Higher level monsters leaving


I don´t know about you, but I find this kinda annoying. Till level 20 it didn´t occur very often, but now, as level 30 or so, it occurs like 80% of the time - new game, 5 players, when comes to choosing classes monster leaves. I don´t really know the statistics but it might be some balance problem? I dunno by what is this caused, but I find it quite annoying.


They probably wanted a Hunter role but didn’t get one. :confused: Which platform are you using, may I inquire?


Im playing on PC.


When I get a monster in lobby I leave, same when I join a game in progress and it asks me to be a monster.

Monster is currently set as 5th class for me. I have no interest in playing one. Thus I leave whenever I have to play it.


Alright then. As I said, likely just players who wanted to be Hunters. MM will be improved soon, so that should help.


High level players not wanting to play monster?

Seriously though, they’re missing half the game by not wanting to play that side! But c’est ceveh, different tastes I suppose.


I’ve had more issues with hunters leaving because they wanted monster


Stop taking the bats out of my house you!




Please send Cabot and friends ;-;


Well, I sent them, but they aren’t really all they’re cracked up to be, to say the least…

The rest are worse. Don’t make me show you.