Higher Mastery, higher level cap and/or more challenges?


Skins make for great prizes and everyone like to show off there Elite. Challenges just make for fun goals and Mastering your character makes them stronger and gives you more experience. Challenge’s take weeks to come out though and after you’ve gotten three stars there’s nothing past Elite.So my best ideas for more fun play time are 1:boost up the max level.2: More challenges for less rewards. 3: Amateur, Elite,??? 4: More unlockable monsters 5: New Mode. 6: New Wild Life 7: New Accolades, Trophies, and Achievments

Let me explain for all those very against any of these.

1 Higher Max level means more unlockables, possible new unlock able types through leveling up,and more rewards means more only more reasons to play

Not only would there be more boosts like quick swap; we could begin to see other rewards like more skins,monsters,even new modes/customs

2 Yes I know I just said more reward more reason for people to play but there is one part of evolve that makes it a little different. If challenges take too long to make for great rewards there isn’t much to do in the time in between. High demand needs high production which means challenges should be varied in rewards from xp to skins or even possible more.

3 Elite is great. 10% damage,range, and duration is enough for me to be a happy camper. A prestige level or more above elite could simple add more depth to Evolve. Which is what I want to see. I want to be able to play Evolve all day. What better way than giving players the opportunity to constantly better themselves through harder prestige’s or keep there own pace?

4 They’ve already gone to only selling monsters on DLCs true. However lets face it getting up to Wraith wasn’t that hard. Give players two more monsters two unlockables after Wraith. Although its not much it could be the nudge needed to push evolve in the right direction after all of the 5 free monsters two are clones,(not complaining just being honest)

5 Horde/Army/Fortress Hunters are given many soldiers to fight a Monster with minions. I was either thinking; King of the Hill Style,or Mix Defense/Nest

6 Their isn’t a single bit of Wildlife I do not love in Shear. I’ve played the same maps so many times I know just where to go. That’s not the problem. I need more Wild life for these new maps. I’m not saying double the wild life although that would be amazing but the detail in the wildlife changes monster behavior so the more the merrier. If there were 1-20 little creatures and 3-5 new big ones I simple couldn’t be happier.

7 Hunter and monster specific accolades should go up. As far as the others as much as they would be appreciated there not as unappreciated as accolades.


I’d suggest reading this if you haven’t already :slight_smile:

Also, as of 7 hrs ago

So not only do we have our overall level 40, but now each individual character has its own leveling system up to level 40, too.


I’m greedy I want that cap super high lol I’m so happy though :blush:


Based on the level cap described in the tease thread, if each character has 40 levels, the current cap is technically 1000 assuming there is no prestige mode yet. That’s a lotta levels!


That’s for someone with all the DLC characters.
For someone with the base 15 it’s going to be 600.
But that’s not counting the 6 adaptations we have so it’s more like 840 with the current roster.


yeah, that actually bumps it up to 1240 total! I forgot the masteries aren’t shared between regular and adaptations.


People are gonna see my profile and laugh. Bucket lvl 40, everyone else: level 1


Mine will show Hyde and all the Monsters level 40.


Can I get Daisy Level 40? Not Maggie, just Daisy.


I’m for you on the higher level cap.

Still on board.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, keep those CoD elements out of Evolve.

  1. Two adaptations are not clones, they’re similar yet not the same.

  2. 2K handles marketing not Evolve.

  3. You don’t unlock characters, you get the three base tiers and the remainder are DLC.

The game does not have the playerbase to support new modes. It barely has enough to support the game as it is right now as is.

Wildlife is far from their priority and has already been ruled out in the past due to the lack of impact to gameplay it provides.


A lot of this information has already been shared in the Topics linked, but feel free to PM me or a Mod if you want to expand or want this re-opened.