Highlander game


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I have taken this and turned it into a thing, it is not only stupid funny but also a fun challenge if you do it with friends.

The way I do it with friends is there are two different ways it can go down,

-1 v 1 but the others can use non-damaging equipment to assist the hunter going against the monster.

-1 v 1 no one assist the hunter combating but monster can’t pounce.


I kind of like this idea, actually. Except if you were to put Torvald, Hank and Caira on a team? Torvald’s not dying. Ever.


Me and my friends do this all the time, we call it “God Mode” where the assault just gets uber buffed by everyone else while i thrash him around. Best team comp so far was Parnell, Cabot, Val, and Abe, that was rough


There can be, only one


Did it with Torvald and Sunny, was the dumbest high speed battle ever.


Tried that against a Kraken.


Kraken is hard to solo, hes always floatin out of reach


But when he agros two tyrants and sloth into the fight…


If you search up overkill in the dictionary, its that