Higher up Laz play

Just wondering if people that are in the higher branches of 2.0 feel that they NEED to choose Laz, because they aren’t able to successfully do damage to the monster/protect themselves…so they go Laz to avoid getting strikes.
I play both sides, and Laz is my fav. medic but when I play with randoms I don’t choose him because I like every character. When I’m in a group with people that I know, they don’t want another medic but him.
So what’s you guy’s/gals view on it

Laz has so many strategic options the other medics don’t have. Like sitting outside of a dome, this guarantees that Laz isn’t getting a strike, and having Laz guarantees nobody else will get one either. Or I’ve had many Lazarus’s stay completely away from the relay fight. Monsters will naturally go for Laz, he’s the main priority, when you can’t find him shit can start getting hairy. At that point it’s a psychological battle.

Lazarus is my favorite medic to have on a team if everybody coordinates around him. I mean Supports gota be cloaking him, and protecting him however they can, and Trappers gota be trying to impede the Monster from getting to him.


I myself always go Caira, that’s mostly because I absolutely love her and refuse to play anything else but the people in premades I play with don’t mind. Caira and Slim both are very good medic picks, there’s no real need to go Lazarus instead of them. I mean good old Caira,Hank is as solid as ever, Caira,sunny is great as well when well coordinated. Your teammates probably just personally prefer Laz.

Well i myself always pick laz. We fight gold tier and higher tier monsters all the time (my team) . He’s my best medic so yes, when i need to be serious, I play laz with no mercy.

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IMO Laz is only worth playing if it’s a comp with Bucket or Cabot. If Sunny or Hank are picked, Caira and Slim are much better choices.

I play Laz or Caira when I’m going up against a good monster player. I find Laz is the top dawg though. If you can play him right, and you have a supportive team that realize and understand that he is on the team, you should fly.

While I love playing Val, she’s a bit too weak to play against anyone other than lower skilled monsters. Stick with Laz though, he wont let you down.

Laz against good monsters because they will most likely target the trapper when domed so they don’t get strikes early on

Also Laz with a bad team because some guys don’t know what dodging is and medics can only heal so much.

Urgh I mistakenly took Caira in a public match once where the Support had already locked in Sunny.
It even looked like they were purposefully trying to screw me over, with Support constantly boosting the Assault in a match and the Assault constantly using the boosts to fly back and forth.
“Get over here, Monster!”
“Nope, that’s too close.”
“Shit I’m too far away again.”
“Too close again, let me go back.”

Meanwhile he’s receiving damage and I’m left asking myself whether or not I should just let him die or make desperate attempts at htitting the few nearby walls.
I ended up hitting the Assault with Healing Grenades mid-air a couple of times, while he was being boosted. Then he forgot to use his Personal Shield and there it was. “medic u suck”.
And that’s where Evolve Anonymous comes from, kids.

Caira,Sunny can be amazing when played right, especially when you can hit mid-air grenades. I personally prefer a good Sunny in the team over a good Hank. That said, it requires a decent amount of practice and communication to work so it’s not really the best choice in pubs :stuck_out_tongue:

Laz in a random team: hate it, to easy to stomp

Me as Laz in a random team: a semi bearable nightmare, but we’ll probably lose.

Laz in a premade: good

Me as Laz in a premade: It would probably be a bad premade to take me as a Laz medic.

I would rather see any other medic on the team than Laz. He shouldn’t even exist in my opinion. I hate playing as him, with him and against him.

When he works, he is unfair and makes the game feel cheap. When e doesn’t work, he is a huge detriment to the team.

I honestly feel bad when I go down and Laz gets me up. Sure I am back to the fight but we just deprived the work of that other player. Its like somebody baking you a cake and you throw it away and tell them they never made it. They are left thinking but I did. I used up so many resources and slaved for that just to have it taken away and I don’t even get a refund for all the things I lost in the process.