage perk. I was desperately trying to focus down the trapper, had him so low for so long… but in the end died in less than 30 seconds thanks to the Damage Amp, Sloth Perk, and a sniper shot by Val. I looked up at my health expecting maybe 2 bars to be gone, and I died 3 seconds later. Quite unfortunate.