Higher perk level for free?


Quick question: How does one receive higher levels on perks without using keys to purchase them?

For example, what would I have to do to level up my Reload perk for the Hunters WITHOUT keys?

Thanks in advance.


Leveling up as specific hunters will grant you hunter perks. They’re working on a better UI for seeing what hunters unlock which perks.

Leveling up your monsters will grant monster perks.


There’s 2 bronze perks on levels 1-10, 2 silver perks on 11-20 and 1-2 gold perks on levels 22/28 on every hunter and monster.

Check out perk guide @ steam community for details.


I would like to know what happens when i unlock a perk because i got a level up with a hunter, but i unlocked this perk before with silver keys … i get another perk for that, or do i get nothing and i wasted my keys before only because i didn’t know because the game did not tell me when wich perk will unlock for plaing hunters …?

(Because atm i didn’t want to spend any silver keys into perks because i don’t know wich i get for free only with playing, and for wich i have to spend them … i know the perk list from that steam communtiy guy, its good but not complete. I really hope TRS will include something like that in the next update :slight_smile: )